Monday, June 30, 2008

From Roger Robertson, Colin Auty's Campaign Manager.

I regret to inform those members and supporters of the BNP that, this evening, 30th June, after consultation with Colin, we have acknowledged that there will not be a challenge to Nick Griffin's leadership in 2008.

It is extremely disappointing that the challenge fell short by just a few signatures; a major factor being that many members have failed to renew their 2008 subscriptions plus the fact that the churn rate of the membership precludes many who do not have the requisite 2 years qualification to become a voting member.

Colin was the ideal candidate to lead our Party out of the wilderness after 9 years of stultifying slow growth under the present Chairman.

I will not here dilate upon the reasons for the challenge to Nick Griffin's leadership.
This will come next week after my 'tribunal' on 6th July when I become an ex-member of the BNP.

Suffice it to say that both Colin and myself wish to thank most sincerely those nearly 90 people who had the courage to put their names to Colin's nomination.

We may well have lost the first skirmish but the battle for a democratic BNP is far from over.

Roger Robertson

Ed - The names of those who did sign will not be disclosed to Griffin or any of his stooges, as we do not want to see another internal bloodbath of dedicated nationalists.
Colin Auty has the nomination forms and they will be staying with Colin - he will not put them to the sword of the hierarchy. This is a sad day for internal democracy - how can we convince the public that we are committed to democratic elections when internally the current leadership seem allergic to them?


Anonymous said...

This is very sad news.

I tried my hardest to get people to sign and some did, though I can't believe the number of people who did not renew this year. Also, some people only have one years membership and a small minority did not want to get 'targetted' by Griffin - so much for being British Lions.

Well done though Colin you have done us all proud. Best wishes and I hope to see you again soon.

neil craig bradford said...

I left a comment today 30.6.08 on the previous posting why as it not been put up! So much for democracy and freedom of speach. Without being able to take constructive critism you are still the old BNP and are protecting it's ethos. For God's sake learn otherwise nationalism is going nowhere fast. Colin never had a chance because your campaign never gave him the chance. You couldn't even get 100 nominee's.
God save Colin for at least trying,his lovely family, the Queen, St. George and all true nationalists. God's will is the only way our country and heritage can be saved.

Anonymous said...

You all did the right thing, for the right reasons, and for that you must be commended. Who know what things will look like in the days ahead.

DCHQ said...

This is a terribly sad day for democracy.

I suppose it gives us a year to mount a much stronger challenge against Gri££in in 2009. This assumes the financial irregularities haven't forced him to resign before then.

Keep up the good work Colin. Remember the best things often come to those who wait...

Anonymous said...

I signed, and myself and my wife were purged. Sometimes the principle is bigger than the eventual outcome. Whoever did not stand by this leadership challenge certainly, do not want a true democracy within the BNP.

As a true nationalist I have lost faith in the BNP for stifling Colin's leadership challenge, by not having a level playing field.

Griffin would not let Colin have access to the membership lists nor have a fair say in the hustings.

Simon Towers

Roger Robertson said...

To answer the second part of Neil Craig's question, (I cannot answer the first as I am not a moderator),we all tried our hardest for the sake of the Party and for Colin, who was, and is, the best chance for the BNP to progress.
Griffin was not obliged to let us have a copy of the membership data base until Colin was an Official Challenger. I formally requested a copy which was rejected out of hand.
Therefore,we knew that our only chance of progressing Colin's challenge was via this Blog, word of mouth and by contacting as many members as we could identify by means of obtaining their names and addresses through having stood as a BNP candidate in whatever election and thus putting their details into the public domain.
Neil, this is very time consuming and one must remember that those undertaking this task have families and need to work for a living.
Furthermore, the entire publicity machine of the BNP is tightly buttoned down by Griffin and his sycophants. Where, in any publication or other media source did you see any mention of Colin Auty or his challenge?
Nor, indeed, was it ever mentioned in the wider press.
The only conclusion one can draw from this is that excellent Candidates, such as Tim Rait at Henley, who was by far the best candidate, are being duped by the Griffin clique and that the BNP is the pressure valve outlet for the Establishment.
However, Neil, I have drifted off subject here; more on this viewpoint next week. Suffice to say that we did give it our best shot but too many staunch members had failed to renew their membership which created difficulties in obtaining 100 signatures.
Roger Robertson

C Basil said...

Democracy is dead and the future of British Nationalism is now upon our shoulders with our future generations placing their hopes, fears and aspirations firmly in our grasp. Colin Auty is a man of principle, integrity, valour and gallantry. His fearless challenge to wrestle the guidance of our party from the control of the old guard is not in vain. Cllr Auty, we share your desire for change, your hunger for justice and your indefatigability in the quest to secure the future for our party. We feel your anger, your hurt, we feel your pain and we also share your tears for our once great nation. I will pray for you, Cllr Auty. May God bless you, your loved ones and your neighbours.

Anonymous said...

I think neil craig from bradford needs to ask what he done to help colin's campaign???

Colins team were working with thier hands tied behind thier back an considering the circumstances i think colin and his team done very well.

ex BNP member North East who whishes that they could have been more of a help

Boom Boom said...

Colin you are a leading light in some very dark political times. A true democrat in the midst of a mugabee style dicatorship run by "Heinrich Himmler" Griffin from his pig farm in Wales. Hes just a posh tory like his dad hiding in the hills.

Anonymous said...

Due to disillusionment with Griffin etc I didn't renew at the end of 2007 after 3 years membership. Had I known there would be a leadership challenge I would have renewed, although I realise that you didn't want to announce the challenge until after May 1st.

I did recently renew - mainly because I wanted to vote for Colin - but am now deemed to be a new member so could not sign the form.

Ho hum.

I did try to contact Sadie Graham back in April to find out what was going on but got no reply either by email or phone. I also tried to contact Chris Beverley by email but again got no reply. I guess I contacted the wrong people.

Ratcatcher said...

What a bunch of spineless gimps the BNP is attracting.
I know there was some very nasty threatening behaviour going on by some of Griffin's thugs but many I approached were afraid of being purged or sacked from their posts. This isnt the end of the fight to take back control of the nationalist movement, it is a setback but Griffin's days are numbered. There is more than one way to skin a cat and Griffin plays a dirty game so whats good for the goose etc!

Anonymous said...

Well done Colin for making a stand. Griffin's downfall will come - dont be downhearted. He will make one cock-up too many and the house of cards he has built will come tumbling.

Anonymous said...

You only had to look at the amount of 'ex-BNP' signatures of the people writing on this blog to see this was going to happen.

The BNP is run on the lines of a personality cult. In fact a recent BNP official stated that he believed Nick Griffin IS the BNP. If people cannot see the danger of that line of thinking then there is no hope for them.

Steve Haddon.

Anonymous said...

I signed Cllr. A.'s papers. It was the only reason I re-joined the party this year, to vote for a challenger.

I am very sorry about all the people that didn't re-join (I know it was probably out of a sense of disgust with NG). It took a lot for me to re-join and I was gritting my teeth as I wrote out the form! :)

I don't think any blame should be given to the campaign team, although I understand people's extreme frustration.

I'm sorry you didn't get quite enough signatures Colin.

But I'm sure there are other plans affoot.

All the best to you and your family and I hope you don't get "purged" for your courage in putting your head above the parapet.

But if you do, don't worry.

We can all support each other as independent nationalists anyway.

Best Regards.

Anonymous said...

I also signed Colins papers and since this termoil has been going on for the past six months im gutted that we couldnt get enough signatures together in the time we have had wheather we like it or not the BNP is the only hope we have before things get much worse in this country what is the answer to this situation do we reform or start another presure group inside the BNP we must all stand together otherwise its just all been a wast of time and effort but thanks Colin you did well.

Richard Chadfield said...

There will, in my opinion, be no challenge next year ,2009. Reasons:
1) The 'BNP leadership' will almost certainly have changed the constitution and abolished the right of members to challenge annually.
2) I suspect that the more thoughtful,decent, independantly minded members have either already left or will soon do so. Dictatorship is just not their cup of tea.
3) This means that by next year the BNP will be composed mainly of people who just want to pay their membership sub and leave the rest to someone else and 'leadership' sychophants.( and a few new innocent souls)
4) I don't believe that Chris Jackson will challenge again. He will be too concerned to keep his head down and retain his membership. He will probilly get purged soon anyway in my opinion.
5) 2009 is Euro election year.
My immediate conclusions.
a)The current' leadership' will retain their positions but that the BNP will become a more and more unattractive party to thinking nationalists.
b) Perhaps we many dissenters should consider what may be a more positive course of action. Namely start a new nationalist party , rooted in a genuine democratic structure and with no state connections and no 'baggage'.
Richard Chadfield

neil craig bradford said...

You have fallen into Gri££ens hands. At this years RWB policy will be made that allows a leadership challenge every 4 years. Barnbrook and et al have no chance of a challenge until 2012 by then there will be nothing left to salvage. How can any decent person say they are or want to be members of the BNP only if you get Mugabe on your side will you overthrow Griffen.
On the question of what I have done for Colin's challenge I know, Colin knows and some people on his campaign also know. I still think some people had an hidden agenda, that will be on their conscience mine is clean along with Colin's. You are all welcome to griffen's bnp.

Cllr Chris Cooke said...

Very depressing.

It seems the BNP will stubbornly continue - very UKIP like - to harbour those who will ensure its future failure.

Also a bit like Mugabbe - ecstatic that his dirty campaign allowed him to remain the Zimbabwean leader - so he could continue to ensure the catastrophic failure of that country.

New party anyone?


Anonymous said...

I'm with Richard Chadfield. Let's start a new party.

We're going nowhere fast, so let's take matters into our own hands. I realise it will be tough, but we must have an alternative for all disillusioned nationalists (and other sensible people!).

Anonymous said...

A new party. why not? A high profile conference in London of various nationalists and groups, media attention, a policy compromise of the BNP's present policies, and a whole lot of reputable and credible activists. Might it fail? of course. But there's never been an opportunity like this, and there might not be another.

ivan from bradford said...

Start a new party !! What the hell. Their is a new party of democratic nationalists, ex bnp activists from west yorks and lancashire, who were approved as a party by the electoral commission just 7 days before nomination papers had to be in for the local elections this year and who in that short timescale put up 10 candidates in west yorks and lancs. The only reason why democratic nationalists (DN) haven't been high profile since May 1st is that they were aware that if disillusioned BNP supporters joined the new party they were people who might otherwise be signing Colin's nomination papers and voting for him. Since Colin's campaign isn't happening now, the self imposed brakes are off DN. So their is no need to talk of creating a new party when their is one already available, 'off the shelf', which already has such stalwart's as Jim Lewthwaite supporting it.

Way down south said...

Go Jim Go!

Gri££in will soon be shown up as the money grabbing & begging weasel he truly is to the wider membership including the newbie’s that still think the sun shines out of his fat a@5e.

You've got more support than you may think Jim.

E. N. Ronn said...

Might I offer my tuppence worth on the subject of a new party?

I was involved in a leading role in attempts to create a new party (the Freedom party) some seven years ago and more. We had some localised success in the West Midlands for a while, including my friend Mrs Sharron Edwards’s election as a district councillor in Wombourne S. E. Ward in May 2003, and the best ever result polled by a patriotic candidate in a county council seat in Wombourne & Lower Penn in May 2005.

Sadly, the FP eventually faded away, superficially because two of its leading lights had personal problems, which came to preoccupy them to the exclusion of politics, but fundamentally because we were never able to attract significant support outside the West Midlands, despite considerable efforts in Leicestershire, London and Kent, all which had very active FP branches for some years.

The reality was that the overwhelming majority of people involved in the movement c. 2001 were unwilling to break with the BNP, even though they knew that much of what we were saying about Gri££in was true. They saw and approved the better things, but followed the worse. Some of them eventually shared the fate of the philosopher Seneca, who first articulated that sentiment. He found excuses for his pupil Nero, till the ungrateful emperor eventually forced his old teacher to commit suicide. There is a moral there for those who won’t break with Gri££in, but also perhaps for us. The manifest need for a new party does not guarantee its success. Far from it.

Gri££in’s squalid track record of financial shenanigans, cronyism and naked tyranny is not new. On the contrary, it goes back many years. To-day we have Great White Records instead of Affordable Cars, Mark “Young, Nazi & Proud” Collett instead of (or should that be as well as?) Tony “the Mad Bomber” Lecomber and Sadie, Matt, Steve, Kenny, Nicolla and Ian instead of Steve and Sharron Edwards and Mike Newland, but only the names ever change. Really it’s always groundhog day on the Welshpool pig farm. The same cycle of destructive (for the hopes of all true patriots) behaviour by the increasingly deranged Gri££in, egged on as ever by that bit actor from Smiley’s People, 5IMon Darby, repeats itself.

The question is, whether any new party (or move to build up and expand the Democratic Nationalists outside Bradford) will fare any better than the FP did. So far as I can see, there is more widespread internal discontent with Gri££in now than seven years ago, but on the other hand, the BNP is a much bigger party, and more of a household name. Many whose support would be important to a new venture will be unwilling to break with the BNP, however much they privately despise the Cyclops.

The “rebels” moreover rejected the idea of a new party earlier this year, when anger at Gri££in was at a peak. That would have been a good time to launch a new party. A failed attempt to force a leadership challenge is hardly a promising foundation for a new party.

It may be that Gri££in should be given enough rope to hang himself, namely a clear run at the European elections, with which he is obsessed, on which he will bet his increasingly insolvent party’s overdraft, and in which he will fail.

If, in the meanwhile, sensible independent nationalists work at local level to win elections that, unlike the Euros, are in our grasp, by this time next year, we may have independent nationalist councillors, perhaps even our first county councillor. Such councillors will form the nucleus of a real alternative to a party which by then will be as financially bankrupt as it is politically and morally bankrupt under Gri££in’s tyranny.

Equally, there is the possibility of working under the Democratic Nationalists’ umbrella. They seem to me to be sensible and capable patriots whose personal integrity is a pleasing contrast to the moral degradation of the Welshpool clique, but the question remains, whether they can really expand beyond Bradford?

Anonymous said...

e n ronn said

The “rebels” moreover rejected the idea of a new party earlier this year, when anger at Gri££in was at a peak. That would have been a good time to launch a new party. A failed attempt to force a leadership challenge is hardly a promising foundation for a new party.


I would, with respect, disagree with this, I mentioned starting a new party to Sadie when the dung first hit the fan. But in her wisdom she rightfully pointed out that that is what Griffin would want, go, disappear, and drift of into the blue yonder where so many have gone before. The rebels would also have been accused of trying to damage the party for selfish reasons. Who is going to be accused of that now? GRIFFIN that's who.
Now in the fulness of time, after taking nearly all the crap that the Grifin gang can sling and after a ligitimate leadership challenge the time is now ripe, as ripe as a soft plum.
The disgusting and undemocratic things that Griffin has done from the start, and is constantly doing, has, and is still to this day, alienating more and more members past and present. I belive a new Nationalist party is much needed but it is not worth attemting unless a hell of a lot of people pledge support. Not only support but finance. Unfortunately Griffin has rung the last few quid out of many people and so another request for cash may fall on deaf ears. I for one would pledge £100 to start with, membership included. It's not much in the grand scheme but if enough people did the same the printer can start to roll.
The big question is, who has got the time, energy and diplomacy to be able pull all the small Nationalist groups together for a common cause? This must happen or Griffin has got what he wants and blue yonder comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

I belive a new party should be formed for two reasons. The BNP is almost a spent force thanks mainly to Gri££in and his tag nuts. He knows it's going nowhere slowly and is using it for his own benifit and milking it for all it's worth. The other reason is that I need to belive in a party that has credibility and nationalist values and that can give some hope for the future. The crud that is running (ruining) this country are as bad as Griffin and are all busy feathering their own nests at the expence of good people.

Anti-gag said...

Any talk of forming a new party is simply playing into the Griffin/Collett gang's hands. They would just love to get rid of the current drive to democratise the party. It would also give them the chance to say: "look we were right all along VOC just wanted to split the BNP".

Let's have no more talk about starting new parties, the BNP is well worth fighting for.

Chris HIll

yorkie said...

May I use this blog to wish good luck to Tess Culnane, who is standing for the National Front in the Haltemprice and Howden byelection with the support of present and former BNP members in the area?

ivan from bradford said...

Shock ! Horror ! VoC Forum is up and running.

DCHQ said...

I absolutely agree that forming rival parties is playing into the hands of Gri££in. Already two splinter parties of the BNP - the Freedom Party and the NNP have been consigned to the scrapheap of failed nationalist parties. Chances are that the Democratic Nationalists could end up in the same place in a couple of years time.

Gri££in needs to be exposed and challenged by an organisation OUTSIDE of the BNP that isn't a rival political party but a nationalist movement.

BNP founder member said...

Tribunal ,don't you mean kangaroo court you are lucky to be attending a tribunal as i am still awaiting mine ,by the way what constitution was you suspended/about to be expelled from 2005 or 2006 the non existent one ?and what are the charges being brought against you is it treason ?
keith axon

united against cyclops said...

@ dchq

NF Constitutional Movement
New NF
NF Support Group

They all began with the same intention and ended up as fully fledged breakaway parties.

The BNP was a breakaway party and whatever it's many faults today, it managed to replace and eclipse the party it broke away from. A new party is the answer, but learn from the mistakes of the NNP and FP.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has signed the nomination papers of both the recent challangers to Nick Griffin can I make a comment.

I think the time for a new party is upon us, there are hundreds (thousands?) of former BNP members out there. I know of the DN's in Bradford and this is promising (although their emblem doesn't seem suitable for a National orgainsation. The problem is going to be getting everyone on board i.e. hard liners (NOT Neo-Nazi's etc), folk who are on the moderate wing etc. The FP didn't progress in my opinion because their policy was wishy washy, or that's the impression their literture gave, as for Sharon Ebanks effort,although this had some good polices worked out it was run by a bitter woman whose sole motivation seemed to be revenge.
I am still a member of the BNP but hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

dchq said...

united against cyclops

If a rival nationalist party is to be successful at defeating the establishment and the BNP then it will need at least 2,000 members, and a sufficient number of "highly knowledgeable" people and people with access to certain insider information.

A small startup party of between 50 and 100 members is unlikely to be successful unless the BNP well and truly implodes and most decent rank and file members join.

The BNP's strengths are:

1. Their sheer physical size.

2. Their news gathering team comprised largely of rank and file members on the lookout for things unreported by the mainstream media.

3. People with access to crucial insider information - usually obtained via their occupation.

A nationalist political movement (as opposed to a party) can start out small and gradually expand with time. Eventually it could spawn a nationalist party when it has the membership and strength to do so.

ivan from bradford said...

I can agree with some of the points dchq made in his last posting. I cannot agree with him over needing 2000+ members to try and match the BNP. This is for two reasons. BNP membership is actually much smaller than NG makes it out to be. We have all seen membership lists with large numbers of lapsed members often listed at the wrong addresses ! You only have to look at the problems Colin's team had finding current paid up members who had at least two years membership to sign his nomination papers. There is a massive gap between the 'statistics' and the 'reality' - a bit like Gordon Brown's economics really. Most party's win in crucial by-elections
etc by using 'mutual aid' - bringing in party supporters from other parts of the country. The Tories are excellent at it, Labour also get Union supporters for their 'mutual aid' work. BNP usually struggle to get any mutual aid at all. I went to the Illingworth by-election (Halifax, Feb 07). Paul Cromie told Bradford members not to help out even though Bradford had no other branch activities at the time. The total aid Calderdale got was myself, Jim Lewthwaite, an elderly gent from York and Ian Dawson. BNP missed the seat by under 80 votes. The claims of nearly 10000 members do not add up. Your second comment about people who are 'highly knowledgable' obviously varies from prospective Party to Party. I think we have some knowledgable persons in DN.

dchq said...

The FP achieved some very good election results in Wombourne and Tipton. They narrowly missed getting elected to Staffordshire County Council.

What killed the FP was the failure to expand outside of the Wombourne / Tipton powerbases and establish active branches elsewhere in the country.

After the Edwardses retired from politics due to family reasons, and Messrs Davies and Newland chose to focus more on their professional career, it meant that the FP had no active members.

The FP policy wasn't perfect and it was wishy washy or too Toryish in places, but it really was capable of attracting much more support than it did - particularly in more middle class areas or places unaffected by militant Muslims.

Anonymous said...

My comiserations Colin, you know myself and Mick very well. NG WILL get rid of you some how, no matter how long it takes, just as he did with Mick and Warren. NG has no qualms about getting rid of any opposers, its just a waiting game. I am so sorry.
I am glad you have so much support but am sad that the fore runners of NGs cleansing campaign did not.
No one realised what was going on then, even though we tried to tell them. How sad a state of affairs this has all become...