Saturday, July 26, 2008

This must be seen to be believed!

We urge all BNP Party members and activists that have ever been in any doubt as to the validity of the information that we have been bringing you in the past three months that has been highlighting the corruption within Griffin’s leadership ,to visit this blog -

The above Blog is reporting indisputable evidence that Griffin and his hand picked clique have been hard at work - fleecing the hard-pressed Party membership and supporters of their donations!

Bear in mind also, that Griffin takes home 25k as a Party wage, a wage that in fact he never needs to touch due to his day to day living expenses being taken care of out of various Party pots, with extra income from other ‘Party related’ quarters; more information to follow.

It is well known that Mark Collett through his ‘Vanguard Promotion Publications’ has also been raking in Party money to help fund his lifestyle, new pad and BMW. Study the quantity of funds that he has been drawing from the BNP and like us, I’m sure you will be utterly sickened.

The Challenge for Leadership team do not indorse all the views and beliefs from the wide range of nationalist blogs and websites across the web.
We do however firmly believe in freedom of speech and expression and the right for all individuals to form their own opinions.


Anonymous said...

That it is, I have finally had enough of the BNP. I am not renewing my membership until someone else takes over control of it. I have not entirely agreed with everything that the rebels have done but I know a few of them from help they offered me in setting up our local unit and I know that they are not liars. If this information on that nationalist blog is correct then Mr Griffin should hang his head in shame at employing people who take such high wages AND then claim such high expenses. I do not understand how Mark COllett can claim so much when all he does is sit on his computer and design leaflets (badly) and lay out ID magazine. Therefore he needs no petrol expenses. I am dumb-founded!

Tony said...

This doesnt surprise me one bit, I just never wanted to believe it. To put it simply I am deeply saddened.

Anti-gag said...

For god sake haven't we learned anything, don't resign your membership because that's exactly what the Griffin/Collett gang want!

A party of 4000 mindless Griffin yes men, to Griffin is preferable to a genuine political part of 40000 freethinking members.

Stand and fight for the BNP which, after all, is our nations last chance.

Chris Hill

Does anyone have any ideas about the validity of the claim, by the NWN blog, that John Walker supplied this information to them. Could it be that John Walker is finally living up to his father, who by all accounts was a really gentlemen and a true Brit? Let's hope so!

Luke Smith's name should not be mentioned in the same breath as John's father: War Hero and a true British gentleman.

angry member said...

What spurious vices Paedo Boy spends his money on is an even greater revelation.

Always worth a dig with underworld contacts in Leeds.

And I don't just mean addictive white powder

Anonymous said...

What has the bnp got to do with saving our country?
Nothing.What a disgrace a con man and a paedo.
Whats even more shocking is many bnp members are happy to go along with it.

Anonymous said...

To current bnp members. Do you care about the future of your country? if you do .Then why are you following a con man and a paedophile.Wake up.