Thursday, July 10, 2008

The views of Cllr. Roger Robertson

Below is an email that Cllr. Roger Robertson sent to a well-wisher who had contacted Roger about his recent expulsion from the British National Party. It is posted here, in full, at the request of Roger himself. Please note that these are the views of Roger and not necessarily the views of Cllr Colin Auty or other members of his campaign team.

Dear Richard,
Thank you for your kind words.
To be honest I feel elated that a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders in the form of BNP membership.
It confers no benefit but, due to Griffin and co, only opprobrium from ones peers for being a member of such an organisation! In reality, it should bring pride that one is prepared to make a stand for the culture and well being of our great nation and its people whilst being mindful that we have a duty of care to those less fortunate than ourselves.
I despair of the fact that this is a Christian country yet our Church leaders are blind to the creeping Islamification, not only of Britain, but of the whole of Europe. Do they not know their history? Have they not heard of Charles Martell or Jan Sobieski? Do they not realise that they are weakening the very foundation stones of our civilisation by acquiescing to a medieval misogynistic cult?

In our recent history, since re-admitting Jews, we have tolerated other Religions and allowed them to go about their business quietly and unhindered. In return they do not proselytise.
This is not true of Islam whose 1.6 million adherents in this country appear to deem it their right to object to anything which disturbs their sensibilities and to which our spineless masters answer in the most obsequious terms, without even considering the long term implications of their appeasement.
Take for instance the latest absurdity being considered, that police sniffer dogs should wear booties when entering Muslim premises!

To return to your letter, it was inevitable that I was going to be "purged" and I deliberately attended the "tribunal" to obtain a final closure from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.
It saddened me that there were several good people there, (apart from the duplicitous Andy McBride who was scathing of Griffin and constantly extolled Sadie's virtues until it came to decision time), and who really thought that they were acting in the best interest of the party but in reality were, and are, being duped.

This brings me on to Colin's challenge.
I do think, with hindsight, that perhaps we should have been more aggressive from the outset. By the time I had received information from around the country that the vast majority of those who we were relying on to sign Colin's Nomination Form had not renewed their membership it was too late to retrieve the situation.

What is even more frustrating is that I am sitting on damning evidence which would probably have won the day had I made it public; indeed, it would have put a different complexion on the "tribunal" had I divulged the contents of the dossier in my possession.
However, I chose not to do so as my mole, who is very senior within the Party, is still active and to have done so would have unmasked the person.

Moving forward, we must consider our options. Jim, Ivan and Neil have already set the ball rolling in their neck of the woods and Ivan informs me that they are in contact with others across the North. I am in discussion with others as to the way forward, indeed, I had two phone calls from supporters yesterday evening whilst I was at a meeting. One from the South Coast and one from the South Midlands. It is my sincere belief that we can move forward very rapidly without the albatross of Griffin and his sycophants around our necks as there are already pledges of financial support on the table.

Over the next few days I propose to write a narrative of my reasons for supporting Colin and why I arrived at such a decision which, hopefully, will go up on the blog.
In the meantime we will keep in close contact and I will fully appraise everyone of the developments.



Cllr Chris said...

Is is possible for for Cllr Robertson to comment on the actual charge(s) and decision.

For the record - this below is the decision letter and my own thoughts.

It's pretty obvious, at least to me, that at the time he was suspended Cllr Robertson had done nothing wrong whatsoever. All the charges here relate to what happened AFTER he was suspended. Talk about being fitted up!!!


Disciplinary Tribunal in Exeter, 6th July 2008, Relating To Roger Robertson
(Former South-East Regional Organiser) .

We are of a unanimous mind in that:

1. we find that the charge of attending a meeting in contravention of your
suspension is NOT proven;

2. under Section 4 of the British National Party's Code of Conduct, we find
you guilty of bringing the party into disrepute in that you assaulted an
officer of the party, occasioning police involvement. Additionally, you
sought to bring the party into disrepute by the covert recording of a
closed British National Party meeting.

3. Under Section 9 of the British National Party's Code of Conduct we find
you guilty of speaking to the press on matters that are internal to the
party, without the prior permission of your Regional Organiser or a member
of the Advisory Council.

It is with regret, therefore, that we find cause to expel you from the party
with immediate effect.

Peter Mullins
Chairman of the Tribunal and South-West Regional Organiser

Andrew McBride.
South East Regional Organiser
P.O Box 4114, Bracknell, Berks, RG42 9GF
Telephone: M-07790-571742
Low Call: 05601-950-167 24hr Answerphone
Monday to Friday 9.30 am till 6 pm.

-----------------------decision -------------------------

My take on this -

"Bringing the party into disrepute....." That old chestnut!!

OK - we still know precious little about what went on. However there are, even with this, some points which can be made.

1. "...talking to the media without consulting with the Regional Organiser..." ??? . But I thought Roger WAS a Regional Organiser. Perhaps he thought he thought he might be too?

2. "Attending a meeting .... This NOT proven ........"?? So - what was this meeting that was "attended" then? A Not-such-good-friends-of-the-BNP meeting? A non-BNP meeting??? It would appear to be irrelevant in any case as it occurred after his suspension. So what was it again that Cllr Robertson suspended for??

3. Perhaps it was at that same "non-BNP" meeting that he "assaulted" (wonder what that means??) the BNP officer - one perhaps who was trying to usurp or close down the meeting??? Presumably the police were called to make a mountain out of this something-much-less-than-a-molehill. Still - the police seemed satisfied no assault was made - at least they took no action. So why do the BNP continue to think that an assault did take place? It wouldn't surprise me at all if it was Cllr Robertson himself that came under some sort of attack. We'll have to wait on that one.

4. "Covert recording of a closed BNP meeting...." Wouldn't be the Appeal hearing by any chance? If these meetings are not open then they damn well deserve people trying to record it, if only to protect themselves against misrepresentation. OK - they can go into closed session to make a decision - but to have the whole hearing in top secret goes against natural justice.

And underlying all this is the very vexing question of why was he suspended in the first place? Was it for supporting Colin Auty?? Who knows??? And what on earth happened to that charge?????

It very much seems that the reason for his suspension has been conveniently "forgotten", (or ignored? or never existed??) in the mass of new reasons the BNP leadership have now thrown at Cllr Robinson. It is the later allegations they have expelled him for - events AFTER his suspension. Seems to me they picked a fight in order to justify their previous suspension.

Wonder if Cllr Robertson was even given the chance to know what these new accusations were going to be ..... BEFORE the hearing??

Now of course I can only half guess at these things - but it does seem potentially like quite a few breaches of Natural Justice are going on here. Don't you think?

Does Cllr Robinson have any appeal against the reasons for being expelled? (As opposed to any appeal against reasons for the suspension!). Within the rules of Natural Justice notification of the right to appeal should be given - but that hasn't been done here. Anyway, after all these shenanigans would he want to go through any appeal??

------------comment ends--------------------

There's quite a few dozen of equal calibre and effective campaigners within the BNP who have now similarly met their demise. You have to ask yourself - are they really all "troublemakers"? Or is there something else going on here? Are there still more troubles to come for the same reasons? What's going on?

Reasonable questions. Of course if Cllr Robertson is going to appeal (does the BNP constitution even allow an appeal?) then perhaps he is better not commenting on the actual charges, hearing or decision. At least not yet.


neil craig bradford said...

Dear Roger.
They can take away your badge and number and all the trimmings but they cannot take away your honesty, integrity, friends, experiences and your conviction to the Nationalist cause. Whatever course you choose to take will benifit our country and you can teach the next leadership challengers the vital lessons you have learned. Mr Barnbrook and others I hope you take notice!
Roger at least you tried! Good luck in any future endevours.

Anonymous said...

Colin has resigned from the BNP and will continue to serve as an independant councillor until 11th August. This will force an interesting by-election in Dewsbury.

Further stories can be found when the Dewbury Press and Dewsbury Reporter update their respective websites.

Simon Towers

Salvation said...

The Nationlist Movement of Britain MUST combine it's effort and resources to remove Griffin and his cohorts from power. Destroy the BNP if necessary and trust that something far better will rise from the ashes.

Anonymous said...

I agree - this is the opportunity to raise something new - I hope you don't waste it, because it keeps coming round, and time keeps ticking, and people keep thinking we can save the BNP. We must have a high profile relaunch of nationalism - winning media attention is crucial.

Anti-gag said...

Firstly can I say well done to Chris Hilton (our candidate in the Wigan bi-election Yesterday), Chris's result (9.4%) was one of our best from around the country yesterday. But the fact still is that at a time when the Labour party is going through its most unpopular period for a quarter of a century, we were still able to persuade fewer than 1 registered voter in 49 (9.4% of 21.5%) to turn out and vote for us. If this is Griffin's quiet revolution we might as well give up and go home. To put it simply: Griffin's BNP is not winning the hearts and minds of the British people.

It is clear now that under Griffin's leadership the party is in serious decline: six years ago when I first stood for the party in local council elections, our candidates could reasonable expect 15-25% of the vote, with 35-40% being not that unusual. Just for how much longer can we really keep fooling ourselves that we are still winning the battle?

While the Griffin/Collett gang are draining the party's funds to pay for holidays in Spain, our nation is being lost. Just like the Roman Emperor Nero Griffin fiddles while our nation burns.

Chris Hill.

Marcia said...

Firstly I would commiserate with Colin who perhaps naively wanted to mount a gentlemanly challenge to Griffin’s leadership. He would have been advised I’m sure and should have listened to those who knew this was a wasted strategy but I acknowledge that until you are on the receiving end of Griffin’s unbelievable despotic behaviour it is totally beyond any decent persons grasp. Roger has already acknowledged this in hindsight.
With no platform, a challenge was never going to be allowed to happen and Griffin would have known this although it was always hoped that enough would get to hear about it and BNP ‘people power’ might prevail. I do not believe there are even 100 members with any ‘bulldog spirit’ left to have voted for Colin (although no far short).
Griffin is never seen to personally get involved in any shenanigans but why should he when he surrounds himself with self-serving cohorts that are under his control.
Lee Barnes spouts on about a challenge being a distraction on the important issue of getting BNP elected into the European Parliament when what he means is he will be o.k. thank you if Griffin gets in. Everything is about Griffin and the chosen few getting mega-bucks as a result of being elected.
There are those who are doing quite nicely thank you adjoined to Richard Barnbrook serving on the GLC, so they have done alright by quiet compliance although I am in no way trying to imply Richard Barnbrook is anything other than a true Nationalist but that some have done alright for themselves out of his position.
The heart is being ripped out of the BNP by Griffin in as much as the likes of Colin, Roger and the EiE members and others before them have been ‘stabbed in the back’ by their own BNP family.
Colin is at the stage of ‘what’s the point’. He has disadvantaged himself and his family by making a stand against the establishment for what?
There are those still in the Party who have not been directly affected – yet – who have the want to fight on for the free Nationalist cause. If the BNP has a future it lies with them but that will be post Griffin, who can still see a few more tasty morsels in it for himself yet so he is not quite finished with the carcass.
I probably will not feel the need to comment again for quite some time as the wind has gone out of my sails FOR NOW but ‘Good Luck’ to those who still have a little puff left but until Griffin is gone I will not be supporting the BNP in any way but like so many others I will be watching and living in hope.

Anonymous said...

When are the rebels back in court against Griffin? I'm sure this is the best chance we have of getting rid of him.

Anonymous said...

I told you all that tribunals are not tribunals they are kangaroo courts chaired by griffin sheep/kangaroo's.
What constitution was used for the Expulsion,2005 or the non existent 2006 ? Any constitution that was used has no legality's in any British court except in the stalinist...court of N Griffin,as the constitution of Griffin/Bagle Barns have no legality what so ever.
But it takes money to take it to any court using the claim of un-natural- Natural Justice and griffin is awair of all this that's why he can get away with unjustified expulsions.
As to an election for leader in 2009 ,forget it that loophole is just awaiting to be plunged , with a 4 year gap between challenges.
keith axon .