Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The purging has commenced

Cllr. Roger Robertson, the former South-East Regional Organiser, has been told that he faces a disciplinary tribunal this summer as the BNP looks to expel yet another hard working and well respected nationalist. Cllr. Robertson is the campaign manager for Cllr. Colin Auty and this seems to have led to yet another shocking decision being taken by the BNP leadership.

Despite yet another instance emerging of the party being nothing more than a dictatorship, the campaign will go on regardless. Nowhere does it state that the campaign manager for an internal election has to be a member of the party. That said, Roger is very confident that a fair and balanced tribunal, if such a thing could exist at the present time, will find him not guilty of the ‘charges’ brought against him, and Roger will continue to be a member in good standing.

It seems that someone, somewhere is doing all they can to ensure the status quo within the BNP and to stifle any opposition. However, the fight to get an open, accountable, transparent and democratic BNP will go on. More news on this latest twist will follow once it becomes available.


neil craig bradford said...

Did you expect anything other than this. Gri££en is running scared and dare not go for a vote of confidence in his leadership. Colin et al will be next to be suspended wait and see!

Anti-gag said...

He simply can't purge the entire party (although I think he may well think he can), Colin's campaign needs to start now!

Chris Hill
(Lancaster BNP: membership number 5996)

Anti-gag said...

Just a quick PS. to my posting above..

Does this mean Rodger has been expelled without first being given a chance to defend himself or even deny the ridiculous accusations against hum?

If so what will decent BNP members make of that? The Griffin/Collett gang are proving our case for us.

(Chris Hill)

Marcia said...

Re. anti-gag's comments. I think that he would purge all and sundry because he can. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all he was left with is an empty shell. A dozen or less
left around a table in an empty room. No income. No adulation.
Of course Roger has been expelled without any chance to defend himself. Why should his case be any different from the others that found themselves in this diabolical situation. In my day-dreams there would be a democratic and updated BNP. A BNP Mark II and Mr. Griffen and his rubbish would be a thing of the past. Dreams do come true you know.

Richard Chadfield said...

Just a quick PS. to my posting above..

Does this mean Rodger has been expelled without first being given a chance to defend himself or even deny the ridiculous accusations against hum?

If so what will decent BNP members make of that? The Griffin/Collett gang are proving our case for us.

(Chris Hill)
In the BNP members always get expelled before a 'trial'.I thought everyone knew that. I can give you an example. Bev Jones, former North West Regional Organiser , expelled pending a disciplinary hearing. And guess who decides when the hearing will take place? The wait could be literally forever. In real terms this means members are expelled without any hearing.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

Roger is a great guy and the BNP cannot afford to keep losing people of his calibre. No wonder we are now failing to progress as we were before. The amount of talent we have lost in the past couple of years is frightening. A new leader is needed to unite the party again and bring such people back on board for the greater good and not just for the Griffin/Collett club.

Anti-gag said...

@ Richard Chadfield,

Hi Richard: yes I guess I did know that, but it was more of a rhetorical question really than anything else.

The Griffin/Collett gang are now demonstrating the need for democratic change themselves, better than our words ever could. What we need to do now is make sure that this is not hushed up. Griffin has given us more than enough ammunition, lets start making a noise about it.

With Broadband in over 70% of UK homes now, blogs are the way to make that point, but good leaflets are also needed to direct, as yet uncommitted members, to Colin's election blog.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

What exactly is Rodger Robertson's Crime? Representing Colin as election agent is hardly breaking any rules or regulations, neither is signing Colin's Leadership Challenge Paper.

Ostrasizing members does not benefit the party in anyway.

Simon Towers

Anonymous said...

There seems to be some sort of tactic employed where those who challenge NG are not expelled, but the threat of expulsion looms over those who support and back anybody challenging NG.

It's cunning in the way in which it highlights those rank and file members who do not support NG whilst still technically allowing NG to be challenged.

Aberdeen Patriot said...

Surly Griffin can be brought to account by some form of regularity body. He is like a mad Field Marshall, making almost lunatic decisions that will kill off his army.

I suppose a vote of no confidence in the Chairman would nothing.
Griffin is taking the utter, wee wee out of the membership and his actions are deeply damaging to the party and makes all the political gains we’ve made and the hard work by activists null and void.

I wonder who the leak is at the top of the party now, It seems the leftie organisations i.e. Searchlight get there information before it’s left the bunker, is this something that he perpetrates himself just in-case he needs to rid the party of someone that he does not like. He already has the excuse that they are a grass as he likes to put it.

I think that Mr Barnbrook needs to make a stand for democracy within the BNP or he will be taken to the cleaners in the GLA. How the hell can he stand up and argue about decency, democracy, and free speech when his own party chairman is the worst out of them all. Griffin by his actions is making Barnbrook a laughing stock, something he does not deserve.

How many Cllr’s have we lost over the last few years due to Griffins so called leadership?

BNP Scotland is now struggling despite what they may say, they are trying there best to keep things going, but those of us who wished to return to the fold are told we are not allowed to renew our membership, I guess a way of making sure we don’t vote against Griffin.

The whole party stinks and it isn’t from the bottom up, it’s from the top, and only at the top.

Why don’t we have a pay Griffin to leave fund. That’s all that matters to him, I would happily make myself skint to give my children a chance in the future. This can only be done with a Griffin free democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Tribunal, don’t you mean kangaroo court and yes you can be expelled before you see the inside of the tribunal and your prosecutors.
I am still awaiting my tribunal from OCTOBER 2006 and yes I did post on stormfront but it is not illegal for members to post on this site so I am guilty of the charge, but I posed a question that they the leadership did not like I simply asked as to where the money had gone that was raised for ms ebanks to fight the court case for the dispute over the council seat that she won in Birmingham in the kingstanding ward in 2006.
You do no do you not that the constitution has no leagle basis in law in fact it is worth less and any one taking the BNP to court for an unlawful act would probably be looked on in favor by the judge and the judge would look at the constitution with somewhat disdain from a party purporting to stand for democracy and fair play and can be seen that the do not support democracy internally.
Keith axon
Founder member .

SE supporter said...

To Keith Axon.

Did you get an answer to your question? Please enlarge and enlighten us readers as this is very very relevant to all that is going on, members and Griffin supporters take note.

Anonymous said...

What answers would you like and to what question, as I said I am still awaiting my tribunal, point I was expelled first and I am awaiting my tribunal. As to the constitution ask a solicitor as to it validity in law.
Keith axon.

Anonymous said...

To Keith Axon.

Where the money went that was supposed to be for Sharon Ebank to fight her court case?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Yes how much was raised? And where did it ALL GO?
The words I posed on stormfront were TO A STATEMENT FROM A POSTING AND THIS IS WHAT I POSTED.


My answer from Tina Wingfield.
You ARE EXPELLED FROM MEMBERSHIP OF THE BNP and will face a disciplinary tribunal for accusing the treasury dept of theft and fraud.
And posting on a prohibited web sight.
And this letter rambles on and on and on about this rule and that rule acc to the constitution.etc,etcc
But it is all academic now

keith axon

Monday, May 26, 2008