Monday, June 30, 2008

From Roger Robertson, Colin Auty's Campaign Manager.

I regret to inform those members and supporters of the BNP that, this evening, 30th June, after consultation with Colin, we have acknowledged that there will not be a challenge to Nick Griffin's leadership in 2008.

It is extremely disappointing that the challenge fell short by just a few signatures; a major factor being that many members have failed to renew their 2008 subscriptions plus the fact that the churn rate of the membership precludes many who do not have the requisite 2 years qualification to become a voting member.

Colin was the ideal candidate to lead our Party out of the wilderness after 9 years of stultifying slow growth under the present Chairman.

I will not here dilate upon the reasons for the challenge to Nick Griffin's leadership.
This will come next week after my 'tribunal' on 6th July when I become an ex-member of the BNP.

Suffice it to say that both Colin and myself wish to thank most sincerely those nearly 90 people who had the courage to put their names to Colin's nomination.

We may well have lost the first skirmish but the battle for a democratic BNP is far from over.

Roger Robertson

Ed - The names of those who did sign will not be disclosed to Griffin or any of his stooges, as we do not want to see another internal bloodbath of dedicated nationalists.
Colin Auty has the nomination forms and they will be staying with Colin - he will not put them to the sword of the hierarchy. This is a sad day for internal democracy - how can we convince the public that we are committed to democratic elections when internally the current leadership seem allergic to them?

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Nick Griffin’s announcement - ‘New National Dispatch and Logistics Manager’

…….in other words ‘BNP National Treasurer – Dispatched!’

Should anyone of us be in anyway shocked that John Walker has been suddenly demoted and ‘outsourced’ to a different role just as the financial situation within the Party is reaching critical?

Poor John, but to be fair, his removal from his position has almost certainly been on the cards for quite a while. He has been privy to a great deal of the shady and downright deceitful dealings of Mr Griffin over the last couple of years, so much so in fact that Griffin has been, for sometime, completely perplexed on how he is going to get rid of him without risking John doing the honourable thing and exposing the corruption and pressure that he has himself been compliant with for so long. Doing this would be the first step towards handing back our Party to the people that are funding it, that are now finding it increasingly difficult to keep it floating on the political ocean.

Griffin’s modus operandi

In the past, whenever Griffin wanted to purge a person from the Party that he thought may pose a future risk to him in some way, or had become too popular with the membership, the solution was simple for him. He would merely isolate the victim by concocting lies about them concerning financial ‘irregularities’ (somewhat ironically), aimed carefully at his victim before unleashing his attack-dogs to finish the job with personal attacks and slanderous gossip.

Occasionally the victim would then be pulled apart at an Advisory Council meeting in their absence complete with the customary ‘such a shame’ crocodile tears. Without being afforded the opportunity to defend themselves, the victim would be cast out as a leper from the Party. Those sat around the AC table, however shocked or confused that the ‘evidence’ spewed out regarding one of their comrades is entirely unsubstantiated, would very often sit in silence through fear of becoming the next victim. This is a standard Griffin modus operandi, as many of his decent and hardworking victims have been only too happy to confirm and share with us.

The black hole of amateurish gimmicks

In John’s case however, Griffin is going to attempt to move far more stealthily to get rid of him and quieten him up in the longer term. I can guarantee that there would have been plenty of prep-work to start with - buttering John up about how wonderful he is and what a great job he did, etc. How it is not fair for him to bear such a heavy load any longer and that his wonderful skills should now be used to fill this ‘new role’ that just happened to become available along with all the benefits that such a demanding new task would bring, etc. Nevertheless, Griffin knows that this alone would not give him the assurance that he seeks; this is only a short term solution to a long term predicament.

As we already know, it is Griffin who pulls all the strings and ‘balances’ the Party books, it is he alone that decides where our money is spent, and even if it is thrown into his black hole of amateurish gimmicks more akin to the activities of the Monster Raving Loony Party than a serious political alternative, no one is ever afforded the opportunity to find out exactly what such stunts cost us; the books are always cooked to a crisp and kept under lock and key.

A hatchet over our heads

As previously touched upon in other articles on this blog, one may be forgiven for wondering why the State allows such activities to continue under its nose. Whether the simple fact that it is so clearly obvious that our Party will never become an actual viable alternative while it is run by a crook, that makes it so attractive for the State to just sit back and monitor us, is definitely food for thought.

So, if the State wanted to, it could move dynamically against the Party’s curious funding appropriations, but instead it chooses to do nothing whatsoever; so what greater proof could there be that we are on the state ‘dangle’?
I believe that this will be one trapdoor that it will pull from underneath us only if it really needs to in the future.

Having such a hatchet hanging over our heads cannot and will not create for us the positive environment in which we need to grow.


The fact that Mr Walker’s signature would pop-up like a bad case of the measles, thus implicating him in any illegal activities should they be found during any thorough investigation, is still not enough to appease the paranoia of Mr Griffin. I believe that this new role that has been created by Griffin to sweeten and keep an eye on John will be a short lived one. As we speak, Griffin will be examining ways of ridding himself of him permanently. If the Advisory Council will be of no help then maybe a cry of ‘Who will rid me of this turbulent ex-treasurer!’ within earshot of the Security Tent at this year’s RWB may just do the trick? Who knows.

Over the last few months, many members and ex-members from various regions that had held different posts from activists through to regional organisers and councillors have been in contact with us. Many have expressed their despair at the financial situation within the Party. Many have commented that money is simply now the only driving factor behind Nick Griffin’s fa├žade of modern British Nationalism.

Indeed, it is many peoples belief that he is now simply tucking away and investing as much capital as he can in various ventures and little nest-eggs etc, while he still can. Griffin knows, as do many people, that the sun always eventually sets on all empires and regimes regardless to however large or small they may be. When it happens it is very advantageous for the totalitarian that presided over it to be in a comfortable position ready to point the finger at someone else from the safety of an overseas bolt-hole with money in the bank; this can be seen throughout history. Alternativey, a person facing such a dilemma could find a very comfortable and well paid position and home, once again abroad, a very welcome prospect indeed; a seat in the European Parliament may do nicely for example?

One last point

If Mr Walker regards his freedom and self-preservation as of high importance, he had best follow Griffin’s grubby lead and orchestrate and prepare so that ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ would be the outcome for them both should John feel the press of sharpened steel against his back in the not too distant future.

This would probably be his most effective, if not his only way of guarding against a now very ruthless and desperate man.

Good luck John, we think you’re going to need it.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Statement from Cllr. Colin Auty

I received a phone call from a guy the other day (it is not right to mention his name without his permission) and he asked why certain issue's were on the challenge blog-site. I had to stop him and start again as I was somewhat confused as to what he was saying - the issues were over a few lines about drug dealers and regional officials, and another was over Martin Reynolds. I asked who he represented and he told me ‘covert’ something or other - he appeared somewhat surprised I had not heard of them. I apologised, as I honestly don't have time to surf the internet looking at left, right or centre sites - I have more than enough work to keep me busy as a Councillor in Dewsbury believe me!

I explained that I didn’t know of the complaint he made and I explained that I had been recovering from an operation and was stuck in bed - therefore I had not seen the site in days. He apologised for disturbing me (which I respect him for) and I told him I would have it removed if it caused ill feeling. This is something that has been done on other occasions when items have slipped through. I explained that I thought the world of Martin and Lindsey Reynolds, who along with John Powell have looked after my safety on many occasions. If I have concerns over security, it is only what my voters’ perception is of them (another issue perhaps for another day) - my personal opinion is that they, along with all security personnel, are gold-dust.

At this point I would like to clarify a few points - and this applies to the ‘covert’ people as well. I refuse on any web/blog site in my name to get into any mud-slinging or petty agenda's, along with members’ names being mentioned in vain with or without substance - it is NOT professional. I have met, within the party many diamonds, some uncut and some polished - oh and also a Duchess (Marlene Guest in Rotherham). Some of these will not agree with my challenge whilst others welcome it, democracy allows for that. Then there are others too intimidated to say anything, which is frightening.

I do, however, feel very strongly about the behaviour of senior BNP Officials. Someone sent me a link to the blog of Lee Barnes, which displayed an article from the 5th May that alleged I am just a puppet, along with many other disgraceful remarks. You, Mr. Barnes, are an embarrassment - not only to your alleged profession, but also to this Party. It was totally unacceptable behaviour from what one would expect from a ‘legal representative’. If our Chairman believes it acceptable, then I fear for our Party and children’s future. The fact that the blog which Lee Barnes writes on is linked to the main BNP website suggests that the present BNP hierarchy condones the use of vile language and playground insults.

Eddy Butler is another official whose behaviour is very disturbing - telling members not to sign my nomination papers, and stating I should be starved of publicity. This is not the behaviour either myself, or other members, should expect from the BNP Elections Officer. Because of your position, you should be impartial Sir, straight down the middle, leaning neither way, supporting neither candidate. If you cannot carry out your position to the highest degree, unbiased and with dignity, I suggest you resign your position and allow someone more capable to fill the vacancy. You may plead that you have a right to air your personal views yet on the issue of oppressing a candidate in internal elections, no you have not. They should remain personal when you take such a position; otherwise you make a biased opinion and undermine internal democracy. I and other members fight tooth and nail against the Establishment every council election for the very thing you have just done. What are we fighting for? You should be ashamed, along with our Chairman for condoning your actions. On a last note, in two years as Councillor I have never endured such vitriol from the ‘left’ that I have from sections of my own party. My crime? Standing a legitimate challenge –which is not a crime, it is my right.

Cllr Colin Auty

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quiet tones and attack-dogs

Almost as a prerequisite to achieving position and status in British politics, is the ability to damage your opponents so he or she cannot hold high ground over you on important policies. It is certainly not a new tactic, and it is well and truly enshrined into the very fabric of British politics.

‘Sleaze’ is a fairly new addition to the terminology used to describe the activities of one politician attacking his or her competitors using any means possible in order to do so. Sometimes attacks by one political party on another are disastrous to individuals and campaigns, but curiously, sometimes they in fact appear to propel individuals if the victim is able to convert such negative energy into fuel for breaking into new ground such as winning the left or ‘liberal vote’ when for example indecent sexual acts are proven or admitted to, propelling them on with the help of their hired ‘spin-doctors’; or professional liars as I prefer to call them.

All is fair in love and war?

Unlike political attacks from outside rival parties, internal disputes are very often a result of clashes of personality or inspired by an individuals greed or fear of being pushed aside by the ambitions of others. The ‘kill or be killed’ or ‘Dog eat dog’ philosophies/instincts tend to kick-in whenever rivalries, overtly of covertly, are inevitably heading towards horn-locking. There are no rules so it seems when the darkness of a persons calculated greed are unlocked.

Domestic crisis

When we look back through history, the most bloody and destructive wars and conflicts are often domestic in nature, the American Civil War serves us with a perfect example; politics are no different.

The methods that have been, and are being employed during what can be best described as one of the British National Party’s most tumultuous periods of internal dissent, have seen tactics and mug-slinging that have needed those responsible to stoop very low in order to scoop it up and throw it.

Whenever a dictator has been exposed, he or she will usually react with complete totalitarianism that will often surpass their previous conduct. This is because the veneer of ‘democracy’ that had served a purpose to them previously no longer has any. Once discarded, outright breeches of constitutions and illegal activities are then often spewed out thick and fast, almost with a ‘nothing to lose’ mentality.

Such reactions can be seen throughout history wherever a regime under one dictator is in serious decline. Stalin and the mass murder he directly presided over, through to the Nazi Gestapo that turned on and killed any of its own countrymen that even so much as raised an eyebrow against Hitler’s dying self-destructive reign of power.

Ever since Mr Griffin took control of the Party with promises of ‘democracy’ and ‘openness’ etc, the actual episodes that he has presided over are quite shocking.

Those that have yet to read the previous articles on this blog, I invite now to spend some time doing so to gain a true grasp of what exactly we are dealing with here.

A climate of fear

Colin’s campaign is being fought as a quiet internal revolution, fought through word of mouth, the internet, members, friends and families speaking in quiet tones in the corridors of Party meetings, e-mail and text messages. Colin’s challenge is inspiring to many Party members and the mere fact that the people cannot openly discuss the issues Colin is raising through the fear that Griffin will have them purged and ostracised from the Party, have created a climate of fear.

We know this because it is Colin and his team that have continued to receive a steady stream of supportive emails and messages from Party members and supporters that wish to remain completely anonymous!

Griffin’s attack dogs

Another weapon other than just simple fear that is being used to try and trample down those seeking answers to the questions that Colin’s campaign is raising, is bully-boy internet tactics by Griffin’s hired attack dogs.

It has been brought to the attention of Colin’s campaign team, that money has or still is being paid to certain individuals, if they attack and try to assassinate the characters of Party people as requested by either Griffin himself or one or more of his close sycophants. I will not link or even mention the blog that has been set up by such vile individuals that are on the pay-role of a dictator, but suffice to say that those of us that have been unfortunate enough to stumble over it would I’m sure be more than happy to wish that they never had.
The vile childlike garbage that can be found under such stones is quite literally in a league of its own and simply cannot get any lower. Personal insults, lies, abuse and even references to peoples loved ones. Utterly sickening.

Proof needed?

Each and everyone attacked there have been in the past, or are still active in awaking the Party membership to the true character of Griffin and the deviousness and purges that are quickly becoming his trade mark. Those that have yet to dare to question him, or have remained quietly obedient are never mentioned on it, or if they are any comments made are only passive and praising, regardless to the truth whatever it may be. A mere rudimentary study of it plainly reveals who is behind its instigation.

A message - We are not scared of bullies!

Colin and his campaign team took on the role of working towards removing Griffin’s grasp around the Party with eyes wide open. Each of us in our own way have come to learn the facts about him personally, because many of us have been on the receiving end of his bullying and maltreatment or have witnessed decrees and decisions that fall entirely outside of the ethos of nationalism and family values that we are supposed to represent and encourage wherever possible.

None of us have ever been in any doubt that the lies and mud that will and already have been slung at us has come from the very bottom of the pond. Not one of us are going to let such moronic personal attacks on us divert us in anyway whatsoever from our goal which is Griffin’s removal as Chairman of the British National Party.

He can continue to hire cowardly flotsam and jetsam cranks from across the web to pitch attacks against us if he wishes; but it will be to no avail whatsoever. For every such attack simply encourages us further because as every good nationalist campaigner will know – you only ever take flak when you are over the target.