Thursday, July 24, 2008

Councillor Sadie Graham speaks

One day the world will know that Nick Griffin is a liar and a coward.
Strong words you could say, but then again I should know as it was him who challenged my integrity and hard work as a nationalist by calling me a ‘Searchlight mole’, ‘Nazi agitator’ and despite knowing 100% that this is rubbish, still continues to do so.

The latest smear that I have heard is the inconceivably inaccurate rumour amongst some key Party officials, that our unconstitutional expulsion was part of some bizarre plan devised by Kenny Smith and myself, to give us an excuse to drop out of politics! This has to be beyond doubt one of the most stupid things that I have heard ever; allow me to explain why.

Firstly, if I wanted to get out of politics, surely I would have just stopped working as hard as I was so that I was eventually sacked. The very fact that I worked hard, enjoyed my job, worked at it 24-7, always returned phone calls and emails was probably and ironically, one of the main contributing factors for me being slung out of the Party by Griffin. If I had been useless, egotistical, lazy, cheating and had concentrated my efforts on snivelling myself as far up Griffin’s backside as I could then my position would have been far more sustainable. Let’s be honest, as an elected female councillor with no criminal convictions and who lived and breathed nationalism, my succession within the Party was never going to be a historic one under Griffin. And neither did I want it to be, I had no designs on becoming Party leader, but I sure know now that I would do a better job of it than he has done.

Secondly, if I wanted out of politics then why did I not quit my positions as Borough and Parish Councillor? I love being a councillor and not only that, I am a pretty good one too. Yes I am now an Independent, I maintain my nationalist political views but no party politics affect the job that I do for the constituents of my village.
I have also just been successful in securing £32,000 worth of funding from Broxtowe Council. I applied for this funding under a scheme called ‘Neighbourhood Pride’. This money is being spent on improving aspects of our village and the work is currently underway. This was the most money the village has ever been awarded and certainly more than any Borough Councillor has achieved here before me. In fact the funding I won was added to by a further £16,000 from the County Council towards one of the schemes we are proceeding with. I have also just secured some more funding for the Youth Club of Brinsley and I am involved in many local groups that range from youth, to environmental programs. Does this sound like someone who wanted to be out of politics?

Thirdly, I have not walked away from politics despite what Griffin threatened me to do. Griffin knows that I worked very hard for the Party and improved a great number of areas within it, so why then would he want us out of nationalist politics altogether? The answer is simply because he considers us a threat to him because we were not easily manipulated and ‘bought’ as others close to him are within his personal clique with shallow promises of positions and status within the Party.

In these past seven months I have been amazed, amused, angered and left in disbelief at the way Griffin has handled this whole affair. If he hasn’t been lying about us then he has been skirting the issue or refusing to discuss it. Has the ‘Mighty Chairman’ told you he still has my computer and all the data on it? No, I haven’t had it returned, despite me returning every remaining Party item I had in my possession. Several of the items that he returned to me that were ‘mistakenly’ taken from my home in that illegal entry by BNP Security were also returned to me not in working order. Quite petty really but then nothing would surprise me now when dealing with this man – and I use that term quite loosely.

Plainly folks, the BNP will not make any serious inroads whilst he remains at the helm, it saddens me deeply but this is the reality and every day more and more people are realising this. It was a real shame that Colin’s campaign didn’t take flight, but it was always going to be virtually impossible when you have a Chairman that uses expulsion and proscription as a way of keeping himself in power. As if little version of Robert Mugabe, Griffin would have us topped if he thought he could get away with it. Colin was a brave man to stand and good on him for doing so, I just hope that more people find the courage to sign the nomination papers next time Griffin is challenged; and yes there will be a next time!

So where do we go from here?

This is the question that so many members and ex-members are now asking themselves; especially now that Griffin is planning to secure his seat officially as dictator. He will present a most 'reasonably' sounding, but heavily disguised argument to the voting members at an EGM at the RWB to give himself a mandate to be Party Chairman until the day he decides that he has either secured himself a very well paid position in Europe, or decides he wants to retire to his Welsh idyll with his family and a couple of pigs.

I am not going to make a plea to those of you that are intending to go to the EGM to have your say as it really won’t make an ounce of difference. Collett and Co. will pull the same old trick by pretending to be against the motion because ‘it shouldn’t be needed’ as Griffin is the best man for the job, blah, blah blah… it will be the same rhetoric as rolled out at the Blackpool conference. If you were there then you will know exactly what I am talking about.

The Party is without doubt in turmoil and decline. The votes are decreasing and the rate of councillors is not moving forward at the rate it should be. Too many councillors don’t get re-elected into their seats, so something is seriously going wrong.
The problem is the leadership or lack of it, there is no party structure, no shadow cabinet, regional, national organisation and accountability are extremely poor, basically the Party is not moving and growing as it should be now. It should be every true nationalist’s role, both within and outside of the Party, to do all that they can to remove Griffin from the position as Chairman. This is the only way to secure the Party’s future, so that a pro-democratic and anti-corrupt structure can be formed in his place.

I cannot tell you how to do this, but believe me you will not be on your own. I truly believe that there has never been a political leader in this country so hated by his own people.

Councillor Sadie Graham


Son of John Bull said...

Excellent post Sadie, your silence these past few months speaks volumes for your own integrity. I know the source of this ridiculous smear against yourself and Kenny Smith, the source is one of the kingmakers of the BNP but has nailed his colours to the wrong mast. Griffin & co are taking the good ship BNP to the rocks and those at the helm had better realise that their own political futures are going down with the disgraced failure that is Griffin. Its one failure, one disaster after another. The political environment has never been better for the BNP but with a good third of those who were active in 2006-2007 totally demoralised its no wonder the party isnt winning any more council seats. Close to bankruptcy, falling share of the votes, widely despised all Griffin can do is come up with a gimmick or two. I look forward to seeing the December rebels have their day in court and finish this cuckoo in the nest once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Well said Sadie, morale is rock bottom here, Griffin has no good news to deliver and he will do anything to cling onto his position as Leader. This millstone has to go.

LincsBNP said...

When are you going back to Court? This will be Griffin's nemesis - cant wait.

ThurrockPatriot said...

Yes we heard that rumour being spread about by someone who really should know better having been in and out of favour with Griffin himself for the past decade. Few believed it and your council work demonstrates that. You have done more to help the people in your area than any of the so-called political animals at the top of the BNP. Of all the closest officials only one was a councillor and he was so rubbish and so unpopular the residents booted him out after just one year. Too many wasted opportunities, too many profligate wasters.

ex Sheffield BNP said...

Sadie we all know that you and Kenny not only worked as Nationalists but lived it so there's no way that anybody with half a brain would believe such rumours. You have all stood up against Griffin and I'm sure that he was expecting you all to scuttle away like so many before you. Good on you all for continuing your fight against him, I'm sure you will have your day in court.

John said...

Could you please tell us about the recent letter that you have all received recently from Nick Griffin. I have seen a copy of this letter posted on a couple of other sites yet you have not commented on this letter.

Anti-gag said...

An excellent post Sadie, but it really says nothing we didn't all already know. Also don't agree with your view that the Colin's campaign was doomed from the start, it could have been won.
You end the piece by saying: you can't tell us how to get rid of Griffin and his gang, my question is if you can't who can?

Could you not organise a half day conference, similar to the January VoC meeting, for the Sunday morning of the RWB, after which we could then attend Griffin's EGM on mass. The many members who recognise the truth about Griffin need leadership, like it or not Sadie that's you!

I say to Sadie, Ian, & Kenny, you started all this (and I for one am very grateful you did), you're our generals in this fight Griffin has now set the time and date of the next skirmish (Sunday afternoon after the RWB): plan a strategy, organise the troops, and let's take the fight to him.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

That was good work in securing funding Sadie.

I would be interested in hearing in more detail how it was secured etc etc

Caedmon said...

"Could you please tell us about the recent letter that you have all received recently from Nick Griffin. I have seen a copy of this letter posted on a couple of other sites yet you have not commented on this letter."

And quite right too....the contents of the letter are in the hands of the legal team acting for the 6 defendants. Nothing to be gained by making any public comment on its contents, except to say that it IS genuine. If the claimant decides to go back to Court then and only then will be the time for the contents to be discussed by the parties concerned.

A man with a bulging briefcase said...

What is the point of this? skirmish (Sunday afternoon after the RWB): plan a strategy, organise the troops, and let's take the fight to him.

Why drive to an empty field when everyone has packed up and gone home?

There are more ways to skin a cat (or a Gryphon) and not all of them need be in public. Softly, softly catch a monkey Chris - watch this space!!

Anonymous said...

I see Kenny and Scott Mclean have started up a nationalists social club in Scotland. Hardly the actions of a man who wanted out of politics either.

They are contacting all the well known and old guard patriots who quit the BNP because of Griffin and are getting them back involved in nationalism again.

Even though I live down here in England I'm going to subscribe for the minimum £3 per month as I no longer send money to the Griffin BNP and at least I know I can trust Kenny and Scott not to waste it.

Burnley BNP said...

Sadie I know you and the others are having to stay quiet on a lot of things with the upcoming court cases etc but I would like to wish ou all well and good luck for the future.

Anti-gag said...

Dear 'a man with a bulging briefcase',

Listen I'm sick of waiting: I've waited the last 8 years for Griffin's promise, that the public will come over to our side very soon now to materialise.

Then since last December I've waited while we're told us that things are moving behind the scenes, and Griffin will soon be gone. I then waited after being told that the collection of Colin's nominations signatures was in good hands. All this time what I was really doing was waiting while my country was being taken from me bit by bit.

Now I'm told by someone (a man with a bulging briefcase) who hasn't got the guts to put his name to his comments, that I must continue to wait, well quite simply I'm sick of bloody waiting. Griffin has decided that after the RWB next month he is going to remove the last remaining democratic block to his aspirations to become the party's unchallengeable dictator. Waiting wont stop, that only democratic political action will. VoC must now start to lead the resistance, or move out of the way!

Chris Hill

Griffin's-Nemesis said...

It is a fact that both Sadie and Kenny gave their ALL for 2-3 years to make the BNP more professional and battled long and hard with the so called Hardliners who were reluctant to change to new ways of working. It wasnt about politics but about making the party more slick, more accountable and more appealing to the millions of voters. Sadie, Ian and Kenny got crap money (£1,000 a month) to work for a passion and Griffin took them for a ride. Griffin MUST surely be sick at having to be forced to slice away an entire layer of management which hasnt been replaced. Who is doing Group Development (formerly Sadie Graham)....answer No One. Who is doing Group Support (formerly Ian Dawson) , again No One. Who is doing Education and Training (formerly Steve Blake), well once again No One.

There is little life left in the BNP, under the present regime of crooks and liars it is going to be finished within a few years, a cringing, whimpering Nick Griffin will still be sending out begging letters to the 100-200-300 mugs still paying their dues but the rest of the sane patriotic, nationalist voters will have moved on and abandoned a man who stole the hearts, minds and wallets of folk genuinely angry and fed up with the multi-culti/pro EU Labour/Con regime.

There is likely to be some serious questioning of Mr Griffin in the coming weeks about the "official" accounts by the EC and also some BBC investigation about fabricated evidence in a recent High Court action (fancy that!) which could see Nicholas John Griffin hung, drawn and quartered. If he isnt then it is even more proof that he has very special protection from some unsavoury quarters.

As each of the former "rebels", every single one of them lived and breathed nationalism since their teenage formative years, move on and act as snowballs to coalesce the popular mood of disaffection with Gordo Brown and New Labour and millions of families feeling the first bites of the economic slowdown there wont be a need for a crook, liar and traitor like Griffin and his State adviser 51mon Darby and the sexual blackmailer Mark Collette. All three can rot in Hell - and in every case the sooner the better for the sake of our kith, kin and nation.

As the advert says "The future's bright", yep the future is a stronger Nationalist movement devoid of the weak, paranoid scrounging "leader" who was taken in by the very enemies of our people.

Whoever takes over from Nick must of course immediatedly sack the State goons Darby and Kemp and the sexual blackmailer and attempted peedo Collette.

Once rid of them decent folk like the Cromies, Wentworths and Burkes will still give their valued contributions to take the Party forward.

Griffin's days are numbered but he wont admit to it, the deceitful and devious charlatan.

Anonymous said...

"I see Kenny and Scott Mclean have started up a nationalists social club in Scotland. Hardly the actions of a man who wanted out of politics either."

I hear that a certain ex-bodyguard of the creep Griffin is also back on board.

I hope that pig-farmer has nightmares wondering what might be revealed in the months ahead.

£5 a month on my way to you guys. Pity that there is no equal in England. I cant bring myself to support England First for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I see Kenny and Scott Mclean have started up a nationalists social club in Scotland. Hardly the actions of a man who wanted out of politics either."

I hear that a certain ex-bodyguard of the creep Griffin is also back on board.

I hope that pig-farmer has nightmares wondering what might be revealed in the months ahead.

£5 a month on my way to you guys. Pity that there is no equal in England. I cant bring myself to support England First for obvious reasons.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Then you should consider supporting Steadfast

dchq said...

Or Dissident Congress - providing you generally agree with Populist Principles.

Aberdeen Patriot said..., I have joined and it’s good to know that we still will be working to keep Britain together. This is Kenny's and Scotts way of fighting back, and providing the arena to get the nationalist message out to friend’s families, etc. This is for all true nationalists BNP or not.
I have also heard of Steadfast this is the English version, or so I am told. Hopefully joint events can be held in the future.
Remember this is a social and educational club, a way of fighting back at the indoctrination of our people. The more aware and educated that people become the more they will vote for nationalists parties. So all BNP members should be supporting this new addition in the fight back to regain our nation.

If your are in the BNP, or have been kicked out, or are even a member of another true nationalist party (not The SNP,Plaid Cymru type) or perhaps you have never been involved in a political party its time for us all to unite.

Its time we stuck together like some ethnic groups do.

derbyman said...

Sorry, mate, Paul Cromie (Cronie) is a Griffinite funder. He raises money for Cyclops, and won't help us beat Griffin. Him and Griffin go back a long way, sadly.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Derbyman,

I do wish people would stop righting off people who have yet to see through Griffin, remember we were all once Griffinites. Yes Paul Cromie has given generously to the party, but that does not mean he'll support Griffin come what may. Paul may be loyal, but he's not stupid and will make a good ally once he sees Griffin for what he is.

This is a fight for our Nation and we should not right off anyone simply because they are yet to see through Griffin and his gang.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

I've just read the truth about the "truth Truck" on the North West Nationalist" blog.

Might have guessed it was all a big con.

The truth truck is owned by Jim Dowson of UK Life League.

The BNP is RENTING this truck from Dowson.

When will all the Griffinites wake up?

true loyal said...


so you think chris that paul cromie is ready to defect to the rebels Hill you miserable slimeball creep who thinks you can stop being a nobody by badmouthing your leader

shame on you for not understanding the word LOYALTYY which obviously means nothing to traitorous scum like you

think again rebel red searchlight sucker from lancaster as paul cromie has seen through sadies lies and pathetic little coup and would never join you if you paid him a trillion pounds

Hes cleaver generrous and is hundred per cent loyal to the party which made him unlike you

as for colin he just shakes his head wandering wandering what happened to the once promising singer auty who sold his soul to the devil and sold natioalism down the river

last time i spoke to paul he laughed at you chris hill and how you are trying to upstage our loyal british leader

he says you will never succeed and you know it so give it up and stop talking rubbish

your bitter and twisted paul said about you rebels and jealous because you are nolonger getting any publicity as you are the ones running smear campaigns not NG

so stick your hopes of proud patriots like paul cromie switching sides as it will never happen you bad losers

you useless rebel wasters are going nowhere fast so you are coming up with horrid litle nasty twisted lies about the truth truck and other decent campaigns to spread the bnp message

stay away from rwb comie bastards

Anti-collaboration said...

Sadie is a wonderful lady and speaks the truth. I disagree with very little she says, but as for some of the other posters on here – wise up! Can you not see you are being played like fiddles by Searchlight, UAF and the false flag NWN set up? These three groups are working together and I am totally gob smacked that some decent and well respected nationalists are allowing their hatred for Nick Griffin to cloud their judgement which is leading them to act irrationally.

By all means campaign for reform in the BNP, but to work off ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ principle and collaborate with the absolute enemies of the British people in the process is barely forgivable. You would be shocked if you knew how many potentially loyal allies you are losing by your tactics of collaboration.

Anti-gag said...

Dear True loyal,

What total nonsense you do talk, and as for your attack on good people like Sadie Steve Kenny & Ian etc, I can only put that down to you being totally taken in by the Griffin/Collett gang's lies.

I don't knows when Paul Cromie will see the Griffin/Collett gang for what they are, but I do know that one day soon he will. But your right about my not having any loyalty to Griffin, my loyalty is to our nation and its people not an individual, or even for that matter a political party. As far as I'm concerned the BNP is just a means to an end, and that end is saving the British people as a distinct indigenous group who should make up 95+% of the population of the these islands.. When I use the term British I include both the Irish & Welsh Celts in that group.

Finally I don't wish to be rude but your post does show that Griffin/Collett gang's supporters are now being drawn from the very bottom of the barrel. I'm just glad that the vast majority of BNP members are far more thoughtful and intelligent than you are.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

"Sadie is a wonderful lady and speaks the truth. I disagree with very little she says, but as for some of the other posters on here – wise up!"

Mock sincerity in my opinion. Why choose a user name that links to a video about collaborators ! :-)

"false flag NWN set up"

Show me the proof please...

Anti-collaboration said...

Simon – you and Tricky Dickey from Stockport are two of the people I was referring to as “decent and well respected nationalists”. Many people are now aware of the problems in the higher echelons of the BNP, but by posting on the false flag NWN blog you are both doing yourselves a major disservice. Being from the Midlands you will have limited knowledge of the individual who fronts the NWN blog, Tricky Dickey however cannot claim such ignorance. He has known for years of the numerous instances where this individual has been fed false information that every single times ends up in the hands of his paymasters.

You are one of the true heroes of the nationalist struggle, a man of great integrity who is/was respected by many. You had an excellent career destroyed because you put our national salvation before your own personal interests – few people within the movement have made the sacrifices you have made.

You are very well read on conspiracy theories, yet you fall into the trap created by the enemies of our people every time you post on the false flag NWN blog. For crying out loud Simon; momentarily put aside your dislike of Griffin & Co and take a closer look at the NWN blog, go through their archive, read other material posted elsewhere on the net about them and then make an informed decision as to if you really wish to be associated with such people.

With regards to your assertion that my sincerity for Sadie is “mock”, I can assure you the opposite is true. The way Sadie and Ian Dawson were treated was utterly appalling. Sadie and Ian were an excellent double act and had they been allowed to continue their work in the BNP unhindered the party would now be infinitely stronger in many ways.

I included the link to the video about collaborators not as a way of having a dig at Sadie but as a message to those who still post on the false flag NWN blog despite knowing by doing so they are ultimately aiding and abetting the real enemies of the British people.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your compliments, but there is something very Uriah Heep meets Julius Caesar(divide and conquer) about your comments :-) :-)

I won't shrink from any conclusion provided there is evidence. What archived posts in NWN are evidence of your assertion ?

And I must say, that when people give their real name on blogs/websites it does give greater credibility to claims made by them.

Perhaps you might communicate by email to me or leave a comment on my blog site (I won't publish) that tells me who you are and SINCE I AM SUCH A TOP BLOKE etc :-) you have my word that it will just between the two of us :-)