Monday, July 7, 2008

Colin's Campaign Manager Expelled

News comes in that Cllr. Roger Robertson, who acted as Colin Auty's Campaign Manager, has been expelled from the BNP following his appearance at an internal Party disciplinary meeting yesterday.

Cllr. Robertson will be filing a fuller report in due course, but it is clear that the Leadership is ready to purge anyone who is unwilling to demonstrate sufficient personal loyalty to Griffin himself, reinforcing the increasingly widespread view that the BNP is not a democratic political party but the personal plaything of Griffin.


BNP founder member said...

It will be interesting to know what constitution has been used to expel him and what ammendment.
Is it the 2005 or the non existent 2006

Mike - eastern region said...

This is despicable. I personally am very pleased that I never renewed my membership for 2008. I would be embarrassed to be a member of a ‘party’ that insults the freedoms that it pretends to uphold because of one vindictive little megalomaniac.

The BNP is just like a little version of Mugabe’s ruling party under Gri££in.
All true nationalists must work together to get him out and soon!

Anti-gag said...

Simply disgraceful.

Chris Hill

Son of John Bull said...

Another good man gone, I remember Roger from the Blackpool Conference 2006, he did a splendid job holding it all together. Obviously a man with too much talent and clearly nobody's fool who is his own man. Not the kind of traits Griffin welcomes. If anyone doubts what kind of judge Griffin is, ask yourselves this.....every branch will have attracted some very able people, skilled professionals, successful business people and some well connected types. Why is it they only last a year at most and then disappear never to be seen again? Is it because Griffin is fearful of talent and is he as profligate with people's skills and attributes as he is with money?

Grendels Mother said...

"All true nationalists must work together to get him out and soon!"

Agreed but it cannt be done through the constitution. No one seems to have the guts or determination to settle it that way. Look at how many members cowardly refused to sign Colin Auty's nomination papers. Either everyone thinks Griffin is doing a first class job, in which they should have welcomed the opportunity to back Griffin to the hilt or they are afraid of the consequences which mean expulsion, character assasination and a pile of lies being told about you behind your back. He has his Achilles Heel however, just get those bows stringed ready to take aim when that heel is exposed.

Local Member said...

Son of John Bull said, 'ask yourselves this.....every branch will have attracted some very able people, skilled professionals, successful business people and some well connected types. Why is it they only last a year at most and then disappear never to be seen again?'

Probably because a lot of our local groups or branches couldn't run a piss up in a brewery. Most of the branches are run by low grade egotists who see them as a threat to their little ivory towers. I have seen this first hand. Nothing to do with Gi££in at all.

Son of John Bull said...

"Nothing to do with Gi££in at all."

I agree that local fiefdoms are a factor but who appoints the hapless organisers in the first place? As Griffin adeheres to the leadership principle he is ultimately responsible for this happening. People with evident talent and who can make things happen should be fostered and pushed up the ladder, not held back by petty spite and fear of losing their "positions" such as there are in reality.

E. N. Ronn said...

First, Gri££in is expels Roger for acting as Colin Auty's campaign manager. Next, he will change the rules to ensure that he cannot be challenged for four or five years. After that, he will lecture the establishment parties on the need for greater democracy!

Time for even the BNP sheeple (yes, I know that Denise Garside coined that phrase, and what of it? She is more truthful than Gri££in) to wake up and smell the mint sauce.

BTW, the BNP accounts were due to-day. Have they been filed with the Electoral Commission?

ivan from bradford said...

I won't even bother replying to alwaysright who is obviously deluded if he thinks BNP is going to get 2 or 3 MEP's next summer. In fact alwaysright could be NG posting on this blog - well he thinks he is alwaysright doesn't he !!

As for what is happening next Democratic Nationalists (DN)are up and running. We took a self imposed moratorium of a month to avoid 'poaching' any BNP activists who might have been able to sign Colin's nomination paper or vote for him. That was out of respect for Colin. DN already has supporters in Bradford, Leeds, Kirklees and Lancashire. Jim Lewthwaite was speaking about the progress of DN at the Tyndall memorial conference yesterday (Sun) which was attended by 50 people.

Now that Colin's leadership campaign isn't happening
Democratic Nationalists are converting supporters into members. The first year subscription is just £10. The Party's policies can be seen on Anyone wanting to join or donate can contact Neil Craig or myself

Anonymous said...

alwaysright said: jealous and hurt that better people than yourselves have taken over and taken the BNP to new levels of success with victories every week more money donated than even before and new doors opening to us....

Are you sure your not mixing up the BJP (Indian Party) with the BNP, not sure where you get the "better" from or "success" unless its a Trojan Horse ploy where the 50 elected officials (out of 20,000 are going to plot a coup and take over the Town Halls).

More money donated, so why the need to keep sending out ever more "begging letters" can't even fathom the comment "new doors" care to elaborate?

neil craig bradford said...

'always right' aka Griffen. Who are you trying to kid!. The bnp is going nowhere fast. As more and more of the intelligent members realise what you are up to your purse will deminish and you will become an economic migrant and seek shelter in Croatia. Only then will the nationalist cause start to flourish.

Anti-gag said...

Can someone please tell me why another party is being given the opportunity to recruit on this BNP blog. Personally I have nothing against Dr Lewthwaite or his new party, except of course when they're standing against BNP candidates. But this is Cllr Colin Auty's blog, and as such should not be used to poach members from the only party with any chance of saving our nation.

As for members who have been denied their party card without due process, or with a kangaroo court, everyone should regard them as still being much valued members.

The Griffin/Collett gang may have beaten off our first attempt at regaining control of the party for its members (due not to any skills on their part but simply the lack of renewing members this year), but the struggle must continue. No new party the BNP is well worth fighting for.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that 'Always Right' does something right, and that is to wake up and smell the coffee, or at least smell something even if it's only the sh*t that you are being fed with by Gri££in. Try going back to the early write ups and articles, try reading them again, if it's within your undoubted boneheaded ability, and try and put two and two together. You will, if the equasion is not too difficult, come out with answer to what has happened over the last few months and why. If the BNP is being filled with people with the intellect of a beetle, like you, then God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Message to Neil Craig.

Griffin has got two i's, hang on, you were right in the first place. I've heared that he has got two ar£eholes, AKA Collett and Darby.

neil craig bradford said...

'anti-gag' wake up! Griffen will never give his bnp up where have you been since November when all this started. What does the man have to do to show that the party belongs to him and him alone. There are still enough members to ensure Colin could have had a challenge but Griffen has ensured he looks over a herd of sheep and not a membership of free spirited adults. If you still believe Griffen will surrender his chairmanship you must also believe in the tooth fairy!

Anti-gag said...

Dear Neil,

No I do not believe in either Griffin's integrity or the tooth fairy, but I do believe in the BNP's grass=-roots member. You made the decision to give up on the idea of democratising the BNP, OK that was your right, but please don't tell others that we're flogging a dead horse by standing our ground and fighting for the party, we're not! I'm afraid your DN party id doomed to fail, as many other have pointed out before on this blog. Please get the message: we may have lost the first round in the fight, but the struggle to save our party continues!

Chris Hill

DCHQ said...

Gri££in is sabotaging nationalism.

We need a poster of him depicted as the wooden horse of Troy, or should I say, Welshpool.

John wright said...

Just shows you how the BNP is going.Maybe its time for a new movement.Or start fighting back from within the bnp. I left a few years ago got that angry that ,I went on to lancaster UAF .And let my anger out there. Just thought our movement was being sabotaged from the inside.In hindsight I should of thought back from within the bnp.

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