Saturday, May 3, 2008

A year on from last year's leadership challenge, lessons learnt, and why we must support Colin Auty

Last year, much to his dismay, Mr Nick Griffin’s grip on the chairmanship of the British National Party was openly challenged.

It was challenged by an honourable and sound nationalist, Chris Jackson. Chris achieved 9% of the total vote cast, which was less than half of the BNP membership that were all eligible to vote; we can say this was a poor turnout for an internal/domestic election. The election itself, needless to say, was orchestrated and arranged entirely by Mr Griffin. Even less surprisingly were the rules and methods used and dictated by him throughout, that would have brought shame on a banana-republic.

Chris Jackson – Denied and silenced

Chris was denied his constitutional right to a fair and just election. If he had been granted the three months of campaign time which a great many members believed to be a reasonable period, he would have travelled to the various groups and branches around the UK articulating his policies and answering questions that the membership had the right to ask, as one of their prospective choices. Quite unbelievably, the Party constitution had been redrafted by Mr Griffin so the chairman alone has the divine right to decide the date of any leadership challenge election date; Chris was given just three weeks.

Chris was also denied any access to the Party website, publications, and he and his election team were described as ‘vermin’. That same insult was then used to describe all the Party members that had signed Chris’s nomination paperwork enabling him to stand as challenger. Their ‘crime’ was simply seeking to uphold the right for any member that met the criteria, to challenge and exercise his or her voice of freedom.

True Party freedom now desperately needed

Under the circumstances the 337 votes that Chris polled, although tiny on paper, was in reality very impressive; especially as the vast majority of the Party membership had been denied the opportunity to even know that Chris existed let alone actually get to meet and speak to him! Not only was Chris denied his right as a member of the British National Party, so was every other member. This is a shocking revelation when we, as a Party seek the return of full freedom of speech and expression in Great Britain, as one of our number one policies and priorities. Our primary Party publication is even named as such in order to press home and continually remind our members and supporters of its crucial importance. These acts of hypocrisy must never be allowed to take place within our Party. We owe it to ourselves and the endless thousands of soldiers and civilians that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of British freedom over a great many years.

Lessons Learnt

The lessons on how last years challenge was corrupted, have not been wasted. Cllr Auty and his campaign team have paid careful attention, and this year’s campaign will promise to be a considerably more unprejudiced affair for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Cllr Auty, for those that do not know, is the primary musician and song writer for the Party and Great White Records. Colin’s music has directly generated a large amount of funds through the sale of his exceedingly popular and well written ‘Truth Hurts’ CD. He also featured predominantly on the ‘West Wind’ CD, and has played at many fundraising events and national Party festivals such as the Red, White & Blue.

Secondly, Colin is well respected within the Party membership, he is experienced in genuine political affairs as he is a hard working and conscientious district councillor. Put simply, Colin brings to this leadership challenge a wealth of experience that the current leader simply has never had or likely to have, and many Party members will come to realise this during the campaign that will now follow.

Thirdly, the support and campaign team behind Colin will ensure that he is supported where and when he needs it; his activist team will not sit back and allow an unfair and unjust challenge. Colin is an excellent candidate that is standing and representing a growing swell of current Party members, activists and officials, as well as many ex-members that have been unconstitutionally expelled. Such people include high profile and well respected ex-members that Mr Griffin found fit to ‘purge’ from the Party as he perceived them a possible threat. All these people share the same deep suspicions and fears as to the path the Party will take unless major reforms and changes are made, and a new formalised and professional structure put in place.

Fertile ground just waiting for us

It must also be considered that gauging from the performance and percentage of the BNP vote in these latest set of elections, that include some worthy victories, the potential to make major breakthroughs across the country is simply not being exploited as it should. The electorate are very angry with the Establishment and crying out to be given the right encouragement and motivation to vote for us, yet time and time again the opportunity goes begging and we do not convert this energy into clever and astute active politics which will ultimately lead to large-scale election wins.

The Labour Party have been absolutely trounced in this years elections, they lost a staggering 9 councils and 298 councillors; and bloody good riddance to them as well. However, the Tories made huge gains in many places; so the Establishment bubble has in reality simply been pressed and forced across to a different part of that very same Establishment!
A great many of these gains could have easily been ours had we campaigned to make ourselves a truly viable alternative in the eyes of the British people. We should not underestimate the potential we have as a national political alternative, but we will only be able to exploit it if we have in place a reputable leadership, clean and free from corruption.

Griffin scores own goals – our Party suffers

I am in no way taking anything away from the hard fought victories that the Party activists achieved this year, on the contrary, a great many members and activists worked extremely hard as they always do come rain or shine; they all deserve a huge amount of respect from every one of us. However, we have to face up to the reality of the situation, and that situation is that we will never in a hundred years make any significant dent whatsoever in the Establishment of Lib-Lab-Con by only making a few local gains here and there once a year. If there is one luxury we do not have, it is time.

No amount of positive thinking and blind optimism will rid this country of the Establishment traitors nestled comfortably in positions of power as MP’s and MEP’s! The uncomfortable truth is that these 2008 elections for us as a national Party could frankly be best described as somewhere between fair and lacklustre. They were simply not good enough.

Own goal example number 1

Mr Griffin and the Party Press Officer, described the Party’s recent internal failings and large scale unconstitutional ‘purges’ to the national media as ‘ridding the Party of Nazi cranks’ or ‘Expelling left-wing extremists’!

Own goal example number 2

Griffin’s appointed Party legal advisor or ‘legal beagle’ has for many years been openly displaying serious signs of psychologically disturbed behaviour, clumsily combined with the vilest language used to attack various people and Party members. Such attacks and conduct are increasingly turning the Party into a laughing stock across the entire internet, much to the delight of a great many of our political enemies that use such buffoonery in their leaflets to attack us at election time.

These two chosen examples were taken from a long and growing list. They serve us with a mere glimpse into the disarray that Mr Griffin has sown as part of a plan to maintain power.

Our GLA win

As I stood watching and listening to the sickening bile that the London mayoral campaign winner Boris Johnson poured forth while describing the wonderful IRA/Islamic terrorist supporter Ken Livingstone, it really brought home to me just what a huge task we have in front of us. Incidentally, the only single candidate that did not clap and applaud Livingstone as Johnson described his wonderful ‘achievements’ over the last eight years, was our man and newly elected GLA member, Richard Barnbrook. His GLA seat win was for me the highlight of this years elections and I wish him the very best of British luck. Yet again however, had it not been for the proportional representation system of the GLA, Richard would have never even got close with the 5.3% vote that he attained.

We must be different!

Our candidates can truly be different and a world apart from the Establishment crooks and can achieve so much more, only if they are afforded the potential to win with professional direction, shrewd and incisive organisation and continuing modernisation from the very top of the Party. While operating under the current Chairman, as has been proven in the past, this is simply impossible.

We as a Party have hit a glass ceiling in the last four years, and the political baggage, criminal record, corruption, outdated politicking and shock-tactic headline gimmickry that is favoured by the current leadership, will hold us in the margins of British politics for evermore as our country slowly sinks.

It is time for all of us now to ask ourselves honestly how we as members of the British National Party should vote in this year’s Leadership Challenge. If we truly seek to build and secure a positive viable future for the ones we love, there can be only one answer.


Voice of Change Forum said...

Please feel free to discuss the challenge on the Voice of Change internet forum. We also have a wide range of other subjects to suit everyone, and you are all welcome!

Louise Scott
Forum Administrator
Voice of Change internet forum

Best of luck to Colin in his leadership challenge, we are all rooting for you!

(And you can add my name to the list of supporters if you wish!)

Essex Activist said...

Great piece Colin, a man with insight indeed.

I once thought that Mr Griffin, or ‘Gri££in’ lol, would lead us onwards to better things. I now think that he is worse than those in power right now!

Greed has got to him, he must be voted now or at least challenge at every turn when it comes to money matters. He can not be allowed to get away with what ever he wants.

I’ve paid my membership, this party is not a play thing for him.


neil craig bradford said...

Is it possible for Mr Auty to have a dedicated Web Site so that he can have the same forum as Gri££en and Co. In that he could advertise his aims and objectives, the personalities on his side and any propogana he may have on the opposition. The more the normal people can see what is going on the more chance Colin has to win.
Gri££en when looking at at this will realise that the only way forward for the BNP and the Nationalist cause is with a change in leadership. He will then do what any true chairman would do and step down without any fuss.

neil craig bradford said...

Hi. Just thought I would let you know the state of play Colin. There is a proposed meeting of BNP members at the Salthorn Working Mens Club Oakenshaw Bradford Sunday 18th May a BNP activist approached the organiser to see if he wanted you to speak. Colin as spoken on many occasions in the area and is always a good draw. The answer was 'under the circumstances he will not be allowed to speak' It would appear that Gri££en and his cohorts will not allow Colin any platform from which he can spread the gospel. The road to salvation is going to be long and hard but many including myself are by your side.
P.S. We have seen this senario many times now!