Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our political orchard

A large amount of observations have been made recently regarding the lack of freedom within the British National Party. It is a subject of discussion that has grown rapidly over the last year; somewhat ironically ever since the Party Chairman, Nick Griffin and Mark Collett walked free from Leeds Crown Court for the second time to cheers of ‘Freedom, freedom!’ From the doting crowd outside.

So what is 'freedom' exactly?
Well according to the Oxford Dictionary it breaks down as follows –

noun 1 the power or right to act, speak, or think freely. 2 the state of being free. 3 (freedom from) exemption or immunity from. 4 unrestricted use of something: the dog had the freedom of the house. 5 a special privilege or right of access, especially that of full citizenship of a particular city given to a public figure as an honour.

For many hundreds of years our people have spilt their blood on the soil so we today can enjoy relative freedom of expression and movement. I say relative, because as we know, we now live in a surveillance society, with the Establishment now seeking to hold every single persons DNA on file from birth, with all of us having to carry identification cards on our person at all times. It is a very worrying development as I am sure everyone, regardless of political inclination, religion or race would agree with.

We already know who we are

Once again, I know I speak for the majority when I say that I know that I do not need to have my face on a TV monitor somewhere, as I already know who I am.

I do not need my DNA held on file, as I know where it has come from.

I do not need to carry an ID card, as I know I already belong to the ground I walk on in this country of ours.

These infringements on our birthrights are not only a terrible insult to our fallen that paid the ultimate sacrifice to uphold our freedom, they serve as a warning that we cannot as a people continue to squander our freedom with such dispassion as we are currently.

Nothing is for free, freedom itself is no different. Every word, every thought and every step has been paid for by the blood of some young solder in some far-flung long forgotten dusty battlefield.

Consumerism without consequence?

Although it will be an intense struggle, with a population brimful, commercialised and brainwashed into mass-consumers; hope can still be found. That hope I predict will only show itself as viable once the lie of mass-consumerism without consequence, has been blown apart.

Recession, our saviour?

The impending financial recession that we now all face, could in fact be our saving-grace. When a population that can no longer afford to drown itself every Friday night, eat what it wants when it wants, or drive expensive cars, or look forward to jetting off south to get baked twice a year; people will start to ask questions.

It will take a considerable amount of factors to shake people into finally realising that for a great many years they have been lied to and fed opiates to remain asleep. Football, booze, television and cheap, easy and abundant gratification. None of these lead to happiness or fulfilment in the long term, but regardless, the less people have to spend on them, the less the opium will function because people will perceive that they will no longer have ready access to the things that satisfied them before. At this point, people will believe that their ‘freedom’ has been taken away. Once the blinkers have been removed an increasing number of people will come to realise what freedom actually means as they gain perspective. As we have stated on previous articles, this void, this ‘political orchard’ will then be fully ripe for democratic autonomy.

Unfit for purpose

However, there are serious conclusive facts that the British National Party currently is not, and will not allow freedom of speech or democracy within it under the present leadership. Therefore any opportunity to fight for our rightful place in this void that our failing political masters have created with their catastrophic leadership, will also fail. It will fail because we would have simply become a mirror image of what we seek to replace.

Many shocking revelations continue to expand these worries, unconstitional expulsions, slanderous accusations and blind ignorance from the very top of the Party leadership are ruining our opportunity to grasp this one chance we will have.

Read and digest

We will now ask our readers to study the following circular which has been sent out by the Party’s current national elections officer at the behest of the Party chairman.

We ask you to consider whether you believe that these are the words and actions of a leadership that truly embraces freedom and democracy, or whether a major change is needed if we are to survive and prosper as a Party.

The email below has been copied and pasted in its entirety and unaltered in anyway.

From: Edward. Butler.To: xxx

Monday, May 12, 2008 6:13 PMSubject:

Statement on the so-called Leadership challenge

Anyone in the Party who has more than five years continuous membership has the Right to stand for the leadership of the Party. The only limit to the exercising of this Right is that in the case of officers ten nomination signatures of members of two years standing must be obtained and for non officers a hundred signatures are required. This is to ensure that frivolous candidates do not stand.

As I said this is a Right that members have. And it is an important Right – it is a declaration of our Parties openness and commitment to democracy. However with Rights come responsibilities and duties. A Right without a duty is an abomination in any society. It is a recipe for chaos. Indeed in our modern society it is the incessant claiming of Rights by groups that shown no sense of duty or responsibility that is one of the key components of the undermining of the civic order of our country.

So in the instance of standing for leadership of the Party, the Party as a whole should expect anyone who has the temerity to wish to stand for leadership only to uphold their Right to do so after that person had carefully weighed their duty to the cause and the Party and their fellow members. We as members should expect that a candidate would only put themselves forward if they were of sufficient stature and ability to potentially be able to lead the Party if they were to win. Otherwise why would someone wish to challenge for the leadership? It is a duty of other members not to sign the nomination papers of any potential candidate unless they seriously think that that person is a viable and serious leadership contender. That is the whole point of the requirement for signatories.
A leadership challenge is not an excuse to air grievances. It is not there for disgruntled people to act out their personal bitterness about things – no matter how ‘justified’ they may think their grievances are. It is an abuse of the process to misuse it in that way. It is an abuse of their Constitutional Right.

And that is precisely what we are seeing this year. We are seeing a candidate pushed forward by people who themselves admit, has absolutely no chance of winning, and admit would never be up to the job of chairman anyway and they admit that the sole reason they are doing iti s to air their own personal grievances. In other words their sole aim is to raise issues which have already been fully aired and which could be raised at a variety of different forums such as the Summer School (where there is always a session for all participants where they can bring up matters they are unhappy about) or the Annual Conference.

What is the likely outcome of this leadership challenge? The challengers (there may in fact be two!) will be comprehensively defeated. The leadership challenge process as it currently stands in the Constitution will be brought into disrepute. There will be pressure, perhaps unstoppable pressure, to change the rules so that leadership challenges can only take place every four years.

I would not normally comment on a leadership election. It should normally be up to the membership to make their own minds up without non-participants trying to influence the process.

But the backers of this ridiculous bid should reconsider their aimless tactic. People should refuse to sign the nomination papers. It is a distraction and a waste of time and effort and it will end up almost certainly with the constitution changed in a way that destroys the important Right of the possibility of a yearly election. Standing a no-hoper is stupid, mindless and fatally undermines our Constitution. It is a pitiful and moronic – a bankrupt tactic by people who can only be described as having gone giddy to the extent that they are now without the imagination to think how they can raise issues in alegitimate way.

This election, if it goes ahead, should be carried out in the most rapid manner possible with zero publicity allowed for the joke candidate (who may in lother circumstances be described as a decent and 'nice' bloke etc) and the least disruption to our continued efforts. That is the best way to minimise the harmful effects.

Eddy ButlerNational Elections Officer

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We must remind ourselves, as with everything in this world, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; a consequence -

Someone pays for freedom; somewhere else a person will live it.
Someone takes freedom for granted; somewhere else a person will live in chains.

As a member of the British National Party, you will still have freedom of choice in this years leadership election.


C. Haynes said...

This is a very accurate and truthful article. What is Eddy Butler thinking? This must be a softener for what is to come which looks like another unconstitutional change to the constitution so that no one can stand against Nick Griffin for 5 years. This is attrocious and the BNP is certainly not the party that I thought it was when I joined up 3 years ago.

Mike East Anglia said...

I feel saddened and let down. I was there outside of Leeds court when nick came out. We thought that he was different and fighting for our voice. Butlers email has told me all I need to know. Nick you must go. Colin you will have my vote.

neil craig bradford said...

At present we are only preaching to the converted i.e those aware of Gri££en's dictoral leadership. Many people have felt his wrathe (myself included) in the past and been excluded from the debate you are simply preaching to those. Gri££en does this himself in the majority of his meetings (excluding the show at Leeds in December) we must somehow get to those members who are at present blinkered and unaware of Gri££en's true personna otherwise Colin's true challenge will not meet any of it's aims. Come on! lets find more imaginative ways to get to Gri££en's members. Only by preaching to the un-converted can we succeed.

Anti-gag said...

It appears now that the Giffin/Collett gang's belief in freedom of speech only applies when it suits them. Surely nobody who believes in democracy can possibly support Mr Griffin/Collett or any of their cronies anymore.

For everyone's sake Colin must fight this to win! And all members who believe in Democracy and freedom of speech must offer Colin's Campaign team their help. Manpower at grass-roots membership level is the key to winning this election.

Everyone should email offers of help to Colin's team today.

Chris Hill

Bald Old Geezer said...

I am one of the ‘ordinary’ members of the British National Party, a simple soul who yearns for a ‘British’ Britain! I had hoped that this would happen back in the eighties/early nineties. This was when Maggie (love or hate her) had the most talented team of people ever assembled to form a government at any time in the history of this nation. It was a formidable team that could have turned this country around. Instead they made a complete mess of almost everything, only to lead on to what we now have, a total mess! The saving grace may have been the political management of the Falklands conflict?

There are parallels here with the British National Party at this time. There is immense talent and potential in the party, not least Nick Griffin himself. There is no one in this country that can hold a candle to his political prowess. His political thinking and oratory are second to none. There can be no doubt that his influence has helped to create a party that has the potential to rebuild Britain back to a Great Nation. BUT! There is a ‘useful before’ date. Before what, you ask? Before he ruins the party. It is not his efforts alone that have built the BNP to its potential, but it is the efforts of hundreds of unpaid activists, the same people who will continue to take the party to greater heights if only they could. There is no doubt in my mind that this has gone to Nicks head, and in order to protect his position, has created an atmosphere in the party that has caused division and doubt. I feel as though I have to look over my shoulder before I speak. This cannot be right can it? Nick does carry a lot of baggage that reflects on the party. It is sufficient to give serious doubt to some people; these are the people who put their X in the box on a ballot paper. Not enough of them are doing this. It may be easy to convince a loyal party member to do this, but Mr Joe public is a different matter. They need to feel confident in the party leadership. You only need to look at the election results for Nick, when has he ever held a council seat based on election results? The leader of a major political party should be able take any seat he wants, just because he is the leader. Not Nick though, ever wondered why? BAGGAGE!

Regarding the expulsions from the party, perhaps I should assume that the people involved may have been in breach of party rules. This being the case, were they not entitled to a proper hearing, rather that this underhand, disgusting abuse of privilege by Nick and his cohorts? The party has gone to pot and needs a massive shake up now. Let this happen for the sake of our country, and not for personal achievement.

Malcolm Porter

(Ind. Cllr. Fenton and Torksey lock Parish Council)

St George said...

Eddy, Griffin has given you some bullets to fire and you did just that. The trouble is that some were blanks, some went pop and the others have bounced back and have hit you where it will hurt most. Why did you do his dirty work, people will now think that you are a complete plonker to get involved with such a piece of writen garbage. You had your chance and you will now be no more than one of Griffins sycophants. said...

I showed the statement of election by Eddie Butler to a newspaper, the Editor shook his head, looked at me, and said, this is unbelievable, why would any sane person want to be involved with a political party that puts out such undemocratic, biased nonesense as this, does your members accept this abhorrent behaviour, so I replied, some will believe anything that our party tells them, he looks at me with astonishment and says, god help this country then should your lot ever gain power...for once I had no argument. I have been described as many things by my political opponents, but never a "joke ", it seems so bizarre, that my political opponents in council pay me far more respect than my own party. my wife who supports me through everything with the party actually cried when she read it, don't give in Col she said, you fight them for every decent person within the party, to bloody right I will.

Essex Patriot said...

After reading this post plus the email by Eddy Butler you have another vote Colin, good luck.

Anti-gag said...

If Griffin thinks that most member will believe what he tells them, I think he's in for a shock!

BNP members are indeed very loyal people, loyal to both our nation and our people that is. Many, and until recently I was one of the most ardent members of this group, saw Griffin as the man who would lead the BNP to power. However they are not stupid, and faced with the truth about Griffin/Collett gang's incompetence and financial skulduggery, most have already (or soon will) come to realise that Griffin has failed both the ordinary members of the BNP, and the British People. This has in fact already started to happen, and on a scale large enough that Griffin now must realise he can't win in a fairly run leadership election, so make no mistake he will try and fix this election.

Unfortunately for Mr Griffin he is now left with a group of totally incompetent and useless losses around him, so helping him fixing this election will probably be totally beyond their capacity. But I do agree with one of the statements made by Eddy Butler in his email: there will indeed be a joke candidate in the upcoming leadership election; he lives in Wales!

Cllr Colin Auty: National Chairman of the British National Party July 2008.

Chris Hill.

Richard Chadfield said...

neil craig bradford said...
At present we are only preaching to the converted i.e those aware of Gri££en's dictoral leadership. Many people have felt his wrathe (myself included) in the past and been excluded from the debate you are simply preaching to those. Gri££en does this himself in the majority of his meetings (excluding the show at Leeds in December) we must somehow get to those members who are at present blinkered and unaware of Gri££en's true personna otherwise Colin's true challenge will not meet any of it's aims. Come on! lets find more imaginative ways to get to Gri££en's members. Only by preaching to the un-converted can we succeed.
We have all got to email every member that we know with the facts on the BNP's internal troubles and coming election for Chairman.( Assuming N.G does not ban the election)
Members who are not on the internet must be written to and/or visited.
N.G controls V of F, I.D and the website. Colin will not get a mention there other than vilification. We must use one to one communication. And we must do it every day not just now and again. Futher we must ask those we contact to pass the message on.
Richard Chadfield

neil craig bradford said...

Well said Richard Chadfield, Its in all our hands to spread the word. Lets roll up our sleeves and get to the those who have yet to see 'THE LIGHT'

Simon Bennett said...

In reply to the idiotic comment that Nick Griffin controls the website. Allow me to put the record straight...

Nick's input on the website, it's content, design and control is currently around 2% (two percent).

The design is 100% me.

The news and articles are 95% ordinary members.

I trust that you will publish this post with the integrity and honesty in which it was written and submitted.

Simon Bennett. C.T.S. / C.I.W.
BNP Webmaster.

neil craig bradford said...

If you are reading this Simon and as you say you are in charge of the Web site, could you please publish the fact that there is a leadership challenge and introduce Mr Auty. We will then believe that unlike some in the party you are not under under Gri££en's control. Let democracy have it's day. Thank you in appreciation.

St George said...

To Simon Bennet:

So what you are saying is that Colin Aulty, a legitimate challenger for the leadership of the BNP, will have the right to promote that challenge via the party web site. Will we be able to read what he would like to do to take the party forward. Will he be able to reply to any attacks made on him and will pro Aulty comments be allowed before such an important election? I think not, but I'ld love you to prove me wrong. Nick Griffin may only have 2% control over the site but he MAY have 100% control over you.

Simon Bennett said...

The website is a tool - It is an outlet for promotion of the party and our policies. It is not a medium or outlet for internal disputes or personal arguments.

It is my job to keep the website positive and moving forward and I take that challenge seriously.

I do not feel that the website is the right place for either party to air their grievances or to use as a tool for self promotion in a leadership challenge.

There have been no "attacks" on anyone on the website and neither will there be. To my mind, it is the responsibility of each party to promote themselves and something of which is neither my responsibility or concern.

To this end, I wish both party's good luck, but I will not allow the website to be dragged into this, and will continue to expand upon its success and overall reach to the general public.

It is not a case of "control" by anyone. It is simply a case of common sense and good business practice.

Dewi Sant said...
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Anti-gag said...

Dear St George,

That is a point you make very well. Griffin wants 100% control of all sections of the party, qite simply he's become a dictator.

Chris Hill

Dagenham Pete said...

Oh come on Simon - no "attacks".....perhaps you should cast your mind back to December when the Glorious Leader told plenty of lies and savaged Smith/Graham/Blake and Dawson.

More lies about Kenny Smith here:

and here:

But perhaps worst of all, the BNP web site gives some credibility to the work of Lee Barnes whose blog is filled with the vilest poison and character assassinations and obscure rants and drivel. It makes the BNP look a laughing stock. He is now forecasting the Second Coming in 2012! The BNP is tarred by association with this "muppet" to use one of his own words. The link to Barnes's blog is convenient as it means Griffin can get Barnes to do the dirty attack work while allowing you Simon to claim the BNP site officially doesnt make attacks on any of those sacked and expelled by Griffin. If you want to show who wears the trousers on the BNP web site I'd drop that link to Barmy Barnes's blog. Let us all know what the Glorious Leader has to say about that!

Boston Patriot said...

Simon - I greatly admire the work you have done on the ABEX and BNP sites but it's just silly to suggest you have total control over the web site. Griffin will haul you over the coals if you do something he disagrees with. You'll be sent your P45 quicker than a Labour MP signing his expenses claims.

South London BNP said...

Simon is right, the BNP web site should not be used to attack any individuals or aid and abet any kind of factionalism or splits but the very least that should be reported is the existence of a challenge. It is the role of the web site to inform members and supporters, a mere mention of the existence of a challenge cannot be misinterpreted as encouraging factionalism or supporting one candidate over another.

Current AC member said...

The posting of a comment calling Arthur Kemp a "con-man" and suggesting his sexuality is questionable let's your side down. Councillor Auty should distance himself from this kind of malicious posting if he wants to be taken seriously and not as a "joke" candidate that some are suggesting he is. Arthur is a solid nationalist who has worked very hard to promote a very positive image of the BNP here and on many extensive overseas visits. I dont know of anyone who has reason to say its unfortunate to work with him, quite the opposite in fact.

Anonymous said...

The comment about Arthur Kemp and 'young Nordic boys' (now thankfully removed) is an example of a comment that has no place on this blog. There is no need for anyone to suggest such things.

Fair enough if it is based in absolute fact, yet not if it just second hand rumour at best.

Gri££in and his poisonous worms will spread stories like that - we must rise above it and deal with facts. After all, the facts are that Gri££in is ruining the BNP and it is time for a leadership change.

I am glad that people are allowed to post anonymously again as many of us, myself included, would be out of the party tomorrow if Gri££in knew. Though I agree that there should be no personal attacks like the one on Arthur Kemp.

This bit is to Simon Bennett:
You were in charge of the website while all the bile was put out about Sadie, Kenny, Steve, Nicholla, Ian, Matt, Bev etc. - did this not constitute a personal attack? If you were not in charge of the website at that particular point then who was?

Also, how can you justify a link on YOUR website to Lee Barnes blog, which is a political embarrasment and contains profound bad language, and personal insults.

An internal democratic leadership campaign is something positive and that the Party should promote, especially to its members - therefore promote it. You splashed it across the website that the BNP bugged the homes of elected Councillors and expelled people without a tribunal and no evidence submitted.

Or would Nick not want that?