Friday, May 23, 2008

The problem BNP Constitution on sale now!

The contentious British National Party constitution is now available for sale again, though sadly not via official Party channels as it used to be, but from the Family Defence Appeal.

Follow this link to see how you can order your copy and discover for yourself why there needs to be constitutional change within the British National Party to make it more democratic, and the leadership more accountable to the membership.


Paul - Chelmsford said...

This is what Gri££in wanted to keep from the public domain, he did'nt want the membership knowing the truth, but as they say 'The truth is out there!'

Keep up the good work in exposing the truth. We must save the BNP while we still can. You've got my vote Colin.

neil craig bradford said...

I understand the need for fund raising but I feel that the Leadership blog is not the place to do it. The sale of the constitution is a stunt the BNP e-bayers would do selling all and sundry. The constitution should be available freely to all who wish to view it, not a commodity to be sold. We can only win this fight if all the negative information about Gri££en is available freely and easily otherwise you are playing the game the present BNP play and you are denying the members all the relevant evidence that they need to make a democratic decision with regards to the leadership challenge.

neil craig bradford said...

P.S The constition should be available via a free download it belongs to the members not Gri££en or anyone else.

Richard Chadfield said...

To all those people who say 'you've got my vote Colin' I would say 'thank you ,that is appreciated' but we really do need a little more if we are to succeed. Why not give that little bit more by downloading (if you have not already done so) Colins nomination form ,signing it ,getting one ot two other members to sign it and then returning it to Colin. That would be a really great help.
Richard Chadfield

Cllr Chris said...

Let's not forget that a Constitution of any organisation is legally an "enabling" document. It cannot be used to disable the recognised aims of that organisation. If it does disable - as for instance it appears to be being used to disable the BNP leadership challenge which is provided for in the Constitution both specifically in clause and generally in the aims - then the Constitution will be over-turned by a court of law. In fact it will be laughed out of court.

In this respect he BNP Constitution is so rampant with flaws and disabling clauses that I'm quite sure anybody relying on it in any court of law will need his head examined.

Unless of course the BNP's legal advisor, Mr Lee Barnes, would like to argue with me on this one??

Former Organiser said...

The BNP Constitution has always been an item sold by the Party. At one time officials could get free copies but ordinary members always had to buy their copies.

Anonymous said...

I told you all the constitution is as
Worthless as used toilet paper and has no legal basis and would be laughed out of any court in the land as a constitution of a little boys club as my solicitor did say many years ago. And since it has been revised several times by bagel barns the con man a so called but who by I do not know? A so called solicitor with no qualifications?.

The party has many solicitors as members so why has it not been drafted by one of these, instead of this charlatan called bagel barns.
Ask him to prove his qualifications to give advice on legal matters pertaining to political parties and there constitutions. First and foremost democratic political party constitutions must be democratic and not autocratic.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Tribunal, don’t you mean kangaroo court and yes you can be expelled before you see the inside of the tribunal and your prosecutors.
I am still awaiting my tribunal from OCTOBER 2006 and yes I did post on stormfront but it is not illegal for members to post on this site so I am guilty of the charge, but I posed a question that they the leadership did not like I simply asked as to where the money had gone that was raised for ms ebanks to fight the court case for the dispute over the council seat that she won in Birmingham in the kingstanding ward in 2006.
You do no do you not that the constitution has no leagle basis in law in fact it is worth less and any one taking the BNP to court for an unlawful act would probably be looked on in favor by the judge and the judge would look at the constitution with somewhat disdain from a party purporting to stand for democracy and fair play and can be seen that the do not support democracy internally.
Keith axon
Founder member .

Friday, May 23, 2008
Anonymous SE supporter said...

To Keith Axon.

Did you get an answer to your question? Please enlarge and enlighten us readers as this is very very relevant to all that is going on, members and Griffin supporters take note.

Friday, May 23, 2008
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What answers would you like and to what question, as I said I am still awaiting my tribunal, point I was expelled first and I am awaiting my tribunal. As to the constitution ask a solicitor as to it validity in law.
Keith axon.

Saturday, May 24, 2008
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Keith Axon.

Where the money went that was supposed to be for Sharon Ebank to fight her court case?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Anonymous said...

Yes how much was raised? And where did it ALL GO?
The words I posed on stormfront were TO A STATEMENT FROM A POSTING AND THIS IS WHAT I POSTED.


My answer from Tina Wingfield.
You ARE EXPELLED FROM MEMBERSHIP OF THE BNP and will face a disciplinary tribunal for accusing the treasury dept of theft and fraud.
And posting on a prohibited web sight.
And this letter rambles on and on and on about this rule and that rule acc to the constitution.etc,etcc
But it is all academic now

keith axon

SE supporter said...

To Keith Axon

Thanks for the answer mate but I think I knew what was coming, never mind, you still have your pride and you've got guts.

Anonymous said...

You are selling the 2005 c0nstitution why ?when the i was expelled under the 2006 constitution ? does a 2006 constitution exist?
and what wer the rebels expelled under 2005 or the 2006 constitution ?

south east supporter said...

Nick Griffin himself posts on Stormfront, does he not?

Anonymous said...

Seems like you have alerted other people to the shortcomings of the constitution