Saturday, August 2, 2008

Arses and elbows

Deputy-Treasurer confuses his left and right limbs

“In every sphere the British National Party is becoming more sophisticated and professional as each day goes by”

Thus wrote Martin Wingfield on June 30th on the official BNP web site. Martin is a well respected, highly knowledgeable political journalist with some 30 years of nationalist political experience under his belt. Little did he know that just days before he penned this bold claim that one of his colleagues had signed off the 2007 Accounts for the Regional Accounting Unit in a manner which seriously undermines the claim that the BNP has made any professional progress in that particular department. A speed reading of the report shows glaring errors while further enquiry reveals a shocking lack of care and responsibility for money donated by well meaning members and supporters.

Download from the Commission’s website

The title page of the report is at least error-free which is about all that can be said for the 18 page report riddled with spelling errors and reads as if it were written by a first generation Albanian immigrant struggling with the language of his new home.

Day of the week

Pity poor David Hannam; Deputy Treasurer and compiler of the report – critics have often ridiculed him suggesting he doesn’t know what day of the week it is. We cannot possibly comment but here in black and white we have evidence that David is in a world of his own. Not once, not twice, but three times he signs off the documents 23rd June 2007 on pages 6,7,8 or to be correct the first page 8, because there are in fact two pages – quite separate in content labeled page 8. 2007, what the heck? Shame on his supposed friends and colleagues who didn’t offer to proof-read his earnest submission.

Those of us who have tramped the streets leafleting and canvassing the housing estates on our own patch may have smiled at the superstitious folly of the council planners or property developers who seem to regard number 13 as unlucky and a leaflet dropped into the letter box of number 11 is followed by the next house number 15. Dave appears to be similarly inclined with pages 11,12 being followed by page 14! Perhaps Dave is trying to ward off the bad luck omen that tragically shadows him.

Even the simple task of copying and pasting seems to beyond the “professionalism” of the Deputy Treasurer.

On page 1 we are told:

“The Regional Accounting Unit is a separately registered unit with the Electoral Commission. It is the only separate unit of the British National Party. It is operated and paid for by the Party.”

Page 8 (the first page 8) repeats this with a spelling error and the unnecessary use of quotes around the names of two organisations.

“The Regional Accounting Unit is a seperately (sic) registered unit with the “Electoral Commission”. It is the only separate unit of the “British National Party”. It is operated and paid for by the Party.”

Nice to see such professionalism at work in the “BNP”!

Increased control - apparently

The rest of (the first) page 8 goes on to relate how the aim of increased financial control and transparency has been achieved.

Excellent – that is welcome reassurance to all those members, supporters and casual donors who can see where their money is going and must surely prove that all those criticisms from the army of doubters are unfounded. So let’s see what Dave Hannam has in store for us; all the criticisms leveled against him that he doesn’t know his backside from his elbow and that he never should have been given the job in the first place are surely unfair and made by those trouble making individuals jealous of his achievements. The same criticisms made no doubt by those the Chairman called “vermin” in public on many occasion in the December purges.

Well, our hopes for greater transparency are very short-lived and dented by the wording on (the second) page 8 which is a bit of a let down on the professional front. We are told:

“These financial statements have been prepared under the historic cost convention and the accounting policies set out on page 17.”

Fast forward to page 17, the final of the report…..oh, nothing there except a continuation of the “Notes to the Financial Statements”. Perhaps Dave means page 16 or perhaps Dave thinks that the historic cost convention was a meeting of various heads of state in Washington in 1927.

Page 9 (or should it be page 10 – it’s all a bit of a muddle now) would make any teacher of the English language weep. It resembles the mother tongue but only just.

However, sarcasm aside the real damage is beginning to reveal itself. We are told that monthly reconciliations have not been carried out, that the “situation was also made more difficult due to the fact that central office have at periods (sic) borrowed from the regions.”

The key word here is “borrowed”, how much and for how long and for what purpose. Oh well we don’t know because we are told “(A)n annual reconciliation has not been carried out”.

The figure of £42,000 “borrowed” by Central Office from the region appears in the statement made by the official auditors, Cannock based Silver and Co. who report:

“In our opinion the financial statements give a true and fair view of the state of the party’s affairs as at 31st December 2007; allowing for the fgact that at the year end the Party owed the Region £42,000 and the reason why this is the case is that it had insufficient funds, which places doubts on the ability of the Party to replay this money.”

That needs repeating, by the end of 2007 Central Office borrowed £42,000 (or £41,831 to be exact) from the regional coffers and the official auditors raises doubts about the ability of the Party to repay that sum in part or in full. No small wonder that some fundholders are stuffing the cash raised at meetings under their mattresses.

Snakes and ladders

The auditors also note that the petty cash income of £147,119 cannot be accounted for. It has simply appeared in the income column without a word of explanation. There was no such entry in the previous year. Donations throughout 2007 were down by 31% compared to the previous year, income from membership 26%, fundraising by 83% and income from commercial activities down by 21%. In other words, the year which saw “organisational growth” (page 1 of the report) also witnessed income in four areas significantly reduced compared to the previous year. However that reduced income is more than compensated for by the magical appearance of the £147,119 which resulted in an increased overall income of £74,868 on the previous year, an increase of 35%.

An increase in income of 35% is indeed worthy of praise and respect but this is greatly offset by apparent increased costs of operation.

The local council elections of May 2007, plus serious efforts to make progress in the regional chambers in Wales and Scotland understandably accounts for the massive hike in campaign costs from £36K in 2006 to nearly £91K in 2007. A breakdown of these costs shows almost all of this expenditure was on leaflets £89,542. The National Accounting Unit report shows that leaflet costs incurred by Central Office were £45,213. Leaflets are printed almost exclusively by printing companies contracted by Vanguard Promotions, the name of the sole trading operation owned by Mark Collett. Thus in 2007 a total of £134,755 was contracted by the BNP through Vanguard. It is not unreasonable for the owner of such a business to allow for necessary items of expenditure incurred running such a business and to charge the Party for the intellectual effort involved in designing items of publicity. There is a big question mark about the amount charged to the Party for that intellectual input. What percentage of the £134k goes straight into the bank account of Mark Collett, 5%, 10%, 15%, maybe more?

The costs of printing Identity, VOF and the FSID DVD all rose.

The monthly Identity magazine is a costly venture incurring a loss which would be enough to keep a full time employee on the books. It is widely known that the well respected veteran of nationalism, John Bean who does an excellent job of editing the magazine does so completely gratis; not even seeking reimbursement for the not inconsiderable telephone bills incurred as a necessary result of his work. If the editor doesn’t take a penny the only other area of cost must be in the layout, design and printing. All three conveniently undertaken by the same person, graphic designer Mark Collett who is responsible for layout and ensuring the job is contracted out to the most competitive printing company via his Vanguard Promotions intermediary.

The regional accounts show income from sales of ID - £8,170 and the costs of producing ID - £22,385

The Central Accounts report at a national level sales of £32,487 and costs of producing ID - £34,458

The combined income from ID sales is £40,657, whereas the cost of production is £56,843 a staggering loss of £16,286. The magazine costs just over £1 to produce and retails at £2.40 so why is the Party not making a profit? Furthermore a party struggling with debt might target this activity for a serious cost-cutting operation.

According to national and regional accounts a grand total of £191,598 (£134,755 on leaflets - £56,843 on ID) passed through Vanguard Promotions, a private and therefore unaccountable business run for personal gain by Mark Collett who sits on the Advisory Council. Fortunately for Master Collett the BNP is not subject to the same level of scrutiny as a local authority or other public agency as the words “conflict of interest” might inspire a serious enquiry.

The balance sheet shows that at the end of 2007 the Central Office plundered the Regional coffers to the tune of £41,831 apparently “borrowed” but for what reason and under what conditions we are not informed. Borrowing from Regional funds is nothing new, in 2006 £21,854 was removed in the same manner. However the additional £20,000 borrowed by the Central Accounting Unit during 2007 doesn’t appear as income in the central accounts. It shows up on the Central accounts as a liability in the British Heritage Acxcount (sic). If this is an example of “transparent” accounting Mr. Hannam needs a dictionary.

Businesses of all sizes rely on double-entry book-keeping. An organisation which attracts opprobrium from political opponents can compensate by striving towards professionalism in all other areas of its operation media desires to be taken seriously The BNP deserves better than back of envelope scribbling.

Notes 6 and 7 to accompany the financial statements are missing but we can assume they must appear on the invisible page 13. Note 6 relates to Management and Administration £63,434 and note 7 to Other Expenditure which cost £9,208. The omission of page 13 could, we concede, be a simple mistake by the Electoral Commission in the uploading of the report onto their web site but in view of all the other errors contained in the report we are inclined to lay the blame at the door of the former supermarket trolley steward David Hannam.

Black holes

On page 1 readers are told

“The Regional Accounting Unit is a separately registered unit with the Electoral Commission. It is the only separate unit of the British National Party. It is operated and paid for by the Party. It therefore incurs no costs, other than the annual audit fee, and generates no income in its own rights. It exists to consolidate the affairs of the different Units within one accounting unit.”

A professional fee of about £2,000 to the auditors would not be unreasonable for an operation of this size, and we can only assume, because it is not made clear that the audit fee would appear in Management and Administration, so what about the remaining £61K? If the Regional Accounting Unit “incurs no costs” what exactly is included in the £61,000 of expenditure?

Dave Hannam referring to the Regional Accounting Unit cites that “[It] is the only separate unit of the British National Party.” There is the Trafalgar Club which is an elite fundraising club. It must surely qualify as a separate unit of the BNP in a similar way to the Regional Accounting Unit which acts as an umbrella for the other regional fund raising clubs like the Peacock, Mercia and RedRose clubs. Accounts for the Trafalgar Club are never discussed at Advisory Council meetings, never submitted to the Electoral Commission and never made public through any other channel.

Criticism vindicated

In September last year the Group Support Officer, Ian Dawson resigned his post in frustration. Despite repeated attempts to draw the Chairman’s attention to the catalogue of sheer incompetence of the Deputy Treasurer no action, not even offering a helping hand, formal courses in book-keeping or other form of practical assistance to the struggling post-holder, was ever taken. David Hannam is a genuine nice enough young man but in his post of Deputy Treasure is a round-peg in a square hole.

Ian Dawson wrote a letter of resignation which listed a number of comments about the Deputy-Treasurer, comments which have been completely vindicated by this dog’s dinner of a report and confirmed by dozens of fund holders past and present around the country. Ian included:

· Mistakes on bank balances, and bank balance not being sent out often enough or up to date. This is a major bugbear in that local groups often get bank balances that are wrong. This is of especially great concern to me, as it is myself that sends them out and often gets the complaints back in. Many groups complain that money has not been credited to their account that they have banked, that things have not been explained in full on the account, and regional officials often complain that agreed local to regional transfers have not been completed. This is one of the most important roles of the regional treasurer and it is one that at the moment is not being done competently in any shape or form. The statements sent through for me to send out in August were shockingly bad – they had to be sent back twice with a long list of corrections that needed to be done. Lincoln for example, have had a nightmare time with the management of their account.

· Petty cash books and paying in books take an infuriatingly long time to get sent to new units. This leads to a high number of complaints when all that is needed is once every ten days to send a treasury pack to new units. Also, people complain that they don’t get things returned within a reasonable timescale when they submit things for auditing etc. Examples of units to complain about the lateness of treasury packs includes Southend, Exeter, Nuneaton, Castle Point, West Lindsey, Yorkshire, Richmond, Solihull, New Forest etc. etc.

· Dave often lies. This is an exceptionally infuriating trait that makes already annoying situations ten times worse. Instead of saying that something has not yet been done, people are often told ‘is in the post’ or ‘I’ve just sorted it now’, when in reality nothing has been done. This then means that people are under the illusion that they will be receiving documents in the next couple of days only to find that nothing arrives as nothing has been sent.

The content of Ian Dawson’s letter was dismissed by the Chairman, Nick Griffin as nothing more than “ad hominem attacks” and “bullshit”.


So there we have it – the BNP which according to Martin Wingfield in growing in professionalism has submitted a set of accounts to the Electoral Commission who holds these documents in perpetuity and makes them available to any member of the general voting public freely without any apparent proof-reading, without a second pair of eyes checking the content. Here we have a set of accounts which cannot explain the mysterious appearance of £147K of petty cash income, which shows the Regional Accounts plundered by Central Office to the tune of £42K, which shows a small fortune passing through the hands of Mark Collett and his Vanguard Promotions without revealing just how much the BMW driving owner of that business rakes in as commission from Party funds. Costs continue to rise, income is down and we are presented with a black hole of £61,000 in unexplained management and administration costs.

Accounts make for pretty dull reading but this one is part comic and part mystery but we also have to conclude they provide devastating evidence that the BNP is not the great white hope of the political struggle.

At a time when our race and nation face unprecedented perils on all fronts; culturally, economically, demographically and politically there has never been a greater need for organisations to represent the interests of the native ethnic groups of these islands in each and every sphere of commercial, political and cultural activity. Such organisations demand first class leadership, professionalism and fuelled by a burning desire to make things happen and get results.

It is both tragic and criminal that in its present condition the profligate leadership of BNP cannot be viewed as possessing the qualities needed and safeguarding the means to ensure not just our continued ethnic survival but our spiritual and moral progress and future sustainable economic prosperity for all time to come in our ancient island homelands.


Ex East Mids Fundholder said...

There can be absolutely no doubt that the blame lies with Dave's boss- Nick Griffin. The lad is obviously struggling and yes I've had my run ins with him in the past. He needs replacing and every one who has a complaint to make should go directly to Griffin himself. Dave Hannam should concentrate on his music talents and leave the financial matters to someone better qualified. I cant for the life of me understand why he has not been either sent on a training course or replaced before now.

Yorkshire (ex) donor said...

What a bloody disgrace. Why wasnt this official document given a once over by the national proof reader or Griffin himself as the can is ultimately his to carry?

Anonymous said...

Another pathetic attack on good people who carry on doing first class jobs in difficult circumstances while you snipe and twiddle your thumbs on the sidelines. It is hardworking people like Mark, David, Nick, Simon and Lee who still stick their heads above the parapets and win over new supporters every day of their lifes while you attack decent nationalists as any commie toe-rag would do. Why dont you just pack it in and get on with your lives you sad little people.

Stoke BNP said...

So more questions about the financial dealings of one Mark Collett Esq. Why is it that that name crops up in just about EVERY conversation between activists and supporters and always in a question - never an answer. It is long overdue that Nick Griffin himself answers the question - how much does Mark Collett get paid and what is the relationship between his own Vanguard business and the official BNP? If there is nothing dodgy about the link then there is nothing to hide.

Anonymous said...

You gob shite losers.

West Midlands BNP said...

You scumbags how dare you critisize David Hannam and dont mention that Ian Dawson who sent his resignation letter straight to Gerry Gable and that Kenny Smith hangs on to £4,000 of lottery money and Steve Blake hacks into the email accounts of every BNP official including the Chairman's and passes that intell on to our enemies. Rot in hell you scum. Nick was write all the time you are vermin.

Legs11 said...

If it is the mark up on ID is 150% then it is scandalous that the party itself makes NOTHING from its proceeds.

Spearhead was much criticised for being a personal funding soruce for John Tyndall, now it seems ID is doing the same for Collett.

Why no criticism of Id and Mc from all those who criticised JT and Spearhead?

Anonymous said...

Is Caedmon the former crap webeditor Steve Blake?

He was sacked by the (note this - ELECTED) Chairman because he stole thousands of emails from the BNP leadership team and no one knows if he sold them on to our enemies like the BBC or Searchlight.

Liars, all of you. Nothing wrong with these accounts and you can fester in your scumholes all of you.


My apologies - I can't resist another post!
Are you seriously suggesting the Inland Revenue has got competition for b*ll*xing things up??

I wrote off last week, to enquire how much per Adult, is the cost of Governance only, of this Country - (Which is all you are legally bound to pay) - and the reply came yesterday, that as my enquiry had NOTHING TO DO WITH MY OWN TAX AFFAIRS, they could not advise me of this!!

So I have to presume that my taxes are only to pay the Inland Revenue officers wages, MP's Wages, MP's obscene expences claims etc, which, as the buck stops here, I AM NO LONGER GOING TO DO.

See you all when I get out!!

(Oh yeah, don't worry about Anonymous and West Midlands bnp - typical red-lefties who can only foul mouth from anonnymity - you know, I'm big on swearing but scared of mice type. You have to understand that its been raining all day, so they can't go out, you see, have to play on their pc's).

Sybil said...

Nothing wrong with these accounts?

The BNP is in the red despite membership being at its highest level ever.

How does that add up exactly?

Anonymous said...

West Midlands BNP said...
You scumbags how dare you critisize David Hannam and dont mention that Ian Dawson who sent his resignation letter straight to Gerry Gable and that Kenny Smith hangs on to £4,000 of lottery money and Steve Blake hacks into the email accounts of every BNP official including the Chairman's and passes that intell on to our enemies. Rot in hell you scum. Nick was write all the time you are vermin.

Because Ian Dawson sent his resignation email to 10 people only, all of whom were AC members at the time. Weeks later the same email ended up with scum (other than the internal scum on the AC such as Griffin). Either one of the ten passed it on to Searchlies, or, as is more likely, someone passed it on to someone else, then to someone else etc. and it ended up with Searchlies.

As for Kenny Smith stealing 4K - what utter non-sense. He would be arrested and charged with that by now if it was the case.

As for Steve hacking emails - how can that be the case when he ran the server? He would have no need to hack anything. As for passing info on the Searchlies - prove it or shut your pathetic mouth.

Mind you, as it is either Walker/Hannam/Collett writing shit and pretending to be a West Mids Fund-Holder then you already know this don't you?

Regards to all true patriots
Ian Dawson

Anonymous said...

I would suggest that some of the people commenting, regarding this post, take a short course in basic mathmatics and, whilst they're abou it, joined up writing. Though the evidence of mismanagement of accounts is pretty clear to see, some idiots don't have the abillity to add two and two together.
I would also suggest that these donkeys trade in their blinkers and hearing aids, obviousely with flat batteries, for a small portion of intellect and, in the interim, try making a down payment on an I.Q.
Though I am optomistic that they may learn at least something in the future, may I recommend that they try reading 'Noddy Meets Big Ears, rather than the big word contained within audited account. Ah bless !

Aberdeen Patriot said...

And they are sending Dave around regions teaching them how to run account courses and look after books.

Where is the Scottish £12,500

that went missing. Taken by the accounts department, has it gone into Griffins pockets.

Thats why they sacked K Smith they wanted and got the £12,500

Anonymous said...

Over the past months and indeed for a while longer, NOT ONE of the Gri££in "inner circle" has had the guts to put their name to the various accusations they have made on different internet postings.

Anti-gag said...

Dear Ian,

We all know that Collett & Hannan etc, post on blogs anonymously. Please just hold your fire and answer with reasoned self control. Doing so will show them up to be the loser they are, and highlight the justice and right of our cause.

As a genuine BNP member (yes at least as far as most members you still are) I hope to see you at the EGM on the 17th.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

You are all a disgrace, Richard Chadfield and Bev Jones pay the money back to the party that you stole.

Oldham Nationalist

Anonymous said...

If this is the case, why are sO many rebels returning to griffin?

Watchdog Not Attack Dogs said...

"hardworking people"?

Pull the other one - it's got bells on.

The BNP leadership are scoungers and pimps, living the life of riley off members subs like slimy, mucky woodlice.

If the BNP was a proper business, it would be featured on Watchdog with Nick Griffin running from the camera dropping fivers everywhere.

whiterose said...

Youre right. Its obviously the likes of Peedo Boy and friends trolling this website making threats to scare rebels away from the EGM (and I dont mind being called a rebel - the opposite to rebel is sheeple)

Ive had enough of the arrogance of the cowardly Peedo Boy slagging us off. The sooner he is expelled from the party along with Griffo, the better.

I wish someone could have proved the strong rumour up here in yorkshire that the sick boy invests in white powder distrubution and uses foreign prostitutes for without Paedo Boy, there would be no one other than Darby and Barnes supporting Griffo and he would fall like the proverbial pack of cards.

the family man said...

Instead of posting inflamatary shit on CfL blog the disgusting animal sex perv John Walker could be spending his time better watching his hardcore horse porn with a bundle of dogeared kleenexes in hand while persuing his bestial man horse interbreeding fantasies leaving proper nationalists to plan the way forward without having to be sidetracked by nasty lies about sadie.

Anonymous said...

why critisize hannam on the SOA? If he just compiles them, but by reading the actual accounts, it is the auditor who presents them, so page numbers, etc, are the auditors fault. All hannam surely can do is provide the account details and reports?

This all seems underhand.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
If this is the case, why are sO many rebels returning to griffin?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

They are not returning to Gri££in. They may well be returning to the PARTY, something that has been pert of their lives for a long time, but Gri££in? NO. Within the party they will be able to continue to see what is going on and maybe educate a few people. The truth about the December purges is still not fully understood, but time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Has everyone read Ian Dawsons letter over on NWN? Makes good reading and good sense.

Richard Chadfield said...

Anonymous said...

You are all a disgrace, Richard Chadfield and Bev Jones pay the money back to the party that you stole.

Oldham Nationalist

Sunday, August 03, 2008
Hello Mr Anonymous.
My first thought is:
if you are confident of your accusation why are you such a coward as to hide behind the anonymous title of Oldham BNP and does Oldham BNP truly still exist?
My second thought is:
On July 31st someone placed a similar posting ,though claming to be from Stockport BNP. You are probilly the same person and , I guess, most likely not a nationalist but a red trying to do a little s**t stirring.
My third thought:
Why don't you itemise those things that you claim has been stolen by Bev Jones and myself. Since you have made the claim you must have the evidence. We would like to see your evidence.
My fourth thought. In the unlikely event that you are a BNP member why don't you contact me and we will discuss the problems? Here is my email:
I really would like to hear from you and I will require your communication to be non ANONYMOUS.
Richard Chadfield

dchq said...

Does the blog owner have the facility to grab the IP numbers of anonymous people posting hostile messages? If so, then put their IP number on their posting. That will deter most of these cowards from posting venomous crap.

Anonymous said...

Indeed - it could be a red. The reds are attacking the rebel position as they want to see Nick Griffin stay in power, as a griffin bnp is good for anti-fascism.

Anonymous said...

As a long time Nationalist and, at one time, quite close to Nick Griffin I have sat back over the last couple of years and watched disturbing things unfold, develop and evolve into the situation that now exists within the B.N.P. A situation where mistrust, lies and despotic rulings are legion. Comments on various blogs range from factual down to the down right disgusting and libellous, comments that are, without doubt, injurious to the Nationalist cause. I’ve always believed in ‘Fight Fire With Fire’ but when your own fire is burning you, you’d better think long and hard regarding your motives, and that is something that many people should have been done a long, long time ago.

The Ladder of political success has always been pitched at a very steep angle by the Liberal establishment and the powers that be. Ascending that ladder was, from the start, always expected to be tough going but Nationalists are a tough breed and a bit of tough going often strengthens the resolve.

The problem I had was identifying who was responsible for applying a thick coat of grease to the rungs of this political ladder. Not just making the going treacherous but deterring people from attempting such an arduous and risky climb in the first place.

Too many people, good Nationalists, have come and gone over the years and, though some can be put down to natural leakage or the novelty wearing off, these losses must be addressed, warts and all. The fact that, every so often, members are either sidelined, slandered or purged from the party is one thing, the reasons for their fate is, more than often, never really given or addressed in a democratic way. They are just labelled as being vermin etc. etc. The rank and file continue their plod forward trusting the party management are right and that all will be well in the end.

But can it be all well in the end? Can a political party really expect to reap the rewards of success when it constantly gets rid of its best and its brightest because they identify the weaknesses in the party and care enough to take the concerns and complaints of others within the party to their leader?

In the last Decembers purges, for example, it was much publicised that Kenny Smith, Sadie Graham and the rest of the so called ‘Rebels’ were outed from the Party because of the ‘Enoughisenoughnick’ blog that was set up. Total codswallop, they had seen the signs that their days within the party could be numbered way before that, back in September/October 07. It must also be remembered that the blog did NOT attack the party and did NOT attack Nick Griffin in the first instance. It was a last ditch attempt at getting something done regarding Collett, Hannam and the like and getting Nick to listen to what so many members were complaining about.

The discovery of the blog being set up by way of the recording, legal or illegal, was pure chance, completely by accident, a Godsend that gave Griffin the chance to do what he had been in planning for some time. But the way that he did it showed complete and utter ignorance and bull headed incompetence in reading and handling the situation. Nick may be a good orator and politician but a manager? a people smith? never.

Instead of suspending, who he considered to be the guilty, pending an immediate hearing by their peers, a disciplinary, and expulsion from the party if it were found necessary, Griffin had the whole affair broadcast to the Nation and his dog, giving the blog address and started the usual round of damaging slander. Vermin, MI5 agents and Searchlight Moles etc. He knew he would have to really lay it on thick because it involved ranking members of the B.N.P. that were respected within the party for their hard work and dedication to Nationalism. (Yes this has all been said before but the carpet has got mighty lumpy over the years and it is getting lumpier month by month.)

Griffin acted in his own interest in removing, once again, talented people that, in the future, might threaten his hold on the leadership of the party, a move that has damaged the Party and, if I read the situation correctly, will come back to haunt him and be an awakening to those that still think the sun shines out of his every orifice.

Quote from Walter Matthau in the film ‘Grumpy Old Men’

‘It must be nice living in Never Never Land, I’ll visit you when I want a break from reality.

End quote.

I believe in, and would always support, the Nationalist belief, but when I hear members say that Nick Griffin is the only hope for Nationalism in this county, I fear for its future. It’s the British Nationalist Party and its members that are the hope for the future and our hopes should lie with them. But if Griffin gets his, much mooted, place in Europe and hands the leadership over to Collett, so he can still pull the strings attached to this obnoxious piece of work, then there is no hope, it will disintegrate.

Anonymous said...

"Does the blog owner have the facility to grab the IP numbers of anonymous people posting hostile messages? If so, then put their IP number on their posting. That will deter most of these cowards from posting venomous crap."

That's a good idea/question.

Perhaps someone could mention how it may be possible to extract IP numbers from blog postings. (I can do it from emails)

Webmonkey said...

"Does the blog owner have the facility to grab the IP numbers of anonymous people posting hostile messages? If so, then put their IP number on their posting. That will deter most of these cowards from posting venomous crap."

Not possible and even if it were it would serve little purpose. IP addresses are not like telephone numbers. They do not identify an individual, only the network that an individual is using. Only the admin of that network and various law enforcement agencies can match the IP address with the individual. Here's my current public IP address but next time I reboot my router it will be different.

Also that IP address might be shared by scores of users on the same network over the period of a few days/hours depending if they are using modems rather than routers.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has been a fundholder of the party will know that Dave Hannam is not up to the job. For a short time monthly details of the branch accounts were sent to fundholders, every mouth without fail our branch would be credited with money I hadn't bank. If you wanted an Order purchase number out of the guy you'd wait for ever.

Incidentally, there are a lot of trolls leaving comments, they usually give themselves away by leaving short crude messages.

BAe 146-200 said...

"If you wanted an Order purchase number out of the guy you'd wait for ever."

Our group recently wanted an order purchase number and got one straight away.

Anonymous said...

"Our group recently wanted an order purchase number and got one straight away."

WOW......lucky you. I guess you can only speak as you find, and I found the man a complete waste of space. How different from Mark Payne who they got rid of ! When a new fundholder started his job he'd get an info pack and uusally a 'phone call of welcome from Mark.
Any mistake in your petty cash book and he was down of you like a ton of bricks, like it should be. I never did get a petty cash book out of DH and use to buy my own.

Anonymous said...

I work in a small business with a turnover of 3 times that of the BNP. I allocate one half day per week to deal with financial matters and the accounts are perfect. The wool is being pulled over a lot of eyes!

I am unable to get to the RWB but look foward to a report on the outcome of the EGM - I hope there is a back-up plan should the result of any vote be won by NG through manipulation etc - new party anyone?