Thursday, June 5, 2008

Quiet tones and attack-dogs

Almost as a prerequisite to achieving position and status in British politics, is the ability to damage your opponents so he or she cannot hold high ground over you on important policies. It is certainly not a new tactic, and it is well and truly enshrined into the very fabric of British politics.

‘Sleaze’ is a fairly new addition to the terminology used to describe the activities of one politician attacking his or her competitors using any means possible in order to do so. Sometimes attacks by one political party on another are disastrous to individuals and campaigns, but curiously, sometimes they in fact appear to propel individuals if the victim is able to convert such negative energy into fuel for breaking into new ground such as winning the left or ‘liberal vote’ when for example indecent sexual acts are proven or admitted to, propelling them on with the help of their hired ‘spin-doctors’; or professional liars as I prefer to call them.

All is fair in love and war?

Unlike political attacks from outside rival parties, internal disputes are very often a result of clashes of personality or inspired by an individuals greed or fear of being pushed aside by the ambitions of others. The ‘kill or be killed’ or ‘Dog eat dog’ philosophies/instincts tend to kick-in whenever rivalries, overtly of covertly, are inevitably heading towards horn-locking. There are no rules so it seems when the darkness of a persons calculated greed are unlocked.

Domestic crisis

When we look back through history, the most bloody and destructive wars and conflicts are often domestic in nature, the American Civil War serves us with a perfect example; politics are no different.

The methods that have been, and are being employed during what can be best described as one of the British National Party’s most tumultuous periods of internal dissent, have seen tactics and mug-slinging that have needed those responsible to stoop very low in order to scoop it up and throw it.

Whenever a dictator has been exposed, he or she will usually react with complete totalitarianism that will often surpass their previous conduct. This is because the veneer of ‘democracy’ that had served a purpose to them previously no longer has any. Once discarded, outright breeches of constitutions and illegal activities are then often spewed out thick and fast, almost with a ‘nothing to lose’ mentality.

Such reactions can be seen throughout history wherever a regime under one dictator is in serious decline. Stalin and the mass murder he directly presided over, through to the Nazi Gestapo that turned on and killed any of its own countrymen that even so much as raised an eyebrow against Hitler’s dying self-destructive reign of power.

Ever since Mr Griffin took control of the Party with promises of ‘democracy’ and ‘openness’ etc, the actual episodes that he has presided over are quite shocking.

Those that have yet to read the previous articles on this blog, I invite now to spend some time doing so to gain a true grasp of what exactly we are dealing with here.

A climate of fear

Colin’s campaign is being fought as a quiet internal revolution, fought through word of mouth, the internet, members, friends and families speaking in quiet tones in the corridors of Party meetings, e-mail and text messages. Colin’s challenge is inspiring to many Party members and the mere fact that the people cannot openly discuss the issues Colin is raising through the fear that Griffin will have them purged and ostracised from the Party, have created a climate of fear.

We know this because it is Colin and his team that have continued to receive a steady stream of supportive emails and messages from Party members and supporters that wish to remain completely anonymous!

Griffin’s attack dogs

Another weapon other than just simple fear that is being used to try and trample down those seeking answers to the questions that Colin’s campaign is raising, is bully-boy internet tactics by Griffin’s hired attack dogs.

It has been brought to the attention of Colin’s campaign team, that money has or still is being paid to certain individuals, if they attack and try to assassinate the characters of Party people as requested by either Griffin himself or one or more of his close sycophants. I will not link or even mention the blog that has been set up by such vile individuals that are on the pay-role of a dictator, but suffice to say that those of us that have been unfortunate enough to stumble over it would I’m sure be more than happy to wish that they never had.
The vile childlike garbage that can be found under such stones is quite literally in a league of its own and simply cannot get any lower. Personal insults, lies, abuse and even references to peoples loved ones. Utterly sickening.

Proof needed?

Each and everyone attacked there have been in the past, or are still active in awaking the Party membership to the true character of Griffin and the deviousness and purges that are quickly becoming his trade mark. Those that have yet to dare to question him, or have remained quietly obedient are never mentioned on it, or if they are any comments made are only passive and praising, regardless to the truth whatever it may be. A mere rudimentary study of it plainly reveals who is behind its instigation.

A message - We are not scared of bullies!

Colin and his campaign team took on the role of working towards removing Griffin’s grasp around the Party with eyes wide open. Each of us in our own way have come to learn the facts about him personally, because many of us have been on the receiving end of his bullying and maltreatment or have witnessed decrees and decisions that fall entirely outside of the ethos of nationalism and family values that we are supposed to represent and encourage wherever possible.

None of us have ever been in any doubt that the lies and mud that will and already have been slung at us has come from the very bottom of the pond. Not one of us are going to let such moronic personal attacks on us divert us in anyway whatsoever from our goal which is Griffin’s removal as Chairman of the British National Party.

He can continue to hire cowardly flotsam and jetsam cranks from across the web to pitch attacks against us if he wishes; but it will be to no avail whatsoever. For every such attack simply encourages us further because as every good nationalist campaigner will know – you only ever take flak when you are over the target.


Anonymous said...

Second paragraph, DOMESTIC CRISIS, descent should be DISSENT.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, i haven't heard any mudslinging. Even a top few guys who you would i gather detest have spoken of your right to stand.

Anti-gag said...

After talking to many members over the last few days it's becoming clear that it's now beginning to dawn on the Griffin/Collett gang that Cllr Auty's challenge is very likely to be successful. Which is obviously the reason for these 'unofficial' slur blogs popping up all over the web, and may also account for the last begging letter sent out by HQ last week, ie wring every last penny out of the membership while they still can.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

C ranks
O afish
V ile
E nd lickers
R egressive
T hiko's

Who is setting up the anti Auty Blogs, It would not be a bunch of Nazi cranks who Griffin pays to do his dirty work for him. I hear that R Robertson is now a target just like Bowden.

Now here we were thinking that Griffin was trying to rid the party of Cranks, especially Nazi ones and lo and behold there they are doing Griffins dirty work.

Richard Chadfield said...

Anti-gag said...
wring every last penny out of the membership while they still can.
Anyone who has any experience of investment scams knows that just before the scam closes and the scammers run away with the money they, the scammers, ask for further and larger investments. I know of this from personal experience. Of course I am talking here of professional investment scams and not politics.
Richard Chadfield

Richard Chadfield said...

Anonymous said...
On the contrary, i haven't heard any mudslinging. Even a top few guys who you would i gather detest have spoken of your right to stand.
Not ,I presume, Eddy Butler who in an email posted on many blogspots stated his believe that the challenger should be given 'zero publicity' and the campaign closed as quickley as possible. So much for members democratic rights. Yes I suppose that Eddy, like Lee barnes, is now protesting that the posted email is a forgary and perhaps it is. The funny thing about Lees email which arrived in my inbox and which Lee told me was a forgary is that when I hit the reply button my reply went to and was answered by Lee.
As for mudslinging pluck up your courage and take a look at this website: It is I believe, the one to which Steven Blake refered but was too decent to name. The website attacks two close friends of mine and mentions myself. The BNP 'leadership team' may claim that they have nothing to do with this website and no control over it's contents. Well, untill Nick Griffin publically denounces this website and calls upon it to cease 'commenting' on Colin Auty's supporters and well wishers I will choose to believe that the BNP leadership team do have something to do with the website : .
I would call the contents of this website: mudslinging. What would you call it?

neil craig bradford said...

Can anyone clarify of what is an officer in the BNP. Perhaps because Colin is already a duly elected Councillor he may hold the position of officer. If so he would only need 10 nominators for the leadership challenge. Does anyone out there know the rules, I think in some instances Councillors are officers please, please does anyone know for sure!.

Anonymous said...

I hope the challenge is successful, though I was not aware success was anything other than a remote possibility, thanks to the strength of the Griffin machine. I hope you are right. But it appears the challenger does not yet have 100 names signed up to even mount a challenge, and that does concern me. Is that the case? For those wavering, will it even be worth being part of a party under the iron rule of Griffin for another four or five years, without any hope of a new challenge?

Essex Girl said...

The BNP was a Party that once 'buzzed' with excitement. We were on the old web-site every day which was vibrant with regional news and members comments. It seems to me that the 'heart' has almost been ripped out of it. Perhaps it is already dead? Perhaps it isn't because there are still some stout hearts within it although only a few have made themselves known. The demise has happened so quickly, we are barely in June and it is in this state already. The members have got to rid the Party of Griffin NOW if they possibly can or he has done what he said he would and kill it. I don't know if Colin and his supporters have the 'drive' to kick-start the heart because it has been severely damaged. One can only live in hope.

neil craig bradford said...

The attack dogs are unleashed and on the prowl in Kirklees, some of the pack are not even members of the party. They are setting up to destroy two valuable BNP members whose only fault is perhaps their 'naivity'. They are true nationalist's and do not deserve this treatment. Kirklee's as been described as 'the jewel in the crown' to treat valuable members in such an un-democratic way will lead to it's demise (just like Burnley, Bradford and soon Stoke).
The hounds doing Gri££ens dirty work know it is immoral please desist at once and reclaim your honesty before it is too late.

Cllr Chris said...

How to deal with the forgeries?

There is so much being spread around - purportedly in other people's names - it is difficult to know what to believe and what not to believe.

People's email addresses are easily cloned. I know that from experience when people press their reply buttons to send me an angry response to some "spam" I was supposed to have sent or - more commonly - the email is "returned" by a server as undeliverable.

The trouble is that these things could be -

1. Planted by Griffin's people - a straw man that they could easily shoot down come the time.

2. Or was planted by "our" lot (for want of a better expression) to pour scorn on Griffin (not too likely I should think - seeing how easily it could be disproved?)

3. Or it was an invention of neither side (ie, thrown in by various anti-fascists groups - who - as we already know have rather full details of BNP membership lists! Or less possibly the remnants in and around the National Front trying to make mischief?).

If the forms and emails are merely mischief making then I think the last option appears to be the most likely - a machination to have both factions at each other's throats. "Who benefits?" is the question here!

So the way to deal with these things is to politely ask the other side to verify them - before making any attacking comments. If they deny it - then take that denial as the truth and attack the dirty tricks of the anti-fascists (most likely) or National Front (less likely). If both BNP sides did this then both would gain. On the other hand if both sides insist it is the other playing dirty then it is only the anti BNP forces who would appear to be the winners.

Hope that makes sense!


Anonymous said...

essex girl

I agree with you that the BNP website is complete crap nowadays. Gone are all the exciting local news articles about important stuff unreported by the media. Half the stuff on the front page is shallow anti-Islamic propaganda backed up by obnoxious comments from Zionists.

Whoever is responsible for content on the BNP website is almost certainly a Gri££in loyalist and must also go.

ivan the yid from bradford said...

Essex Girl - I found your remark quite strange. You refer to 'obnoxious comments from Zionists' apparently aimed at nice, peaceable, Muslims !! Who do you mean by Zionists ? Do you mean Jews - if so please say so. The word Zionists is used very loosely by a lot of people these days. Some people use it when they mean Jews. Zionists are neither a religious group, a race or a national grouping. Zionists are merely people who believe in the right of Jews to have a homeland. The vast majority of Zionists believe that the Jewish homeland should be the area now known as Israel an area that the British colonial authorities at one time called 'Palestine'. A few Jews, Kabbalists and Ethiopians even think the Jewish homeland should be elsewhere with various locations in the Horn of Africa. Zionists include most Jews, many Christians, many followers of other faiths - even a few Muslims and some atheists/agnostics. Sorry for the length of the lesson but BNP is very careless in the use of the word Zionist and wrong useage leaves you open to attacks from 'anti fascist' groups

Ivan the proscribed yid from Bradford

Anonymous said...

There is a good comment to the 'Treehouse Rules' on the EIE blog, well writen.

Anonymous said...

Most Zionists aren't Jews but fundamentalist Christians.

Essex Girl said...

To Ivan the Yid from Essex Girl:
Some confusion here as I did not make the comments attributed to me. Anon. made the comments having agreed with me about the BNP web-site. I would not pretend to even understand what Anon.was talking about because it is not how I speak or communicate with others.

ivan the yid from bradford said...

Apologies to Essex Girl - I got you confused with 'Anon' - well their are rather a lot of 'Anon's' on this website it is very easy to get mixed up. Anyway, even if I did it for the wrong reasons the quick tutorial on Zionism was well overdue.

Ivan the proscribed yid from Bradford

Anonymous said...

The attack dogs are unleashed and on the prowl in Kirklees, some of the pack are not even members of the party. They are setting up to destroy two valuable BNP members whose only fault is perhaps their 'naivety's.

Neil, we were finally allowed to have our say in front of the North Kirklees committee (lambs to the slaughter) after one hour of talking to 5 brick walls we had our BNP memberships cancelled, although we have only been notified by an email and no official letter!

There was a libellous email sent to 9 BNP members and non members in March 2008 of which we wanted an apology, this we duly received June 2008!

After being the meet and greet partners at meetings, plus fund raising with raffle ticket sales (prize donated by ourselves) and promoting North Kirklees BNP at the RWB family festival at our expense and with no support from any North Kirklees members, also setting up and running RWB activist club, we the 2 Towers are at a loose end!
Sharon & Simon Towers

neil craig bradford said...

if the twin towers are at their wit's end and I would personally like to send Simon and Sharon an invitation to keep up their great nationalist work. We are all at our wit's end and cannot understand why so many people have been duped by Gri££en's greed and dictorial leadership. There is a place for true nationalists Simon not too far away!
Gri££en is doing to Kirklees what he did to Bradford...