Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sign now for change

As a card carrying member of the British National Party you can make the difference. As we have reported elsewhere on this blog the BNP needs a change at the very top. Under the current Leader, Nick Griffin, the Party has stagnated and become a laughing stock. It has failed to make the headway we all rightly expect, especially in this extremely fertile political environment. Add to this the internal management troubles, the disastrous public own goals by a handful of discredited senior officials and the lack of transparency in financial accounting matters it is clear that the Party faces a crisis. However it is a crisis which can be overcome; it can be accomplished by electing a new Leader without the negative baggage which Griffin burdens the Party.

The nomination form for Councillor Colin Auty can be downloaded here.
Please sign and return to the address on the form by 31st May 2008.

Help save the BNP from destruction, make a difference, help get Colin Auty elected as leader and let's take our country back.

Under the wording of the BNP constitution, signatories to the nomination must hold membership of the BNP for two consecutive years, i.e. must have BOTH 2007 and 2008 membership cards.


Anonymous said...

Excellent - well done to all!
I suggest that all supporters print this off and get as many members of two years as possible to sign it! I know I will be doing.

Anti-gag said...

Without a current membership list how do we know who are valid paid up members?

I know many people in Lancaster & Morecambe area who were members last year, but apart from asking people how do we know who is a current member. I'm sure if a sheet of 20 names includes just one lapsed member Griffin will reject the whole sheet.

Chris Hill

neil craig bradford said...

Surely this should have already been done before the announcement of the leadership was to take place. What have Colin's people been doing!

Anonymous said...

Does Colin Auty support freedom of religion?

When I joined the BNP ten years ago they had a policy of being a non-sectarian party supporting freedom of religion, and open to people of all religions providing they supported BNP policies and were of European bloodlines.

Ever since Gri££in took over, the party has become obsessed with Islam and uses Islamophobia as its main propaganda tool. Even worse is that it has attracted a new breed of members who are bitterly opposed to Islam but in many cases are not real patriots or nationalists. If you factor out Islam, then some of these new members are barely different to the people found in the Conservatives or even the Lib-Dems. There is also the possibility that the BNP has been hijacked by Zionists. Most Zionists are not Jews but fundamentalist Christians which explains the pro-Christian bias of many of the Islamophobes and the attempt to turn the BNP into a Christian party.

I'm planning on setting up a group within the BNP supporting freedom of religion with the aim of making it official party policy, and cracking down hard on both the Islamophobic and anti-semitic factions.

Anonymous said...

Being a Muslim means that you would be fundamentally opposed to the principles of European Nationalism.

Nationalists respect women. They treat animals well. They believe in freedom of speech. They want to celebrate their culture which means defending it against militant Islam.

If someone wants to be a Muslim then so be it, we should not stop them, though we should ban ritual slaughter and the building of Mosques and make Muslims work the same hours and days as the rest of us. This would go against the principles of a Muslim so it would be incompatible for a Muslim to be in the BNP. IMHO.

neil craig bradford said...

I have heard through the grape-vine that the honourable Cllr Roger Robertson as had his membership suspended and he is awaiting a disciplinary hearing. I wonder who will supervise that and I do hope it will be fair (don't thinks so). Gri££en will attack any person guilty of supporting a perfectly legal leadership challenge. We all knew this would happen, every effort must be made to ensure that if Gri££en removes someone there is another person to take thier place. People should put all their efforts into making sure Colin gets a fair challenge, only then can Colin direct his attentions to changing policies. Getting rid of a dictator is the main reason for this challenge I think!. Soiled and damaged goods will never make the BNP electable Gri££en and Co££ett are not in the fight for our's and our children's futures only theirs!

Sad Christian said...

Anonymous said...
Does Colin Auty support freedom of religion?

This post may very well be a hoax or someone making mischief, but, though I can't speak for Colin Auty, I'll give it my four penneth

Islam is not just a religion it is a controlling idiology, something similar to how the Christian religion once was, all powerful, overbearing, cruel and, in many cases, bloodthirsty.

Think about the 'Holy Wars' and burning at the stake or torture and execution for heresy, the drowning witches by the 'Witch Finder General' all in the name of God.

The western world has moved on and, though I do wish it had retained its more Christian morals, to allow a religion whose tenets are to rule over all they survey any power would be foolhardy.

If your beliefs inspire you to start a multi religious group then feel free to do so but it has no place in modern politics.

Over the last few years the hierarchy within the church have not only let down the parishioners but the Nation with wholesale capitulation and the turning of a blind eye to the more sordid happening over time.

Again, religion has no place in modern politics, least of all something medieval.

My apologies if I have offended anyone but the truth sometimes hurts.

Bald Old Geezer said...

The basics of Christianity are the cornerstone that built this country! We have to preserve Christianity as OUR religion! Our public holidays etc are all based on the Christian calendar, I like it this way.

Islam is a false religion started by a thieving, murdering, warmongering paedophile! We really do not need this in our country!

Anonymous said...

The BNP isn't a faith based party and nowhere in the manifesto, constitution, or membership application form does it say that people following certain religions cannot join the BNP. I suppose in theory Muslims of British or European bloodlines can join the BNP, but they will have to be moderate Muslims who oppose Sharia law, support democracy and freedom of speech, and generally agree to the BNP's aims and objectives. They will also have to accept that they might not be able to put everything it says in the Koran into practice in Britain.

The BNP has been thoroughly opposed to religious fueled militancy and extremism from the outset. If the BNP were to strongly favour or oppose particular religions then it will create tensions.

Bald Old Geezer said...

As I said, I believe that Islam is a false religion, and not worthy of recognition in this country!

The BNP recognises the fact that this is fundamentally a Christian country, and this has to be preserved. Other religions (or non-religions) must recognise this fact, and behave accordingly. This is not asking too much is it?