Saturday, June 21, 2008


Nick Griffin’s announcement - ‘New National Dispatch and Logistics Manager’

…….in other words ‘BNP National Treasurer – Dispatched!’

Should anyone of us be in anyway shocked that John Walker has been suddenly demoted and ‘outsourced’ to a different role just as the financial situation within the Party is reaching critical?

Poor John, but to be fair, his removal from his position has almost certainly been on the cards for quite a while. He has been privy to a great deal of the shady and downright deceitful dealings of Mr Griffin over the last couple of years, so much so in fact that Griffin has been, for sometime, completely perplexed on how he is going to get rid of him without risking John doing the honourable thing and exposing the corruption and pressure that he has himself been compliant with for so long. Doing this would be the first step towards handing back our Party to the people that are funding it, that are now finding it increasingly difficult to keep it floating on the political ocean.

Griffin’s modus operandi

In the past, whenever Griffin wanted to purge a person from the Party that he thought may pose a future risk to him in some way, or had become too popular with the membership, the solution was simple for him. He would merely isolate the victim by concocting lies about them concerning financial ‘irregularities’ (somewhat ironically), aimed carefully at his victim before unleashing his attack-dogs to finish the job with personal attacks and slanderous gossip.

Occasionally the victim would then be pulled apart at an Advisory Council meeting in their absence complete with the customary ‘such a shame’ crocodile tears. Without being afforded the opportunity to defend themselves, the victim would be cast out as a leper from the Party. Those sat around the AC table, however shocked or confused that the ‘evidence’ spewed out regarding one of their comrades is entirely unsubstantiated, would very often sit in silence through fear of becoming the next victim. This is a standard Griffin modus operandi, as many of his decent and hardworking victims have been only too happy to confirm and share with us.

The black hole of amateurish gimmicks

In John’s case however, Griffin is going to attempt to move far more stealthily to get rid of him and quieten him up in the longer term. I can guarantee that there would have been plenty of prep-work to start with - buttering John up about how wonderful he is and what a great job he did, etc. How it is not fair for him to bear such a heavy load any longer and that his wonderful skills should now be used to fill this ‘new role’ that just happened to become available along with all the benefits that such a demanding new task would bring, etc. Nevertheless, Griffin knows that this alone would not give him the assurance that he seeks; this is only a short term solution to a long term predicament.

As we already know, it is Griffin who pulls all the strings and ‘balances’ the Party books, it is he alone that decides where our money is spent, and even if it is thrown into his black hole of amateurish gimmicks more akin to the activities of the Monster Raving Loony Party than a serious political alternative, no one is ever afforded the opportunity to find out exactly what such stunts cost us; the books are always cooked to a crisp and kept under lock and key.

A hatchet over our heads

As previously touched upon in other articles on this blog, one may be forgiven for wondering why the State allows such activities to continue under its nose. Whether the simple fact that it is so clearly obvious that our Party will never become an actual viable alternative while it is run by a crook, that makes it so attractive for the State to just sit back and monitor us, is definitely food for thought.

So, if the State wanted to, it could move dynamically against the Party’s curious funding appropriations, but instead it chooses to do nothing whatsoever; so what greater proof could there be that we are on the state ‘dangle’?
I believe that this will be one trapdoor that it will pull from underneath us only if it really needs to in the future.

Having such a hatchet hanging over our heads cannot and will not create for us the positive environment in which we need to grow.


The fact that Mr Walker’s signature would pop-up like a bad case of the measles, thus implicating him in any illegal activities should they be found during any thorough investigation, is still not enough to appease the paranoia of Mr Griffin. I believe that this new role that has been created by Griffin to sweeten and keep an eye on John will be a short lived one. As we speak, Griffin will be examining ways of ridding himself of him permanently. If the Advisory Council will be of no help then maybe a cry of ‘Who will rid me of this turbulent ex-treasurer!’ within earshot of the Security Tent at this year’s RWB may just do the trick? Who knows.

Over the last few months, many members and ex-members from various regions that had held different posts from activists through to regional organisers and councillors have been in contact with us. Many have expressed their despair at the financial situation within the Party. Many have commented that money is simply now the only driving factor behind Nick Griffin’s façade of modern British Nationalism.

Indeed, it is many peoples belief that he is now simply tucking away and investing as much capital as he can in various ventures and little nest-eggs etc, while he still can. Griffin knows, as do many people, that the sun always eventually sets on all empires and regimes regardless to however large or small they may be. When it happens it is very advantageous for the totalitarian that presided over it to be in a comfortable position ready to point the finger at someone else from the safety of an overseas bolt-hole with money in the bank; this can be seen throughout history. Alternativey, a person facing such a dilemma could find a very comfortable and well paid position and home, once again abroad, a very welcome prospect indeed; a seat in the European Parliament may do nicely for example?

One last point

If Mr Walker regards his freedom and self-preservation as of high importance, he had best follow Griffin’s grubby lead and orchestrate and prepare so that ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’ would be the outcome for them both should John feel the press of sharpened steel against his back in the not too distant future.

This would probably be his most effective, if not his only way of guarding against a now very ruthless and desperate man.

Good luck John, we think you’re going to need it.


Richard said...

So much money but so little to show for it. I've always wondered where it was going to. How much do people get paid for being an MEP anyway? Ask Gri££in because I'm sure he'd know!

neil craig bradford said...

Wal£er's accounts must have been signed off for a new treasurer to be brought on board! Gri££en and Wal£er are now free to dredge for funds elsewhere. I pity the new treasurer what has she done!

Richard Chadfield said...

Does Excalibur need a National dispatch and logistics manager? (I understand John is now working for Excalibur)
Some of my thoughts--admittedly I have no first hand information.
1) Does'nt Excalibur already have Mr Kemp and others working for it?
2)I think I heard/read that Ecalibur prior to Dec 2007 made an annual profit of about £10,000. (please correct me if I am wrong) After Dec 2007 with Excalibur going off line, goods not being despatched and members and supporters turning their backs on the BNP profits must have gone substantially down.
3)I believe Mr Walkers wage as National Treasurer was in the region of £22,000 a year.(again please correct me if I am wrong) There may have been other benefits such as expenses, BNP credit card etc. I find it unlikely that Mr Walker will have agreed to work for less
4)Baring in mind the above three points does Excalibur really need Mr Walker? Does the job of 'National Logistics and Despatch manager' really exist? Has this job been created as somewhere to 'park' Mr Walker for a little while.
5) My initial conclusions are:
a) Mr Walker has been given a non job for some reason.
b) Mr Walker should be aware of possible futher developements in the near future.
Richard Chadfield

South London BNP said...

Griffin boatsed about how much money had ben raised at the start of the year. How come the party has less than £3000 in its accounts now?

Good luck to Jenny Noble, she is a first class lady, lets hope she can turn the financial situation around.

White Rose said...

How the hell did LUAF get such detailed information last week? I thought Griffin said he had rid the party of "vermin", "Searchlight spies", "moles" in December. Well he did say that. I think he was lying, he didnt have a clue how to deal with the December cock-up and there is still a mole at a high-level who is clearly passing sensitive information to the Reds. It cant be any of the good people Griffin fingered in December. When can we expect the real mole to be uncovered?

A Stoke Activist said...

Richard C. makes a very good point - why the hell is John Walker now doing Arthur Kemp's job? Also what happened to Dave Joines? I thought he was in charge of dispatch? I smell a crisis, John Walker was and is a decent bloke but he wont be pushed around.

Enfield member said...

I'll second Richard Chadfield's concerns about Excalibur. A move to a new unit didnt come cheaply, an appalling record on non-delivery, goods supposed to be in stock rarely are. How can it pay Arthur Kemp AND John Walker? If Griffin was the CEO of a private company he'd have been replaced years ago for the pitiful performance of the business side of the BNP as well as his dismal electoral record.

Cllr Chris said...

White Rose said...

"How the hell did LUAF get such detailed information last week? I thought Griffin said he had rid the party of "vermin", "Searchlight spies", "moles" in December. ......"

From my own very minor experience with the BNP I have no doubt at all that there is at least one mole at very high level. Certainly not one of the people who have been kicked out. I can have a reasonable guess as to who that person might be - and I would have my reasons for thinking that. I will say however that I doubt Griffin is aware of it - he merely fulfills the front role.

From my much more considerable experience in UKIP - where that party actually went on to ask Searchlight to vet party membership (can you believe that!!!) it was clear as daylight that UKIP was never designed to achieve purpose. Likewise Dr. Sked - the UKIP Leader at the time - was no more than an egotist. The Leader is too exposed a position. A mole burrows deeper than that. So what I am also sure of is that the BNP mole will not only be finding out what is going on in the BNP but will also be actively promoting splits and disharmony.

The question is - how to deal with it? Fight for the soul of the BNP? (I gave up on that with UKIP!). Start again? Probably far too much to do, and far too late.

Knowing so much of what went on in UKIP gives me a perspective on BNP troubles. Using that perspective I can see that most BNP members who walked - or were pushed - from the BNP were genuine enough. They and those that remain deserve the respect and support of the ordinary BNP members - if only that membership weren't so kept in ignorance - and some even defensive - of what's really been going on.

That's why - despite the successes to date (based more on public desperation - and excellent local BNP activists - than on anything the BNP leadership does) I believe the BNP is unfortunately going nowhere.

That's why I support Cllr Auty's leadership challenge. Good luck to him.

Cllr Chris

Mike - Eastern region said...

Gri££in is scared because he knows that regardless to what the outcome of this challenge, next year it will happen again and again! People want rid of him and enough of them must keep the pressure up. To get rid of this greedy dictator it will take time and patience. A vote of no confidence could be another way of getting rid of bad rubbish.

Richard Chadfield said...

South London BNP said...
Griffin boatsed about how much money had ben raised at the start of the year. How come the party has less than £3000 in its accounts now?
Well to start with thirty thousend pounds of that money was spent at Manchester Civil Court in May 2008 pursuing a case against the Voice of Change six. Funny,the BNP never take reds to court--only nationalists.
What should we make of it?
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Colin AUTY IN THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE ,Griffin must be Exposed for the crook we all told you about but you would not listen from either JOHN TYNDALL or us other old guard founders member's of the BNP.
BUT YOU NOW NO that what we said was and is true .

Anonymous said...

"Well to start with thirty thousend pounds of that money was spent at Manchester Civil Court in May 2008 pursuing a case against the Voice of Change six."

It was April but never mind, I have heard from a VERY reliable source and very close to the top that that bill remains unpaid and that the entire legal process Gri$$in started has ground to a halt and he doesnt know what to do. He hopes the VOC "rebels" will just go away but there is no chance of that happening......

Scooby Doo said...

I hear that Griffin used Trafalgar Club money to pay the court case expenses

Anonymous said...

Scooby Doo said...
I hear that Griffin used Trafalgar Club money to pay the court case expenses

What! you must be kidding, not his nice little earner on the side, his personal pocket money, NO CHANCE....

Anonymous said...

" He has been privy to a great deal of the shady and downright deceitful dealings of Mr Griffin over the last couple of years, so much so in fact that Griffin has been, for sometime, completely perplexed on how he is going to get rid of him without risking John doing the honourable thing and exposing the corruption and pressure that he has himself been compliant with for so long."

People, even fairly anonymously on the internet, should be very wary about alleging specific acts of criminality. I can believe that there has been a lot of financial bungling and general financial mismanagement, but I think it is very unlikely that the present BNP leadership has get involved in any sort of financial fraud.

Airy and vague nonsense about financial irregularities should not be part of any reasonable political discussions. Keine Ruhe.

Anonymous said...

At this years RWB there will be no advance ticket sales. In my opinion advance ticket sales generate cashflow prior to hosting the event. Cash only on the gate has many downsides and is open to abuse. This cannot be a rational decision by the BNP Management.

Simon Towers

griffin-must-go-now said...

"People, even fairly anonymously on the internet, should be very wary about alleging specific acts of criminality." True but how about the following criminal acts carried out by Griffin and his associates which (apart from one case) have not been investigated by the Police/CPS:

a. illegal bugging of the home phone line of Sadie Graham.
b. Illegal entry by deception into home of Sadie Graham.
c. Illegal removal of items of property (now returned admittedly) belonging to Sadie Graham and Matt Single.
d. Threatening behaviour by someone (s) acting on Griffin's instructions to try and enter the home of Kenny and Nicholla Smith.
e. Illegal copying/broadcast of private email messages held on the personal computer of Sadie Graham.
f. Illegal copying/broadcast of private Skype conversation between Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith.
g. The use of slanderous and libellous material (although not necessarily criminal) in public meetings, on the BNP website, in BNP publications to describe the senior members Griffin had expelled as "vermin", "Searchlight moles", "neo-nazi scum", "State agents".

Griffin has broken the law on many occasions but the Police have either been told to back off or else the Police forces concerned are snowed under with other crime but Griffin has so far avoided investigation. Whether formal complaints lodged with the SFO (Serious Fraud Office), Electoral Commission and other constabularies re: BNP finances are investigated remains to be seen. Either way Griffin and his every move is being closely watched and he will come a cropper sooner or later. His gambling stunts using the good will of donors is coming to an end. The cause of Nationalism deserves better than being led by a crook, a liar and a self obsessed sociopath. No one need worry about Griffin going to court for libel, he can't afford it and the BNP coffers are running very dry as they always do in the summer months. Lets hope Jenny Noble can balance the books to pay her own wages and those of the other new management team. One should pity poor Jenny having to explain why the staff wages are late. The legal bill for Gilbert Davies Solicitors in Welshpool remains unpaid and they are now getting very anxious that some or all of the invoice is cleared ASAP. That's why Griffin cant proceed with the next stage of legal proceedings against the so called "rebels". If the bill had been paid he'd be back in Manchester High Court for the next stage which is to get damages from the "rebels". He gambled and lost and can't recover his losses, not unless he finds a backer who will bail him out, with strings attached (as bailouts always are).

BNP members and donors are being taken for a ride. The quicker every single one realises this the better for the person, better for the BNP and the better for the future of the British people.

Anonymous said...

Expect the yearly challenge clause to be abolished in the constitution. The EGM will almost certainly include moves to prevent this democratic process continuing.

E. N. Ronn said...

Gri££in’s numerous critics (amongst whom I am proud to be counted!) don’t need to spoil a good case by overstatement.

I’ve never believed that John Walker is personally corrupt. He was not however qualified whether by training or experience to act as treasurer of an organisation turning over the best part of a million pounds a year.

It’s obviously not a good idea to take on a role beyond your skills and experience. A more interesting question is why did Gri££in appoint an ex-serviceman with no financial experience and an ex-convict who used to herd supermarket trolleys in an Asda car park to the positions of treasurer and deputy treasurer of his party?

Actually, I’ve never believed that Gri££in himself would do anything so crude as to raid the till. There are much more effective and far safer ways of extracting money from a small political party run as a family concern. You could, for example, put not only yourself, but your wife, daughter, father, mother and very close friend Mark “Young, Nazi and Proud” Collett on the pay roll. Then you could give your very close friend the monopoly of printing leaflets for the branches at a huge mark up to costs. You could also dole out salaried positions on the basis of personal loyalty rather than ability to do the job.

Still, if others amongst Gri££in’s critics go further than I do, he has only himself to blame. From the extraordinary Affordable Cars episode in the first year of his chairmanship to the bizarre suggestion accounts that Dave Hannam’s private business Great White Records is a party asset, the line between the business affairs of Gri££in and his coterie on the one hand and the party on the other has been repeatedly and unacceptably blurred.

The repeated failure of the Welshpool clique to comply with the not very onerous requirements of the law by filing their accounts on time also tends to arouse concern. They have no-one but themselves to blame for their repeated failings, which led to a £1,000 fine from the Electoral Commission last year, and a widespread belief that there is something amiss somewhere. That belief may be wrong, but Gri££in & Co. have brought suspicion upon themselves through their own most grievous fault.

Anonymous said...

One of the basic reasons for political failures in general and nationalist political failures in particular, could be termed human condition factors. Integrity can come onto an internet forum like this and suggest that Nick Griffin might well consider murdering one of his colleagues. Integrity’s article to put it at its politest is ridiculous.

Integrity might think that what he had to say was a bit exaggerated, but that he got away with it. Integrity has not got away with it. His article is a particular example of a general political problem. People talking unrealistic nonsense. Individuals address their peer group, with very little consideration for being realistic.

Integrity has addressed a group of people, who in general think that Nick Griffin is as bent as a nine bob note. The group of people in Integrity’s peer group collectively nod their metaphorical heads in agreement with him.

However Integrity has not got away with his lack of realism. His nonsense is bad for British Nationalism in general and bad for Colin Auty’s leadership candidacy in particular. Outsiders could well think that people who want rid of Griffin are even more ridiculous and unrealistic than Griffin is himself.

To put it another way, Integrity’s article enables Nick Griffin to present himself as the best of a bad bunch. We want rid of Nick Griffin because he is politically useless, not because he shags sheep, has his hand in the till, or whatever. Keine Ruhe.

Richard Chadfield said...

E. N. Ronn said...
It’s obviously not a good idea to take on a role beyond your skills and experience. A more interesting question is why did Gri££in appoint an ex-serviceman with no financial experience and an ex-convict who used to herd supermarket trolleys in an Asda car park to the positions of treasurer and deputy treasurer of his party?
I would think because he did not want a competant treasurer or deputy treasurer for some reason.
By -the -way is it true that the new National Treasurer is a close friend of the Griffin family?
Richard Chadfield.

Anonymous said...

"Actually, I’ve never believed that Gri££in himself would do anything so crude as to raid the till."

Sounds like raiding the till to me - just that he's got the place settings right and used the cutlery in the right order :-)

For many of us, this has been an education. As the BNP diminishes, the middle ripped out of it, all that is left are the conmen and the piss heads.

E. N. Ronn said...

I certainly don't disagree with anything that Richard Chadfield and Simon Smith have said in answer to my comments. Gri££in displays greater subtlety and base cunning than his critics think, not greater moral integrity (a concept that he would deride if he could grasp it).

Anonymous said...

anonymous said:

If the bill had been paid he'd be back in Manchester High Court for the next stage which is to get damages from the "rebels". He gambled and lost and can't recover his losses, not unless he finds a backer who will bail him out, with strings attached (as bailouts always are).


£30,000 legal costs (as yet unpaid) equates to the £30,000 Gri££in wants to raise with his truth truck - something smells fishy!

Anonymous said...

‘Anonymous’ criticises ‘Integrities’ article in, what he and some people may consider, a calm and logical way and infers that it is not in the interest of the Nationalism.

In the first paragraph he suggests that ‘Integrity’ is almost condoning murder, in a later paragraph he uses the word Metaphorical,



A figure of speech in which a word or phrase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable> a thing regarded as symbolic of something else

I suggest ‘Anonymous’ should have, in a calm logical manner, taken that word (metaphorical) and considered its meaning prior to commenting on ‘Integrities’ article.

Also consider these words, ANGER and BETRAYAL, the sort of anger and betrayal that you would feel when called Vermin, MI5 agent, UAF Mole, Reds and Searchlight Moles and far worse; when all you have ever done is dedicate your life to the advancement and welfare of the BNP. That is just for starters, look at some of the destructive things that Griffin has perpetrated, all in the name of self interest.

Griffin has ALWAYS used personal assassination and gained strength from it but he can’t get away with it for ever because the likes of Colin Auty and the VOC have got balls and will use whatever means at their disposal to unseat this disgusting piece of filth.

I say fight fire with fire and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If ‘anonymous’ think you can beat the likes of Griffin and his motley crew with a softly-softly touch then you must be living in ‘Cloud cuckoo land’ METAPHORICLY SPEAKING that is.

neil craig bradford said...

If Colin is not allowed a leadership challenge ( it looks like there are not 100 respectable people left in the BNP) because of the failure of his team to raise the required number of nominee's due to Griffen's lack of co-operation. The dogs of war will then turn on Colin like they have done in Kirklees. If you are not aware Kirklees Branch as been folded by Hannan due to it's negative equity , another deliberate destruction of a viable and successful branch by the dictoral Gri££en. The gloves should come off and fight Griffen his way, we will then see if he is either a state assest. Mugabee as won lets make sure Gri££en does not!!!

EnoughIsEnough said...

Last Night I had an amusing and surprising phone call from a very drunk John Walker.
He asked me if I had anything to do with this blog I should get this article removed before he takes action against us.
I told him I was surprised he was phoning me up looking for favours considering the lies he was complicit in and the fact as Party Treasurer he had also helped Griffin withhold several thousand pounds that is owed to me.
After some hilarious excuses he ended by claiming it was not Griffin or "Kemp with his spy gear" who bug the call at Sadie's but him.
True or not and Walker doesn't have a good record on such things, that was a revealing comment even for a drunk and especially as they have still not got a straight story about that incident.
Kenny Smith

Anonymous said...

I am pleased to have added to this discussion, but I dont want to get into much of a heated discussion with Integrity, who I assume to be one of the six prominent activists expelled in December. And so I assume him or her to be basically sound.

One of the points I wanted to make, is that was that there is a lot of ill considered stuff goes on to nationalist websites that is very counter productive. This is one of the basic problems that has to be sorted out.

I dont consider Nick Griffin to be basically deceitful. I think he has messed people around just to hide his incompetence and general pessimism. He has been faced with his own incompetence, and instead of resigning he has just told himself and possibly others, Oh well. I’m just in it for the money.

His pessimism based on his own incompetence has been in my opinion a factor. As has his attitude that the leadership is basically an honour, rather than a job.

As for the idea that just being reasonable is not enough, I certainly don’t go along with that. Being reasonable is enough. We must let Griffin know, the game is up. He either gets ousted or he retires to a much lesser role, in which his temperament is not such a liability to British Nationalism. I see no reason why Nick Griffin should not go on to become an MEP or even a Westminster MP, as long as he relinquishes the leadership now and allows amongst other things the party’s finances to be sorted out. Keine Ruhe.

Anonymous said...

Darby says "F*$K Off" to constitution request!

The following quote comes from a man who recently resigned as new BNP Scotland webmaster. For those who doubt the bankrupt morals of the current BNP leadership this snippet should be rather illuminating.

"Friday, 20 June 2008

The British National Party
What have I learned about the BNP in almost a year of being a paid member and as a BNP Scotland official, that a lot of the rumours are true and the party is corrupt, and is not democratic in any shape or form. Infact one might go as far to say that its not necessarily British but more of lets follow Griffin and blow smoke up his arse!

The party is full of a lot of lemmings that think Nick Griffin/ Mark Collett are some sort of 'Gods' in the making. I suppose when you surround yourself with lemmings it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you are the greatest person who walked the earth.

I had a person that wanted some answers with regard to the parties constitution. I didn't have a copy so I thought I would contact other officials for advice or to obtain a copy. The first person I contacted was Mark Collett who said he has never seen a copy and wouldn't know where to get one from. In the end he suggested that I contacted Nick Griffin as at the end of the day he was the one who wrote it.

Before I went that far up the official line I thought I would contact the deputy party leader, Simon Darby. His words on the subject were why do you want it? Just tell him to "F*$k Off!" He is only a 'red' trying to wind you up!"

I could add more to this but I will only be called a 'Red' or a 'Traitor'. Would I recommend joining the BNP? As it stands with the current lineup it would be a resounding NO! If the party changes its current team leadership and how its run then Yes! Only time will tell if the party changes for the better as currently it is stuck in the dark ages."

This was taken from the EiE blog

Anonymous said...

I hear John has been making more phone calls telling people that he's ready to spill the beans on Griffin

Anonymous said...

Is the leadership challemge still on or what? Did Colin get the 100 signatures?

ivan from bradford said...

You was warned

I was present at a North Kirklees Branch meeting in March this year. Also present at the meeting were N Craig, J Lewthwaite, Bev & Dave Jones. We told the Kirklees membership about our experience of the 'abolition' of the Bradford Cmmttee in January and warned them that the only way forward was to explore setting up an alternative Party. The comments were not very well received with one person, S Cass, being quite angry.
The simple fact is that both the Bradford & Kirklees Committee's sent similarly worded letters to NG in January about the December 'Rebellion' (if you want to see the Bradford letter look at mid Jan in the 'Older Posts' archive on EiE). Bradford Committee was abolished within 24 hours and replaced by Paul Cromie as organiser. Kirklees could not be immediately replaced as their was no local Quisling willing to take over from the Cmmttee. Now North Kirklees have committed a second offence - having a person who has exercised his democratic right to stand for the Party leadership (well it must be 'democratic' - it's in the Party Constitution). North Kirklees has been abolished.
The reason put forward for abolishing N Kirklees is because it's branch account was in deficit. Of course most branch accounts are in deficit. We have had local elections in May so there are all Collett's printing bills for branch's to pay off, also euro election quotas being deducted, Griffin's Croation holiday home fund etc etc. THIS MEANS THAT ANY BRANCH CAN BE ABOLISHED FOR HAVING A DEFICIT BANK BALANCE.
Who took the decision to close down N Kirklees. Party displinary ?
Group development, area organiser ? Er, No. Deputy Treasurer, D Hannam. The Area Organiser, A Marsden, is furious at the decision but has been over-ruled by Hannam. If this carries on A Marsden could be redundant as well because Hannam can close down every branch in the Yorkshire Region, after all every branch in the Region has complained about him at various times !!
THE WARNING IN MARCH was ignored by North Kirklees and their Branch has now been abolished.Nationalist activists and redundant area organisers are allways welcome in another Democratic National Party.

Mike South east said...

Gri££in, you have been well and truly exposed.

If you have a single shred of decency left you will go now.
You are a crook.

Richard Chadfield said...

The British National Party no longer belongs to it's membership who finance it, work for it and not infrequently suffer social ostracism for their membership. Ownership has been userped by the current leadership.They quite literally view the BNP as their property do do wth as they choose. The membership have been dispossessed of their party and should 'rise up in anger'. Members must resolve to take back their party. How? First: talk to every BNP member about these matters. Second : Maintain your membership of the BNP but do not make any financial donations to the BNP. Third: Do not buy BNP publications. Fourth: do not buy cd's from GWR, which is NOT part of the BNP but a private company whose principle shareholder is The BNP Deputy Treasurer, David Hannam, and which private company has not as yet made any financial donations to the BNP. (See the latest BNP returns to the E.C)
Fifth: Do not offer to stand as an BNP candidate in any election.
Sixth: Cease to leaflet,paper sale or engage in any other activity that promotes the userped party.
Seven: Bombard the 'leadership' with your just demands for reform which means a new constitution.
eight: Consider the probable need to take the matter into the courts and ask yourselves how much you will contribute each month to finance a legal fund.
Finally ask yourselves this simple question. If you are not prepared to fight to take back your party do you really believe that you can take back your country?
Richard Chadfield

Anti-gag said...

This blog is still not a vote winner, for most people visiting it the first time it's like coming into a film half way through. The uncommitted member will not be bothered to scroll down the blog (reading long postings in the process) to get to Colin's main election statement, they'll simply get bored and leave. Think free glossy colour brochure with video's. The present blog is fine as a linked site from the main page for Colin's more committed supporter. But Colin needs a one visit 5 min (15 with video's) win votes blog, if he is to win over the bulk of the membership (61%) who for one reason or another didn't bother to vote for anyone last time. No date stamp on Colin's election statement, also no comments let's save them for the linked site. Once setup the main blog should need only very limited maintenance, think FREE GLOSSY COLOUR BROCHURE WITH VIDEOS!

Last year Griffin got only 36% support from members, and that included many members like myself who will not be voting for him this time. Given the present chaos within the party a good, well fought, campaign can defeat the Griffin/Collett gang once and for all. Rather than being untouchable, as he wants us to believe, Griffin is in fact very vulnerable indeed, much more so than John Tyndall was in 1999, so let's take the fight to the membership. Handing leaflets out at meetings even if this means standing outside the doors and taking some stick from the Griffin/Collett gang's goons, and getting the word out anyway we can.

Chris Hill

Sheila said...

"Finally ask yourselves this simple question. If you are not prepared to fight to take back your party do you really believe that you can take back your country?
Richard Chadfield"

Well said Richard

neil craig bradford said...

Only two day's to go for Colin to get his nominee's or they will be no leadership challenge! Anyone in Kirklees must now sign up if you believe in DEMOCRACY, this also goes out to all paid up members.
P.S. Bit late Chris with your comment!

Anti-gag said...

Dear Neil Craig,

In your 'PS' you imply it's a bit late to comment on the format of this blog, I'm afraid you're quite wrong!

Up until now the vast majority of the visitors to this blog will have been members who are committed to one side or the other, but once Colin's election address goes out that situation will change. That leaflet has this web address on it, and It is only really then that this blog will come into its own by winning over members who are not currently uncommitted to either side.

This blog must change into a site that puts the case for both: democratic constitutional change, and total financial honesty with the party's accounts, and it must be able to make that case in a single 10min visit. As I said; the current format is fine for the more committed of Colin's supporters, but it should be moved off the main site.

For this main page think 'FREE GLOSSY COLOUR BROCHURE!'.

70% of UK homes now have broadband that, along with say 10% still on dial-up, means we have a chance of reach about 4 out of every 5 members directly with this site, let's use that capability to the full. Fight this campaign well and Colin Auty will be the party's national Chairman within weeks, fight it half-heartedly and the party (and our nation) is lost.

Chris Hill

neil craig bradford said...

Dear Chris you miss the point!
Colin will not have a leadership challenge without 100 nominee's. The people who have run Colin's campaign have not concentrated on the main point i.e 100 nominee's. They have not acted on his instructions with regard to showing section 3 of the constitution on the blog.
They have not been in contact with him on a frequent basis.
They have not organised meetings or activities to gain support for his challenge.
Advertised his Web site! yes he has one!
There as been no communication between them and the membership they know, to win them over!
The Challenge for Leadership as not been taken seriously by many and it appears will not take place with Colin at the helm. A sad sad thing for the BNP, Britain and the Nationalist cause. Gri££en will re-group and bankrupt the party in the fight for European seats. If he is elected he will leave, if he doesn't he will have killed the golden hen and leave anyway!

Kirklees Organiser said...

David Exley
Kirklees Organiser.

I'm assuming that should read, "everyone in Kirklees should now sign up".

No one in Kirklees is forbidden from signing up, and no one will be disciplined for doing so. This has always been the case; I have made it clear all along that support for Colin is for the individual to give and should not be as the result of a directive from others.

David Exley
Kirklees Organiser.

Cllr Colin Auty said...

The comments posted about me requiring 100 nominations is speculative, by this, I mean, a official requires 10 nominations, who actually qualifies as an official and who does not, is a very grey area according to the constitution, as far as I am aware, I serve the party in an OFFICIAL capacity as a councillor in public office, .. Ironic, as I write this comment I am watching the TV news about Muggabe,

neil craig bradford said...

Well said Colin I did ask several weeks ago what the official stance was on who was an officer and no one as come forward with the answer!
To digress another begging letter came through my letterbox this morning YES the truth truck. ! understand Colin's address had TWO delivered ! Is the Auty household at peril or have we found the red!

Anonymous said...

".. YES the truth truck. !" I have received several of Gri££in's glossy brochures begging for his family benefit fund.

The value of these bits and pieces since I resigned from the BNP in August 2007 and have received, presumably in error far exceeds the central funds allocated to the Black Country branch from HQ, from 2004 when I was organiser !

Come on folks. Let's appreciate the Gri££in family for what they are. A bunch of clever money making arseholes. How come Mrs G never seems to have received grief in her public sector employment ?

Anonymous said...

Simon Smith said,

How come Mrs G never seems to have received grief in her public sector employment ?

She may have not received any but, behind the scene, she has caused plenty, FACT, ask Sadie.