Friday, August 15, 2008

News Flash!

There have been unconfirmed reports that a bomb was thrown early this morning at the gates of the RWB site in Denby, Derbyshire, by 'militant anti-fascists?'.

Information is very sketchy at this time, but as soon as we can find out more, we will report it here.

Update –

It has been virtually impossible to verify any of the above information, but we do have a reliable source that has told us that the police are ‘taking something very seriously indeed’

One particular Griffin-propaganda blog had posted information about an incident, but later retracted it and denied it had happened in a clearly very clumsy and desperate attempt to hide something, and blamed local youths with fireworks.
Quite why the police would take a kid with a ‘firework’ very seriously indeed, is something worth pondering.

It is the belief of the Challenge for Leadership team that indeed a very serious incident has probably taken place, and Griffin’s lie machine has gone into overdrive to conceal the truth to protect his money-spinning weekend.

The police may well also have put into place a ‘D notice’ preventing any media outlet from reporting the incident while they investigate further. We will leave it now for the reader to come to their own conclusions to this mysterious and potentially very worrying situation.


Anti-gag said...

Send 3/4d we're going to a dance.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Given the amount of police activity and surveillance around the site this would seem very unlikely. Could it be something along the lines of a bag of flour being thrown, and some of the Griffin's goons squad have been too hungover to know the difference. Either way let's hope the police get the perpetrators.

Richard Chadfield said...

If true this is Interesting.
1) The report is false.
2) The report is true.
Either way we see an attempt to frighten members away --not only from the RWB but from the following EGM that has been taged onto the end of the RWB. If members are frightened away from the EGM who benefits? I would suggest the currant leadership since there will then be almost zero opposition to their motions to change the constitution. (ie non pro leadership members will stay away--have been frightened away) Alernativly the police can close down the whole event in the interests of public order. If the currant 'leadership' are growing doubtful of the viability of this years RWB or thier ability to carry the motions at the EGM this would pull their chesnuts out of the fire for them.
Very interseting because to me it looks like the 'reds' may be helping the BNP leadership out of a tight spot. This is my first immediate thought--others may have better thoughts on the matter.

Anonymous said...

The EGM is a very big threat to Gri££in.
Certain security to day have told me certain members will not e allowed into vote.

Anonymous said...

Ha, bloody funny!

Anonymous said...

I don't know why but I smell a rat.Why are we taking a firework serious?
Fireworks folk nothing to do with politics.
Maybe the leadership thought they could make something out of this firework incident and scare people off.So Gri££in gets a clear run.

NWN reader said...

It's the fault of one of Griffins thugs Tommy Williams. He posted this stuff all over the www.

Apparently it is alll nonsense.

(Williams is one of Griffins main telephone threateners)

ex-bnp and thankfull said...

Tommy Williams is a fat vile half-illiterate moron. He is just the type of scum that Gri££in loves to have on his books to do the dirty little jobs that he himself is to cowardly to do.

I think that something serious has happened at the site and Gri££in is very worried that the punters will find out and wont attend and pay their £6 for a Chris Vanns shit sandwich and cup of tepid nat's piss.

nwn reader said...

I hear that Vanns has got the boot, and hi beinga thick Griffinite I am pleased.

Burnley BNP is now in the safe hands of a lady BNP Councillor, I am told.

Cllr Chris said...

The news today is that "700 anti BNP demonstrators are expected to turn up ..."

It's reported "Police are using special powers to control the rally .....". And therein lies the real clue as to what's going on here!!

I very, very much doubt there will be 700 anti BNP demonstrators - nor anything like. But this is a damn good excuse to post a couple of hundred police on the site. Let's see if and how the police use their "powers" to harrass the event. Indeed the very fact of this news being publicised is I am sure designed to put off as many BNP members as possible from even turning up to the event (especially seeing as no advance tickets have been sold this year - entrance fee on the gate).

As this event is also including an EGM, where Mr Griffin is expecting opposition, I am also wondering to what effect the police will be used here? No doubt ordinary members should expect themselves to be well photographed. Very handy having the police so nearby for any "trouble" caused by BNP members against the Constitutional changes being voted on.

Might be that latecomers will be kept away - or delayed unreasonably - by overzealous police. Very convenient for Mr Griffin.

Also the Police might use the absurd "no alcohol" vindictive ban on the event by the local council as an excuse to post police all inside the event.

As you can tell - I do expect the police to be used more against BNP members than to protect them. I expect they will stay for the whole event even if not a single demonstrator turns up. As I said - very convenient for somebody!!

I was wondering what else might be tried on with this event after yesterday's "bomb" hoax was exposed to be exactly that. Now we know.

Machinations abound.


Anonymous said...

There is no need to criticise people like Chris Vanns who are essentially decent people that have done a lot over the last fews years.

Chris and his family have devoted a lot of time, effort and money and just because he has been fooled by Griffin (most of us have at some stage) does not mean he deserves slating.

It should not be our, in fact anyone's, goal to slate as many people as possible, especially decent people, we should stick to the 10-12 morons such as Griffin, Collett, Darby, Barnes, etc. who are nasty pieces of work and total scum.

If people have small diffences they should put them aside and join forces to rid nationalism of a big problem - Griffin.

Regards to all
Ian Dawson


If people have small diffences they should put them aside and join forces to rid nationalism of a big problem - Griffin.

Regards to all
Ian Dawson

Hopefully, this load o' wesher-wimmin will listen to you, Ian, I've been saying this on most of the postings since it began!
Instead of moaning and slagging off people, I got on with it and took action - See page 4 of the Morley Observer and Advertiser of 13th Aug. You'll get the drift!


As a disgustedly resigned member, I had to send the following comment to the Daily Mail report - after all, fairs-fair!!

Bob Crow, of the RMT union, was at the rally. He said: ‘The BNP stands for everything that we are not.’

Whilst not a member of the British National Party, questions should be asked by so called MP's about the Union's behaviour, indeed, by ANY law abiding person. Questions such as - - -

So was it the BNP who were stoning the police bob??

Do the BNP hold violent marches against other LEGALLY registered political parties??

Do the BNP hold violent marches, requiring the large police presence and wasted man-hours, protecting any other non-violent picnic or garden parties??

Yes, bob - so far the BNP DO stand for everything you are not - violent peoples who frequently use illegal methods against democracy and peaceful gatherings!!

But there again, bob, its not Facism when you do it, right????

CambsBNP said...

Ian Dawson is right (again!). There are some basically decent people who have been reeled in by the Griffin faction - each one will learn of his duplicitous actions and paranoia. Concentrate the attacks on the core players - the big spider himself Nicholas Griffin, his poisonous and deranged advisers Darby, Barnes and Kemp and the grotesque, perverse Collett and Reynolds. Everyone else is a victim of the snake oil salesmen rather than a perpetrator.

redrose said...

What happened to the EGM vote anyway?

Cant seem to find out much cos the press dont run bnp stories which dont concern the big pig farm crook.

exburnleybnp said...

I seriously think people have been brainwashed by Gri££in, but fear some of them are like B-Movie zombies beyond redemption.

We cannot have sympathy with those who have been bitten by greedy Welshpool vampires.

The stake through the heart is sadly the only option for Gri££in's attack dogs. We will never be able to reason with brainwashed lackeys who are beyond all programming.

We need to face the facts that some innocent-seeming bnp members will always see the sun shining from the One Eyed Monster's backside no matter what crap he dollops onto them.

If we dont take on the brainwashed loyalists, and aim only for the generals, can we victorious in the British Nationalist battlefield?

If not, why not?

I feel extremely numb, as if ten years of my life has been wasted for nothing.

Anti-gag said...

The 5% compromise is in fact no compromise at all, and I’m convinced that this 5% level was Griffin’s intention all along, because without a membership list it’s totally unachievable, and leaves him in the position of an unchallengeable dictator. Mr Griffin has no political ambition for the BNP at all, to him it’s simply a source of income. For the sake of our nation, and our people, he must be stopped.

We must be honest with ourselves now, the only we can save our nation (from being breed into oblivion) is by getting MP’s elected, then ask ourselves under Griffin’s leadership are we ever likely to achieve that? Mr Griffin does not want a serious political party, or even a party that grows much above 6 or 7 thousand members, simple because he’ll lose control of it. Last Sunday there was no opposition to Griffin, despite what people may think they saw at the EGM, all that was just another of Griffin’s cleaver road show again. Once again can I ask people to be honest and ask yourself if Collett would ever dare speak against Griffin, knowing that be doing so he was risking his position on the BNP’s gravy train, face it we were all set up!

We need a leader with management skills not a charismatic actor/conman. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but yesterday the BNP took one big step closer to becoming the Nick Griffin fan club.

Chris Hill