Saturday, July 19, 2008

RWB 2008, RIP Party Freedom?

It brings us great sadness to announce that the very fabric of our democratic and freedom loving Party could be formally torn in two and discarded at this years Red, White & Blue Festival.

Over the past few months, we have received information from a number of deeply concerned Party officials, that back in 2007 during Chris Jackson’s election campaign for Party Leader, that Mr Griffin was planning to change the constitution of the BNP immediately afterwards to make it impossible for further challenges to be made against him.

The temerity to challenge

Griffin was advised however, not to make such drastic amendments to our constitution because such a radical and open abuse of his position would undoubtedly lose him considerable support from the average Party member. No doubt that after such a conclusive victory over Mr Jackson, Griffin convinced himself that no other Party member would ever again have the temerity to dare stand against His Holiness and so lost interest. Alas, Mr Griffin, this was not to be the case.

I personally witnessed during the Jackson challenge, Griffin’s behaviour becoming aggressive, erratic and at times, entirely paranoid. This however was only a taste of what was to follow as we have seen with unethical decrees, bullying and expulsions used as weapons by him to silence his internal critics; this situation is not likely to become any easier for the long suffering membership.

Freedom, Security, Identity, Democracy

Even with the realisation that Cllr Colin Auty’s 2008 challenge was unable to take flight, and even with his hand-picked faction of flatterers to pander to his devices, he has decided to now effectively destroy our Freedom of speech within the Party, remove the Security we had of knowing we were a viable alternative, destroy the Identity of our constitution, and insult Democracy itself, that same democracy that we are supposed to be fighting for.

Extraordinary General Meeting

It has been announced that at this year's RWB that Griffin has called an Extraordinary General Meeting with the aim of officially changing the Constitution of the Party, quote “With provision for the calling of an election at other times only by a sensible number of officials and councillors”

The ambiguity within this statement effectively boils down to the fact that if passed, would mean that the right of an individual Party member to stand as prospective Party leader is removed unless a ‘sensible number’ of officials and councillors approve. The question is, who decides on that number, and who decides who is or isn’t a Party Official? That’s right, none other than Mr Griffin himself!

This constitution change will be little more than an act using carefully placed smoke and mirrors to hide the truth from the membership. The remaining EGM agenda will simply be used to give it some other substance and to draw attention away from this hugely important issue as subtlety as possible and not to allow too much time to ask too many questions.

The riddle of the phantom tickets
......and with it another own goal

Driven more by sheer bemusement than anything else, I would like to pass comment on the quote made by Griffin’s appointed organiser of the RWB, printed in the Derbyshire Evening Telegraph, that the Party had already sold “4,000 advanced tickets to the RWB weekend”.

I’m sure we need not remind the event organiser that in fact the Party has sold none whatsoever, because no advance tickets are actually being sold this year! (Unless this has changed at the time of writing and the entire population of Welshpool have suddenly stumped up the money and bought a ticket each).

It would appear that either a little too much of the pre-festival spirit is flowing in the set-up gazebo as per norm, or the level of fear that the popularity of the leadership has waned to such a degree that there is a very real chance that many people are no longer willing to support it, and panic is starting to set in.

Manipulating the media to convey a positive image with such a free and convenient opportunity to convince more of the membership to attend, is a shrewd political move and is to be encouraged. However, blatant idiotic lies such as this are just inexcusable and will simply make the Party look foolish and amateurish when those very same media people arrive back at the gate on the RWB weekend to take photos of the ‘four thousand plus’ attendees on site and write an article about it!

Be aware and prepare

Every voting member that does attend Griffin’s EGM at the RWB weekend must make careful consideration on how they are going to vote on Griffin’s motion.

I predict that during the reasoning and deliberation of Griffin’s Leadership Challenge Constitution amendment, a great deal of pressure will be brought to bear on the attendees by Griffin’s inner faction who will take centre-stage one at a time and use coercion and subtle threats of expulsion to achieve the result their master so desires.
There will be talk of ‘Red infiltrators’ and ‘Searchlight moles’ posing as challengers that want to waste BNP money and cause division. There will be talk of ‘UAF/Marxist/Nazi elements’ crawling out of the woodwork to mount snap leadership challenges and any number of other bizarre Griffinism’s, phantoms and excuses. There may even be another Blackpool Conference red-faced "Are you with me!?" rant just to help pound home the message.

No amount of persuasion should be enough to pressurise our members that have retained their backbones, into accepting the surrender of our Party’s freedom and right to object in free and open debate.

What shall we do? Where can we go from here?

We are currently in a period of slow negative decline as a Party, but this does not have to be the case for much longer.

The political environment for nationalism in the UK has probably never been so positive and so many now prepared to accept the BNP. Our Party and our environment however, simply do not reflect one another; something is very wrong.

In a time of war, if the officer commanding fails time and time again to take the initiative, take the battle to the enemy, whilst haemorrhaging respect across the army; he is very speedily replaced. Why should our Cause and battle be any different?

Why should we be made to except tiny political gains or defeats time and time again and still that same self serving general remain rooted in command?

Our leadership can blame the ‘State’, it can blame ‘Reds’ or it can even blame ‘Hard-line Neo-Nazi’s, etc’ for their failure to convert this energy into widespread national election victories; but at the end of the day their failures are still their's.

Invest with electability

We must have a leadership built around our people’s qualities and skills, not their personal egos. It must be invested with electability not dragged down by political baggage, and above all else, in everything we do we must be seen as a professional, shrewd and a viable alternative to the Establishment. We must be self-critical when necessary and not rest on the laurels of a single man being elected onto the GLA, however pleasing and positive that may be to us.

Unless we can reorganise our Party with this in mind, we will not unlock our potential, but instead remain prisoners.
Be strong, stand by your convictions, at the next opportunity with that conviction in mind, vote to have Griffin and his coterie removed so we can rebuild our product, the British National Party, stronger and better than anything we have known before.


Anonymous said...

Its no secret that the current leadership are liars. The ticket lie is just one in a whole string of them. Ultimately it will be the sheer weight of their lies that brings them down. The membership will dwindle as will the funds as fewer people give their support to an u trustworthy leader and his gaggle of sycophants, then the leadership will collapse.

Anti-gag said...

Griffin is clearly paranoid and is not going to allow anything to threaten his position as dictator, must be stopped!

We now need another conference, similar to the one held in January, this could be tied up with the special meeting Griffin has called after the RWB next month. A half day VoC conference in the morning could be followed by our attendance at that meeting in the afternoon. This might enable us to vote out any motion to allow a leadership challenge only every 4 years. Or, if we were turned away on mass, at least help with a court challenge to such an undemocratic change. We must now accept that the struggle to democratise the party is going to be a long term fight (12 months min). The sooner we start the sooner we'll get our party back.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

You have nothing to do with the BNP you are all expelled from our party so keep your searchlight views to yourselfs you fucking scum crawl back under your fucking stone from whence you came.

Blackpool BNP

Anonymous said...

Chris Hill does not qualifie as a voting member he as not attended summer school. Also he works for lancaster UAF

Eastern BNP said...

Nice one Mr. Godwin, would you be so good to NAME the Searchlight moles. Evidence of this would also be very useful, after all if it is fact then the members really should know, shouldn't they Roy. Don't keep us waiting now.....

Staying Anon out of fear said...

I could think of a few very senior members who didnt attend Summer School, do they qualify?

How about Eddie Butler, Dave Shapcot, Kevin Scott, plus the approx 60 group organisers and fundholders who were also missing.

Didnt you know you cretin that everyone works for LUAF, It's in the 11th edition of the Constitution....what do you mean you havent seen it?

Collett's chaffeur said...

How long before hard working councillor for Kirklees David Exley is asked to report to the headmaster for speaking out in public. Dewsbury Post carried interview with David last week. He was a bit critical of Gri££in. Oh dear....not another one!

Lancs BNP loyalist said...

Seems like Roy Godwin has been to the same charm school as the deranged lunatic Lee Barnes -

"You have nothing to do with the BNP you are all expelled from our party"

No you misguided chump, the VOC team have been SUSPENDED pending disciplinary tribunals and/or a revisit to the High Court. It is possible that a proper Court, not one of Griffin's kangaroo set-ups will find in favour of all or most of the VOC team and be reinstated with membership. Just as Barnes cant get his facts right seems you cant understand the difference between expulsion and suspension. Think about that............

Anonymous said...

Mark Collett doesnt qualify eiether, he is on probationary membership following his disciplinary in December 2006 for TWO years. This was as a result of the disgusting behaviour of bringing an underage schoolgirl back to the hotel in Blackpool (perhaps the BNP Organiser for Blackpool can remember that). The would-be peedo was hauled over the coals with his side-kick dozey Dave Hannam.

Derbyshire BNP said...

Wayne McDermot wasnt at the Summer School either. As a top class elections officer we thought it strange he wasnt there. Is he next for the chop, Griffin needs a scapegoat to blame for the rubbish set of results in recent weeks.

BNP Organiser said...

More rumours, lies and innuedno. Still it brightens up a wet and windy Saturday afternoon. I know many of your readers really deep down like what I have to say as what I say is the truth. Of course Mr Griffin HAS to bring in this measure to stop time wasters and idiots and joke candidates like your soon to be EX- councillor disrupting the election campaigning going on almost every week around the country. The success that mr GRiffin has built needs to be made secure and built upon. Only he can do that - another four years and someone else might be groomed and ready to take his place but there isnt a single person, other than Mr Darby who could step into Nick's shoes and take the Party forward. May be in 4 years time with Nick in Brussels (we hope and we are all working flat out to make it happen)someone like Richard Barnbrook who is a gifted politican but doenst have the same clout with the media (yet) as Nick. It was your lot who prodded Nick to take this necessary action as a result of your joke of an attempt to stand this year. You have only yourselves to blame. Now some of use have very important work to do, Ive 5000 leaflets to print off on our branch risograph which we will be pounding the streets over the next few days. Some of us do real work and dont bitch on the internet. It doesnt stop just because youve all been sacked.

You know me Roy said...

"You have nothing to do with the BNP you are all expelled from our party so keep your searchlight views to yourselfs you fucking scum crawl back under your fucking stone from whence you came.

Blackpool BNP"

Roy Goodwin, you are a particularly vile little man.

As a Regional Organiser you were absolutely useless. Your abilities as an activist were about as much use to the Party as is your very limited vocabulary.

You should stop getting drunk with your alcoholic Burnley friends and focus on your dwindling support in Blackpool (Yes we know all about it)

Richard Chadfield said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have nothing to do with the BNP you are all expelled from our party so keep your searchlight views to yourselfs you fucking scum crawl back under your fucking stone from whence you came.

Blackpool BNP
From the language of this post we see the standard and character (and desperation) of the daily deminishing BNP memnbership. Who would want to be a member of an organisation which has such individuals within it's ranks?
By the way is this the same Roy from the North West who uses Russian dating agencies? Please clarify this point for me Roy.
I have spent thirty years in the nationalist struggle and posters such as Roy from Blackpool represent the antithesis of everything Nationalists aspire to.
Richard Chadfield
Richard Chadfield


BNP Organiser said... "You have only yourselves to blame. Now some of use have very important work to do, Ive 5000 leaflets to print off on our branch risograph which we will be pounding the streets over the next few days. Some of us do real work and dont bitch on the internet. It doesnt stop just because youve all been sacked."

- - - Actually, I personally, RESIGNED. I witnessed the Fuehrer, Goebbles, and another, in a CLOSED meeting call some lifelong HARDWORKING nationalists (one a councillor), some disgraceful names - then expel a freind for "bringing the party into disrepute" when he called one of the mein leaders a name! So when the same happens to you - what will you do??
But leave all that aside at the moment - what organising have you actually done? - There is NO structure within the party. Who's in charge of Health? - Education? - Law and Order? Transport? Defence? -- Oh, you haven't got anyone lined up? After so long at it, you should by now have at least one person as SHADOW MINISTER at least. As long you're still playing Summer Skool - and not RECRUITING the people who are experts in these fields - and TRAINING our own, ready to take over or put in place, - then you have no structure, which equals no organisation - which equals anarchy at worst. Give me a shout when the guns come out - 'cos when the people realise whats happening - and there is NO VIABLE, - STRUCTURED, - TRAINED UP, IN WAITING ORGANISED group, ready to be elected and sort it all - then you'll see riots and civil war break out! - Once again, as posted before - Like him or Love him - can you truly see the Traitorous Establishment now incumbent ALLOWING Mr Griffin to be elected?? The sheer propaganda value of that event has the establishment scared out of their wits! - Where ever Mr Griffin stands, JUST BECAUSE OF WHO HE IS AND HOW HE IS PORTRAYED guarantees the ballot boxes interfered with or the "secret storage facility" suffering an unexplained fire! -- So for Chrissake's GROW UP, distribute your leaflets - but make sure you can field people capable of running a MINISTRY!!

Anonymous said...

I think that the person posting as BNP ORGANISER is not genuine and is a wind up. It's either Darby, Collett or even dear old Nick himself. His comments are full of distain of decent people and full of self praise. Whoever it is, is a total twat.

ST George

Richard Chadfield said...

BNP Organiser said...

Quote I know many of your readers really deep down like what I have to say as what I say is the truth. Unquote

Poor misguided immodest and yet so shy a fool for you dare not to publish your identity. That which you so boldly claim to be the truth is nothing more than your perception of the truth. I paste below a part of a posting from an earlier blog article. Read it and think about the implications.
how about the following criminal acts carried out by Griffin and his associates which (apart from one case) have not been investigated by the Police/CPS:

a. illegal bugging of the home phone line of Sadie Graham.
b. Illegal entry by deception into home of Sadie Graham.
c. Illegal removal of items of property (now returned admittedly) belonging to Sadie Graham and Matt Single.
d. Threatening behaviour by someone (s) acting on Griffin's instructions to try and enter the home of Kenny and Nicholla Smith.
e. Illegal copying/broadcast of private email messages held on the personal computer of Sadie Graham.
f. Illegal copying/broadcast of private Skype conversation between Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith.
g. The use of slanderous and libellous material (although not necessarily criminal) in public meetings, on the BNP website, in BNP publications to describe the senior members Griffin had expelled as "vermin", "Searchlight moles", "neo-nazi scum", "State agents".
I am sure that you are aware that some of these offences carry possiby prison sentences. For example intercepting communications, and broadcasting intercepted communications carry a possible two year prison sentence. The BNP leadership broadcasted intercepted communications on it's own website so it would be difficult for them to plead innocent in this matter. Yet the police choose not to pursue the matter and the media choose not to report the matter and MP's (who know about the matter) choose not to discuss it.
Now let us ask ourselves some very simple questions.
question 1) Why have the police chossen not to proceed in this matter?
Question 2) Who benefits from the police choosing not to proceed in this matter?
Question 3) Why have the national media not reported (and made a field day out of ) the interception, broadcasting unauthorised entry etc?
Question 4) Who benefits from the medias silence?
Question 5) Why have MP's, who are well aware about these events, not pushed the police to pursue the matter? (or spoken out on the matter themselves?)
Question 6) Who benefits from the silence of the MP's?
Question 7) If the state really hates the BNP why has it not seized upon this golden opportunity to inflict serious damage upon the BNP?
Question 8) Since the state has not seized it's moment is it resonable to conclude that the state does not, in reallity, hate the BNP. Is it reasonable to assume that there is a working relationship between the state and the BNP leadership that is unknown to the BNP membership? If this assumption is correct is it reasonable to futher assume that the BNP has been absorbed into the state and has become a part of the state?
So just what is the truth?

Quote Of course Mr Griffin HAS to bring in this measure to stop time wasters and idiots and joke candidates like your soon to be EX- councillor disrupting the election campaigning unquote

This sentence displays for all the world to see the nature of your character. You disparage a man who has always been a hard working BNP activist. A man who fought and won a council seat for nationalists in a Labour/Muslim dominated council. A man who for two years has sat alone in that council chamber as a Nationalist enduring all it's hostility and hate. You ,who dare not even put your name to your posting, have the effrontery to abuse such a man. How small you are.
You go on to say: Quote 'your soon to be EX- councillor disrupting the election campaigning' unquote What election campaigning did Mr Auty disrupt? Mr Auty's challenge for the post of BNP Chairman was announced after the council elections had been completed . That is after May 1st 2008 when elections were complete. You are either ignorant or trying to spread disinformation.
Here is another question that you should ask youself.
Why are you so hostile to Colin Auty's leadership challenge? The BNP constitution permits such challenges and Mr Auty was doing nothing more than exercising a right he has as a BNP member to challenge for the post of BNP Chairman.Why do you find it objectionalby that Mr Auty exercised his constitutional rights? What is the point of having a constitutional right if you can not exercise that right? I do not doubt that the right to challenge the Chairman for his post will soon be removed by a constitutional amendment and I do not doubt that unthinking people ,you may be one of them, will vote to give the Chairman his way and thereby disenfranchise yourselves. You will also, by doing so, distroy the BNP for dictatorship is an anathema to the British people.
I will pick up on just one more of your comments.
Quote. Now some of use have very important work to do, Ive 5000 leaflets to print off on our branch risograph which we will be pounding the streets over the next few days. unquote.

Big deal. I co ran the North West printing operation and in the twelve months (approximately) before these problems arose designed and printed and delivered over one hundred thousand leaflets for north west units. I also leafleted my own town with my fellow members.You are nothing special --honest.
Richard Chadfield

Salvation said...

Whilst I would agree that the time is ripe for an upsurge in the Nationalist Movement in the UK I am also of the opinion that it should not be carried forward by the BNP. It is time to ditch it and form a Party that does not carry the stigma that BNP still undoubtably carries for the vast majority of the voting public who may well now be turning to Nationalism. It is sad to think that we are relying on people at the top level who do not have the common sense to see what Griffin is doing. Basically he is no longer interested in the BNP as Party, nor Nationalist Politics as a means of rescuing this country from what has befallen it. His sole purpose of wanting to retain the BNP as a registered political party is to ensure that he, and the baggage he carries with him, have very easy jobs with good salaries and expense accounts. As a consequence of this to produce a viable working Party we would have to clean out virtually the whole of the senior echelons, so it would be far easier and more acceptable to the general public to have a new Party without some of the ridiculous doctrines that the present BNP has.


Salvation said...

Comments by the likes of Roy of Blackpool should be totally ignored and not be given any credance whatsoever. You will find that they soon curl up and bury themselves in their own little worlds.


Salvation said...

bnp organiser states;
"The success that mr GRiffin has built needs to be made secure and built upon."

He did this all on his own did he? This is why he has the fat salary and expense account. There are no organisers or rank and file in the BNP! Spends all his weekends out leafleting in all sorts of weather, all the year round. Unlike the rest of the Party who spend all their time time giving speeches in warm clubrooms and pubs, and then increasing the girth of ones waistline with paid for meals and drink.
How does the song go, remind me, erm 'Beautiful Dreamer'. If you are genuine then he his rubbing his hands in glee because he is living of your effort!


Anonymous said...

Salvation said....

"a new Party without some of the ridiculous doctrines that the present BNP has."

What are these ridiculous doctrines. I am sure you will find 100% backing for the existing BNP manifesto by everyone who has been booted out in recent years by Griffin. Fact is the general voting public like and agree with our policies. Even the VOC brigade dont want to change policy just internal management and accountability.

dchq said...

Richard Chadfield lists highly valid points concerning intercepting communications.

There can only be one explanation. The state was involved. Some agent(s) of the state have penetrated the BNP to senior levels. Whilst they remain party members, the BNP is effectively poisoned. Gri££in will only be kicked out of position of leadership AFTER these state agents are kicked out of the BNP.

At the moment, eyes are on former NatDem PratDem 5IMon Darby who was a friend of Tory turned MI5 agent Mr Carmichael who wrecked his previous party. However, there could be others as well...

A man with questions said...

Anyone who knows Darby will know that he doesnt work for a living but has a flash estate car and a nice house just inside the Welsh border not a stone's throw from the Griffin household. He boasts about a furniture business but there are questions to be asked. Where does he get his income from and no its not the BNP - he isnt and never has been on the books. Why is he so passionate about birds and wildlife but so wet when it comes to political matters, he hasnt written a passionate political article in his life. Some might say he has just acquired the resemblance of being a nationalist, just convincing enough to the average BNP person. If Gri££in knows that Darby is State then both must be held accountable, if Gri££in doesnt have any suspicions then he must be more irrational than most imagine. In any organisation when sensitive info continues to leak out into the hands of the enemies/competitors its a good idea to look at those still in place and not blame those you have recently chucked out. I wonder how much a State agent would be paid to betray their country?

Anonymous said...

Im still laughing at the 4000 ticket claim.........didnt Shapcott know that there are no advance ticket sales or did he speak to the media after too many pints of lager?

A Dutchmans uncle said...

Good news on the lost blimp front, The one that Shapcott failed to secure to the ground at the summer school a few weeks ago......

A young Dutch lass has found the helium filled balloon with the BNP logo in a polder near her village. Like the Party finances it will be deflated and returned along with the 2007 lost accounts which were tied to the end.

dchq said...

A friend of mine asked Richard Barnbrook about 5IMon Darby at a meeting in London a few years ago. Two pieces of information were that 5IMon Darby has a degree in biochemistry and runs a business dealing in metal ores. Where does this fit in with the furniture business?

The business (whatever it is) was the reason why 5IMon Darby was allowed to contest council elections in Dudley when he lived in Cannock. It wouldn't surprise me if he just rented a lockup in Dudley and the business only existed in name.

This fellow is very strange. Does anybody know much about him BEFORE he joined the BNP or even the NatDems for that matter?

Simon Smith said...

I believe George (Wayne) Ashcroft - now a Tory councillor knows something about Darby's State credentials but is keeping his mouth shut.

I left a message on his phone but he hasn't got back to me. The story that came my way was that a an alcoholic organiser who got one or "state handouts" was asked to "smooth" the way for Darby to infiltrate the BNP.

Man with a magnifying glass said...

There are more questions than answers about the secretive Mr. Darby, so much so that he has to be classed as "under suspicion". That said how the heck do you get rid of a such a person. If he is a wrong 'un he will have the full backing of the State and its various agencies - it wont just be a case of persuading Griffin to sack him and even by some miracle Griffin was so persuaded you must wonder just what the State would then do....what does the State have on Griffin and his clique to make sure that this will never happen? While Darby remains on board charge he has boasted on numerous occasions that "Griffin will never lose"....why/how would he be able to say that with such arrogance /confidence?

Anonymous said...

What is happening about the 2007 finances? Anyone know when they have to be submitted to EC?

Has that Truth Truck been bought yet? If so what was final cost and when will it be available to every group and branch to use in their patches?

Anti-gag said...

The comment posted above from a Roy of Blackpool is not from Roy Goodwin the Blackpool organiser. I have not always seen eye to eye with Roy, and we certainly haven't been on the same side during the recent chaos within the party, but neither the language used and the style is not Roy Goodwin's. I phone Roy a few minutes ago and he confirmed that the comments was not his.

We should be aware that the Griffin/Collett gang have a vested interest in alienating both local activists and grass-roots members who may be taking different sides now but would be open to reasoned arguments from people holding other views. One of Griffin's biggest problems must be how to keep the membership divided, and postings like the one above may well be just one of the ways he's willing to stoop to.

Final I would like to inform the 4th poster that I am indeed a voting member, because I have 10 years paid membership. As for the comment that I work for UAF, I think that shows how totally removed from reality you have become.

Chris Hill

Anti-gag said...

There was a day of action in Lancaster city centre yesterday, followed by a mass leafleting session according to Clive Jefferson. Lancaster BNP says well done Mr Jefferson, but would it not have been an idea to inform the local membership about this first?

I phoned up the last remaining couple of members we have in Lancaster, including the lady who is currently acting as the areas contact, and no one had heard anything about it. And we're told that there's nothing wrong with the party's middle management.

Chris Hill

dchq said...

The first words I heard about 5IMon Darby being a possible state agent came from a white Muslim home educating parent I met up with at a home education meeting. She told me that the Muslim community were concerned at the anti-Islamic direction the BNP was taking, so persuaded a few white Muslims to join to keep an eye on progress.

One of these white Muslim BNP members found 5IMon Darby to be a very intriguing and quite secretive person - much more so than Gri££in - who rose to a position of prominence in a short space of time. He was invited round 5IMon Darby's house in Cannock and offered to hold a deactivated gun. Why? He thinks there is something very sinister about 5IMon Darby that other BNP members overlook.

Simon Smith said...

(Sometimes blog comments don't allow full URLs. In March on my blog I wrote about Darby and guns)

In terms of secrecy Simon Darby never socialised. I was Black Country Organiser 2004/07. I was never invited round his home and he never show any inclination to come out leafleting with the branch on a weekly basis. He did however come out with me canvassing on a couple of by elections.

The only time he did anything of a social nature was a stag type "paint balling" session. Whether he brought up the subject of guns amongst branch members, I don't know.

He is a man of no political convictions or capable of coherent passionate ideological discourse other than talking about those "horrible" Muslims. His speeches are composites of what his evidently observational subjects come out with.

He seems to know more people in authority than you would expect of a "Nationalist" official. In the aftermath of the Black Country demonstration at the proposed Dudley mosque site Darby told me that some or other senior police officer had called him and asked if he could tell him when we were holding the next demo. He has told others that he has contacts in special branch.

Although I regard NG as a grasping psychopathic liar, I hold Darby in even less regard because he is level headed with no observable rough edges and has chosen a dubious career path. How empty is it possible for a man to be ?

dchq said...

The same friend of mine who was talking to Richard Barnbrook briefly met 5IMon Darby back in 1997 when he was in the NatDems. He thought 5IMon Darby was a very intelligent and educated person, but appeared to know more about computers than nationalism. This is coming from somebody who at the time was only 19 years old and reasonably new to nationalism with no family background of politics. When he asked 5IMon Darby what encouraged him to join the NatDems, his reply was about wanting Britain to be a country with churches, pubs, and Sunday dinners, not mosques, temples, and ritual slaughter. Could this be indicative of somebody more concerned with cultural issues rather than deep nationalist philosophy?

Anonymous said...

Can someone answer a question for me.

How many members were there in the National Front at the time Griffin took control of it.


old nat said...

"Can someone answer a question for me.

How many members were there in the National Front at the time Griffin took control of it.


A lot more than when he flounced off into his 3rd way project. And that also went the same way - into terminal decline.

dchq said...

I was verbally informed that in 1985, the number of former NF members in the Conservative party was greater than the entire membership of the NF.