Saturday, June 7, 2008

Statement from Cllr. Colin Auty

I received a phone call from a guy the other day (it is not right to mention his name without his permission) and he asked why certain issue's were on the challenge blog-site. I had to stop him and start again as I was somewhat confused as to what he was saying - the issues were over a few lines about drug dealers and regional officials, and another was over Martin Reynolds. I asked who he represented and he told me ‘covert’ something or other - he appeared somewhat surprised I had not heard of them. I apologised, as I honestly don't have time to surf the internet looking at left, right or centre sites - I have more than enough work to keep me busy as a Councillor in Dewsbury believe me!

I explained that I didn’t know of the complaint he made and I explained that I had been recovering from an operation and was stuck in bed - therefore I had not seen the site in days. He apologised for disturbing me (which I respect him for) and I told him I would have it removed if it caused ill feeling. This is something that has been done on other occasions when items have slipped through. I explained that I thought the world of Martin and Lindsey Reynolds, who along with John Powell have looked after my safety on many occasions. If I have concerns over security, it is only what my voters’ perception is of them (another issue perhaps for another day) - my personal opinion is that they, along with all security personnel, are gold-dust.

At this point I would like to clarify a few points - and this applies to the ‘covert’ people as well. I refuse on any web/blog site in my name to get into any mud-slinging or petty agenda's, along with members’ names being mentioned in vain with or without substance - it is NOT professional. I have met, within the party many diamonds, some uncut and some polished - oh and also a Duchess (Marlene Guest in Rotherham). Some of these will not agree with my challenge whilst others welcome it, democracy allows for that. Then there are others too intimidated to say anything, which is frightening.

I do, however, feel very strongly about the behaviour of senior BNP Officials. Someone sent me a link to the blog of Lee Barnes, which displayed an article from the 5th May that alleged I am just a puppet, along with many other disgraceful remarks. You, Mr. Barnes, are an embarrassment - not only to your alleged profession, but also to this Party. It was totally unacceptable behaviour from what one would expect from a ‘legal representative’. If our Chairman believes it acceptable, then I fear for our Party and children’s future. The fact that the blog which Lee Barnes writes on is linked to the main BNP website suggests that the present BNP hierarchy condones the use of vile language and playground insults.

Eddy Butler is another official whose behaviour is very disturbing - telling members not to sign my nomination papers, and stating I should be starved of publicity. This is not the behaviour either myself, or other members, should expect from the BNP Elections Officer. Because of your position, you should be impartial Sir, straight down the middle, leaning neither way, supporting neither candidate. If you cannot carry out your position to the highest degree, unbiased and with dignity, I suggest you resign your position and allow someone more capable to fill the vacancy. You may plead that you have a right to air your personal views yet on the issue of oppressing a candidate in internal elections, no you have not. They should remain personal when you take such a position; otherwise you make a biased opinion and undermine internal democracy. I and other members fight tooth and nail against the Establishment every council election for the very thing you have just done. What are we fighting for? You should be ashamed, along with our Chairman for condoning your actions. On a last note, in two years as Councillor I have never endured such vitriol from the ‘left’ that I have from sections of my own party. My crime? Standing a legitimate challenge –which is not a crime, it is my right.

Cllr Colin Auty


Anonymous said...

Well said Colin.

I think that the stance that you have taken is very refreshing and will win you a lot of support.

Let Griffin use his attack dogs to do his dirty work and you keep staying positive and focusing on positive issues. People will see that you are the right man to lead us.

I sincerely hope that you can unite the BNP at this moment in time as otherwise the hard work of many many people will go to waste.

You seem to be a man of honour and this latest statement shows that you are a real man of the people. I hope that when you get in (not if you get in - think positive!) you will remain as you are and not get sucked into the darkness that comes with power and fame and end up like the man that we have now.

Good luck Sir!

Anonymous said...

Well said Colin. It saddens me that a BNP councilor can recieve worse treatment from their own party than from the opposition. This goes to show everyone just what sort of scum are running the BNP, they are ripping it apart, damn them all.

Anti-gag said...

This shows that we have a man of integrity in Cllr Auty, the party will benefit immensely from his leadership.

The Griffin/Collett gang's latest begging letter appears to be an attempt to wring a few finial pounds from decent members before their rejected by the membership in a democratic leadership election.

Like the other comments here I say 'Well said Cllr Auty'.

Chris Hill

Mark said...


Was the person from "Covert tactics" called John Oddy by any chance?

Kind Regards

Anonymous said...

The guy who called you can be found at....

He's posting lies about you.

Cllr Chris said...

I'm quite sure that if Cllr Auty was to lead the BNP, the party would quickly become much more electable. He has the right image and, from what I've read from him, the right ideas and sensible attitudes. He does not suffer from the same "bunker mentality" that exists within the BNP's present almost paranoid leadership.

I have not, to date, been persuaded to join the BNP (more as a result of past internal party experiences than anything to do with the BNP). But with Cllr Auty as it's leader? Well - I'm certain I'd think about it!

colin auty said...

Mark ..... You ask me if John Oddy was the name of the guy who rang me from covert, I can answer NO to that, I'm sorry Mark, but as I stated on my post, I won't mention his name without his permission, however I am sure when he reads this he may just enlighten you if he wishes, I hope you have'nt upset John Oddy.

Anonymous said...


The link to Lee Barnes's blog no longer appears on the BNP web site main page. At least, I can't see it, but I'm sure it was there a few days ago under the "Columnists" section on the right hand side.

Maybe the BNP have finally realised what a liability he is.

neil craig bradford said...

Well said Colin.
It is a great shame that the majority of the sensible people within the party have been culled by Gri££en et al and therefore makes your leadership so much harder. Surely all of us that have been culled since Xmas and the members who have not re-joined because of the termoil within the leadership would easily give you the 100 nominaters. Come on Gri££en if you are so sure that you are beyond reach of any challenger instill Colin as an officer and allow him an easier route to the challenge.
P.S as anyone found out if being a councillor gives you the title of officer (only 10 nominee's needed).

Anonymous said...

Quote - I have more than enough work to keep me busy as a Councillor in Dewsbury believe me!

Then how do you plan to cope with being Party Chairman as well?

neil craig bradford said...

Colin would not be a dictator i.e (Only one person in charge of everything). In the Democratic party powers would be taken away from the chair and distrubuted to other officials just like proper political parties. Colin would be free to lead. At present Gri££en keeps everything in his control and doesn't have time left to do anything worthwhile. If he became a councillor it would contribute tremendously to improving the public image of the BNP and show the world he is an o.k. guy.
Instead he only preaches to the converted, invents new ideas for raising funds, diverts hard earned monies raised by local units towards his european slush fund, claims un-receipted expenses when he speaks at meetings and employs non europeans in vital positions.
Party leader is not about looking after yourself it is about looking after the party. Colin would look after the party and I am sure will use the resources around him efficiently. If Colin doesn't have the time he will make it!.

Colin auty said...

anonymous asks...How will I cope with being party chairman as I state I am so busy with council work.

Good question, I really do wish people would give names instead of anonymous.. but an answer,/. I could put the same question to the prime minister, he holds an elected seat, as did his mate, T Blair in Sedgefield, now there's a novelty, people leading a party that like myself have been voted into public office, unlike our present chairman, I don't have any fear of being able to take on the roll as party chairman, the workload comes down to management,I,for one, would be using the best people available within our party to make sure of a successful party,and not second rate lackie's and yes men put in certain positions in order to keep me there, it would be a party of the people for the people, I have the ultimate faith in my ability to lead and do the job in question, by the way, in two years as councillor, I have never had any help from this party, never a phone call to ask how's thing's etc',any help needed, nothing, all that would change for councillors should I be elected, they would get my full backing and help in order to make them sustainable, all the hard work to get a councillor in, and then left, ridiculous management by the leadership. so please don't worry about me, I have it all planned.

Richard Chadfield said...

Then how do you plan to cope with being Party Chairman as well?

Monday, June 09, 2008
one could put the same question to Nick Griffin since he wants to be a MEP. For that matter you could put the same question to Martin Wingfield, Simon Derby etc.Or will they all resign their BNP positions if they become MEP's?
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

"Then how do you plan to cope with being Party Chairman as well?"

Boris Johnson has managed to be Mayor of London and MP for Henley simultaneously - both full-time jobs each paying more than ample salaries.

I would guess that most councillors of all political persuasions have full-time jobs as well. As Colin says, you make time to do what is required.

If you have reliable people around you with whom you enjoy mutual respect and trust then you can delegate with confidence. Griffin's dictatorial style means that for him mutual respect and trust are in short supply and consequently he can only delegate to lackeys and sycophants.

Russ - MiltonK said...

"If you have reliable people around you with whom you enjoy mutual respect and trust then you can delegate with confidence. Griffin's dictatorial style means that for him mutual respect and trust are in short supply and consequently he can only delegate to lackeys and sycophants".

What a great comment and bloody well spot on!
Gri£in is going knowhere because of the low quality of both himself as leader and the slime he surrounds himself with.

After what I have read here on this blog, I am in little doubt that he must be the worst traitor that nationalism has ever known.

Anonymous said...

Colin, If I knew you were going to stand against Griffin then I would have renewed my membership.
Do you know if my membership will be back dated to the end of December when my membership lapsed?

I'm sure many people would rejoin if you won the challenge and managed to successfully get rid of Gri££in.

Anonymous said...

About a year ago I started wondering if Gri££in is a Trojan Horse.

In 1999 I voted for Gri££in in the leadership election. Not out of disrespect for Tyndall, but I felt that it was mission accomplished for him and that it was time to hand over the reins to someone younger and more dynamic from a professional background. Initially I had great respect for Gri££in and how he really managed to get the party moving and the membership increasing. The sense of triumph at winning council elections in Burnley in 2002 cannot be replicated in words.

Sadly things have turned sour in recent years. What game is Gri££in playing? Who is he kidding? Why is he such an arrogant dictator? Who really are Messrs Collett, Barnes, Darby, and Wingfield, and why are they so loyal to Gri££in?

We may never find answers to these questions, but whatever, Gri££in and his cronies aren't just destroying the BNP; they are traitors to nationalism and must go ASAP.

Anonymous said...

In reply to the previous comment, I don't think that there is any good reason to bring Martin Wingfield into this debate.

Martin does a good job with VoF and keeps his head down while getting on with his tasks.

While I would certainly like to know what Martin really thinks of Griffin, it is unfair to lump him in with the names Griffin, Darby and Barnes.

Other than that it was a very good comment.

Best wishes to all
Ian Dawson

Anti-gag said...

I think Ian made a very valid point in his last comment; which was that many good people in our party see the problems both caused and exacerbated by the Griffin/Collett gang, but are still unconvinced that either VoC or Colin hold the answers to them. And it is this very unsureness that Colin needs to address on this blog.

The first page on the blog should be a quick explanation of the problems within the party, and Colin's proposals for curing them. The current blog, with its more in-depth articles and discussions, should be linked from that main blog for the more committed supporter (or detractor) of Colin's campaign.

I'm afraid most of our less dedicated members will spend no more than 15mins on a political web site (even one of ours) before becoming bored and moving on. Remember over 60% of BNP members didn't even bother to return their voting papers in last years leadership election, and it is these people Colin needs to motivate into action if he is to save our party from Griffin's dictatorship.

Griffin received support last year from less than 36% of the membership (91% of a 39% turnout), and many of those supporters are, like myself, now backing Colin. Clearly rather than being unassailable, as he would have us believe, he is in fact in a very weak position to defend himself (and his cronies) against any serious challenge, let alone from a well respected and experienced member such as Cllr Auty. I feel able to describe Colin as experienced, because of his membership of many of Kirklees Council's committees on which he serves, while Griffin has no experience of holding any elected public office at all.

Fight this campaign well and Colin Auty will be the national Chairman of the British National Party by August, any thing less will not only be letting down our party but also the British people.

Chris Hill

Staying Anon out of fear said...

Ian Dawson makes a very good point, it is silly to lump genuine nationalists with decades of experience at the very front, people like Martin Wingfield, John Bean and Eddy Butler alongside deranged idiots like Lee Barmy Barnes, incompetent buffoons like Walker and Hannam and egotists like Gri$$in and Collett, the two are so alike in looks and (lack of!) personality they could be father and son.

Make a distinction please between assets (to the Cause) and liabilities!

pi55ed off VOC forum member said...

Good luck to you Colin, you have my support and my vote.

How much longer do us VOC forum members have to wait before our forum reappears? Last we heard on the forum was that it would be up and running on Monday afternoon.

The forum is a good place for people interested in the leadership challenge to post.

VOC supporter said...

What has happened to the Voice of Change website? It has been down all day, has it been deleted or something?

Anti-gag said...

Does anyone know if Lee Barnes is still the BNP's legal officer? And, if the reports that he has been sacked are in fact correct, what was the final straw that made Griffin get rid of him.

Who's next I wonder, Collett?

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

If Griffin was to lose, would he stay in the party?

I think not because he uses it for the money and being a nobody doesn't pay well.

If he goes will Martin Wingfield go too and take VOF with him leaving the BNP without a major asset?

ivan from bradford said...

What major assets is 'anonymous' talking about ?? What assets has BNP got which actually belong to the party and it's members ?? Just a few examples of the sleaze. There have been clear conflicts of interest between M Collett's position as 'graphics technician' and his directorship of a printing business. Kenny Smith gave an example where the printing of leaflets for last year's Scottish campaign was quoted by a company that Collett wanted to use at £36000. Kenny got a company which did the same job, with satisfactory quality, for £27000. The Party Treasury objected to a quote which would have saved £9000 !! A local printer in Bradford did a lot of printing for BNP nationally in 2006. The company has previously printed for UKIP, Referendum Party and the Tories. Collett kept pratting them about with late payments, asking for invoices to be changed, discounts demanded etc. They will not print for the Party Nationally now. If you don't believe me, P Cromie, who uses them for his local printing, got the same complaints and has fallen out with Collett now. Colin Auty worked for Great White Records. This was a company with two directors (Hannan and N Cass). Last year it went to having only one director - Hannan - in breach of Company House rules (they have written to 'Hannan' to 'regularise' the situation). So you have an employee, a Treasurer, who is also sole director (illegally) of a company that receives funding and revenues from the Party. Who actually owns GWR's assets ?? Who owns VoF, ID etc. The BBC Radio 'File on 4' prog the other month referred to concerns about the accounting for the Trafalgar Club. A previous Treasurer, who resigned, was 'assisted' by Walker and Hannan to complete his final set of accounts. He was given large amounts of records and told to shred them and burn the shreds. He shredded them but kept the shreds and has given the shreds to the BBC Radio reporter. Among the shreds were receipts for Trafalgar Club !!

Nuff said

Anonymous said...

VOF is an asset to the party as a recruiting tool and publicity machine. My question was if Griffin loses would he walk away from the BNP and start another nationalist party, splitting the BNP and at the same time would Martin Wingfield go with him. If you don't think VOF is an asset regardless of who owns it then you are blind. As for Collett Hannam Griffin an Co I don't care, they do nothing for the party unless it benefits them.

Anonymous said...

VOF is an asset to the party as a recruiting tool and publicity machine. My question was if Griffin loses would he walk away from the BNP and start another nationalist party, splitting the BNP and at the same time would Martin Wingfield go with him. If you don't think VOF is an asset regardless of who owns it then you are blind. As for Collett Hannam Griffin an Co I don't care, they do nothing for the party unless it benefits them.


A good point but that would mean Griffin, outside of the Party, using the BNP membership list to contact any possible interested members.

I would remind readers that this was the only point Griffin was able to secure at the hearing (costing the BNP £30,000 for starters) for a POSSIBLE case of Breach of Confidence against the VOC. Would he knowingly go down that route?