Thursday, May 22, 2008

We are your voice!

The following piece was originally a post comment sent to this blog by a long term Party supporter called Marcia.

It’s an excellent short narrative, and so in order to give it full justice we have instead posted it as an article.

It clearly spells out the frustrations and serious concerns about the future of our Party if it remains as it is today, little more than a plaything to serve the personal ambitions of one man.

The membership are now finally waking to the reality of the situation, and an increasing number are finding the courage to break the chains that have been thrown around the membership and speak out. We encourage others like Marcia to come forward and use their voice.
Only with the implementing of a democratic and accountable leader will the people of our Party be afforded the freedom they deserve.

Ordinary Folk

I am just an ordinary person. I am someone’s daughter, wife, mother, sister, colleague and friend. I am not an academic but I am well educated and love to read. I was brought up in a loving, supportive family with a strong sense of justice and independence. I have never taken my good fortune in that regard for granted.

I listened in on hours of political debate between my Dad and Uncle, who had completely different viewpoints. I absorbed it and then made my own conclusions, although I was never that politically inclined, I didn't need to be but I never wasted my precious vote. Back then I had political party policy choices and politicians that were not consumed by image, spin and greed. It was never perfect but I had choices and a vote that counted.

There have been times in my life when I have felt such a strong sense of injustice and community spirit that I have made a stand and have been quite surprised at my commitment.

In recent times though, I have seen a severe decline in our Nation’s core values and beliefs. There is a ‘sameness’ between our main political parties and I think that has contributed to the decline. We seem to have become compliant, accepting political corruption and deceit, our laws are abused, capitalism and corporate greed are condoned and political correctness has stifled our freedom to speak out. Politics is now a career choice for self enhancement and benefit.

I have never wanted to live anywhere else but this magnificent Country. I enjoyed the freedom I had to make what I wanted of my life. I learnt about our heritage, our artists, inventors and engineers and loved the different regional accents, the British sense of humour and the sense of belonging. Mostly, I was appreciative of those past generations who had given so much to retain the status quo.

Now I worry about my children and future grand-children’s future. They should have the right I had to be able to afford to live and work, contribute and thrive in their own country where they feel they belong.

We needed a political party that had a truly democratic structure and constitution and that held the same views and values as ordinary folk. I thought I had found it in the BNP. I wasn’t distracted by its critics and their politically correct attacks and misrepresentation, if any representation at all. I and the rest of my family attended meetings and dug deep to financially support and we subscribed to Voice of Freedom and Identity BUT IT WASN’T TO BE and I am bitterly disappointed..

The Party needs a Leader who surrounds themselves with intelligent, moral and passionate people. They need commonsense and be one of those they represent so they have had the same experiences. They must have courage, compassion, determination, be prepared to listen and learn. Above all else they must put others before themselves.

Leaders are only as good as those advisors and supporters around them.


Essex Proud said...

Well said Marcia, from the heart. Could not have put it better myself.

Clive said...

Honestly written, it proves that people need a real choice and not another party of corruption like we are now becoming under the current mismanagement. I'm sorry to say that Gri££in = Corruption.

The evidence I have read here have convinced me beyond any doubt at all. Wake up Mr and Mrs membership and use your vote while you still have one!

Lynne said...

Many of those commenters posting have never read the BNP constitution or even thought to refer to it, me included. We had a frightening taster recently but the EiE blog has made available the Constitution as published in 2005 for us to purchase for a small donation. I am sending off my cheque today.

Anti-gag said...

Well written and from the heart. I'm also convinced most ordinary grass-roots members will feel very much the same when they know the full truth about the Griffin/Collett gang.

Chris Hill