Sunday, August 10, 2008

The three options of repression

It came as no surprise to realise the depths to which Nick Griffin is prepared to stoop in order to make ‘a few extra quid’ had sunk even lower.

The disgust that a great many people have felt on hearing that the Party is selling fake Victoria Crosses; the highest military honour that can be bestowed on our brave armed forces personnel, has already been noted and commented on, and so does not need reiterating once again.

However, there is one point that many people, although already offended that Griffin is pursuing the ‘any old tat for money’ line have missed.

Griffin – Anyone is entitled to my opinion; because yours is worthless.

The fact that so many members and supporters have expressed their revulsion at the Party selling such crass tat, have quite obviously made no impression whatsoever on Griffin.

We have been reliably informed that when questioned regarding the potentially negative ramifications of such insensitivity, Griffin’s attitude was simply one of "If you don’t like it tough s**t, I’m the chairman and I make the decisions".

This type of 'Griffinism' we have all come to recognise, and although one can become desensitised to such belligerent arrogance, it nevertheless still comes as a shock considering that his popularity has hit rock bottom.

Under any normal democratic and non-dictatorial constitution, Griffin would have surely been thrown out on his ear by now by an angry membership for the shocking way which he has purged the Party of its brightest stars, while fleecing the membership of their donations in such a blatant way.

Griffin has reacted to the request to take down the sale of the Victoria Crosses as an attack on him and his regime. Just like the rhetoric he routinely spews at the meetings he speaks at, he simply reiterated his infamous line. "If you are not with me then go, and go now".
This proves to us that he is indeed a desperate coward that hasn’t even the most basic quality of any nationalist politician; the desire to listen to the wishes of the people.

Simon says, ‘Put your hands in your pockets’

Simon Darby, Griffin’s appointed National Press Officer and Deputy Chairman, in his usual ham-fisted fashion, attempted to try and palm off this issue by informing the national press that, quote,

"We [BNP] don't get donations from dodgy foreign businessmen or the trade unions - so we raise money in other ways".

Yes, we know Mr. Darby, like for an example, lying to the membership about desperately needing to raise tens of thousands of pounds to buy a [Truth Truck] lorry, when in fact you already had one waiting there all along!

The whole fund raising campaign is simply a gimmick to raise enough cash so that Griffin can fight his European Parliamentary campaign, and attempt to pay off his growing legal fees after failing to break the will and take away the homes of several ex-Party officials he purged from the Party last December.

Griffin’s dictatorship – backed-up with his hired muscle and the police.

Many members and ex-members alike have been in contact with the Challenge for Leadership team, and suggested that we attend this year's RWB en-mass in order to rally the growing support for the removal of Griffin from within it.

This course of action would not be beneficial to the goal of removing him; it would in fact play directly into his hands. Griffin would like nothing more than to attempt to once again label those that have dared to stand up to him as ‘Searchlight backed Red’s’ etc. We have been reliably informed that Party security has been handed a list of those persons "his Lordship" has deemed as undesirable to his weekend of Griffin-Worship.

Chairman’s Orders

Anyone on that list will be denied access to the site by security operating under ‘Chairman’s orders’ and then reported to the Police and possibly even arrested for Breach of the Peace to spend the rest of the day in a Derbyshire Police cell.

Griffin would then simply lump these patriots in with the assortment of 'Reds' and Communist types that are sure to hold a protest this year. Basically everyone outside of planet-Griffin would then simply be tarred as being ‘backed by Searchlight, blah blah blah’.

He would then make great play of it at every opportunity thereafter, about how we, the Challenge for Leadership team, tried to ruin the RWB but were stopped by his 'wonderful and intuitive leadership!’

We must continue to use our heads if we are to remove him – RWB Sunday EGM

Those freedom loving members of our Party who are attending this year's RWB, who believe that they will be given access to the site, once on site must carry themselves with that same honour and determination that afforded them the insight and perspective to realise the true character of Griffin in the first place.

During Sunday’s EGM, we implore such nationalists to use their voice to vote against Griffin’s proposals that if pushed through would officially and emphatically reduce the Party to that of a third rate tin-pot dictatorship.

Psychological pressure

Griffin’s opening address at the EGM will be polished and carefully worded and he will use every political salesman cliché in the book to try and deceive those voting members in attendance.

There is also likely to be a heavy security presence close to hand should he feel the need to exert a little extra psychological pressure on the audience by expelling one or two people from the meeting should proceedings displease him in some way.

Griffinism’s Achilles heel – The truth, articulated moderately to the membership.

The majority of people who have joined the Party have done so because they have seen through the blatant lies of the three main Parties, and decided to act in the hope that they could help build a viable alternative.

We ask these same people to simply do this once again, this time from within the Party with their eyes wide open. The membership must be kept informed about the desperate decrees and diktats that Griffin is prepared to throw at them in order to maintain his damaging regime that is dragging the Party down.

A time for hope!

It is our firm belief that the British National Party can, and will be wrestled away from Griffin; but it is going to take time, pressure and patience.

A growing number of nationalists from around the country have realised the truth, and Griffin’s principle propaganda machine the BNP website, is simply no longer sufficient to keep the wool pulled down over the eyes of the membership.

The greater part of the membership are starting to see the plain truth for what it is; they are realising that in Griffin’s warped version of our once proud Party, all individual members are afforded one of three options with their 2008 membership card -

Option 1 - The surrendering of all your nationalist principles and beliefs to those in line with Griffinsim which shall include a total unquestioning allegiance to him at all times.

Option 2 - Leave the Party quietly and leave now.

Option 3 - Be purged and bullied from the Party and then labelled a ‘Searchlight mole’ and slandered.

This is the state of play today for all members of the British National Party, but this terrible state of affairs will not last.

The sun will set on Griffinism, and we will continue to do what we can to accelerate its demise.

We wish all those attending the RWB a safe and pleasant journey – a report on the RWB weekend will follow.


Anonymous said...

It's time for true Nationalists to take off their blinkers and use their heads.

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the EGM. Maybe it can be reversed and bnp can enter politics again.
To nick griffin and paedo boy the bnp is a business.And a very good one.The main objective is to make plenty of money for themselves and they are doing.Talk about drug dealers we now have Nationalist dealers who sell nationalism.

Becareful at the EGM .This is 1984 in reality.

Lockheed TriStar said...

What happened to the Boadicea bus that was publicised so much a couple of years ago? It seemed to fade into obscurity.

The TriStar's third attempt to get a comment on this blog - will I be lucky this time? :-)

bloody angry said...

I will be attending Sunday but only to have my say against Gri££in’s leadership and I don’t care if he has his bloody gorillas hanging around. I know I will not be alone!

now ex. SE said...

I'll not be attending the RWB or the EGM as my membership is a month short of the required two years to vote. There are other things that I will NOT be doing. tThey are leafleting, donating, attending meeting and certainly not renewing my membership if Griffin gets money grabbing way, I've had enough.

Be Strong said...

To Bloody angry:

That is the spirit I would like to see MUCH more of.
Well done, but please be careful.
You are speaking for MANY more of us, but we are unable to attend.

ex-eastern region said...

If I was still a member I would go just to vote against him. I did not renew my membership after last Decembers debacle and the way that disgusting little slimeball Collett tried to take advantage of those young girls in his hotel room. The way that Gri££in defended him after that I found just as shocking. I no longer like to admit to people that I was once a member becuase of that.

Salvation said...

There is ONLY one way forward and that is en masse resignations from the BNP and the founding of a new party devoid of the baggage that has held, and continues to hold, us back.
By the time Grifin is ousted, if he ever is, it will be on his terms, and that of his cohorts who will also ensure that there will not be a penny left in the coffers for us to do anything with.


Aberdeen-Patriot said...

I will not post as anon, Hi its that pesky ex Aberdeen organiser again, always telling the truth, especially about the griffin crawlers we have up here in Scotland, or should I say the small handful of limited intelligence members who are too weak to stand up for good over bad.
They think they are taking the correct course of action by keeping the BNP up here going, but in reality they are plunging a knife into the backs of their own children because by supporting Griffin they are ensuring that the BNP never gain any real power.
They sit back and watch as many of the shining lights in the party get purged, and wonder why we are not moving forward, especially given the political climate. Every day our country is flooded with new enrichers, everyday our country gets a more dangerous place for our children to live.
Griffin does not care because the only goal he has in life is money, and by supporting him you are supporting someone who wishes to keep the BNP as a small manageable party ripe for the picking.

The internal support mechanisms within the party have all but disappeared, I have spoken to two local organisers in Scotland this week who have told me that no-one has ever phoned them from head office to offer advice and support, even Gary Raikes seems to be in contactable unless he wants you. A far cry from 8 months ago when a phone call to Ian Dawson, Kenny Smith would be enough to get any problem resolved.
I wonder if local groups are still having the same problems with Hannam and Collet if they need something done, it took me over 7 months to get a party bankbook, cheers Dave, eventually it was K Smith that managed to sort the problem for me as I became exasperated e-mailing and phoning Hannam.

I remember when I first set the Aberdeen group up within a week I had received phonecalls from S Graham and Ian Dawson, as well as info packed e-mails. Now the local organisers in Scotland get no help, they get no information sent, and they are left totally in the dark as what is the best way to run a local group.

I could go on and on, but what is worrying is that new members to the party will never know how well things were run 8 months ago compared to now, many of these will leave, never to return. At least I met and worked with the decent nationalists, the honest, open helpful ones, so I have kept the feelings of wanting to return to the fold, the ones who have left and will leave over the next few years will not return, because they will not have seen the decent BNP, that I did, thanks to Griffin.
He is running a tacky, grubby, money making scheme for him and his close cohorts, and killing the last chance our children will have of having a homeland along with it.

So what are you going to do, will you continue to support Griffin because that is what the BNP has been turned into, the Griffin adoration club, or will you have the guts to speak up and challenge his party killing antics. Vote against him at the RWB, if you don’t you have killed the BNP.

Anonymous said...

How can you take a party serious with mark collet as an official.

The BNP is supposed to stand for family values .Well we know who's family prospers from griffins shifty hands.

When the bnp is destroyed two men will sit in there nice houses richer

And the membership will be sat at home poorer and frustrated.

And paedo boy will be smirking.

There is so many people on griffins bank roll,that saving the country or nationalism comes second place.

First of all they want to secure themselves financially.This is the main objective not Nationalism but capitalism.

Can you imagine paedo boy in a few years time saying how he took a 14yr old girl back to his hotel room and the far right bnp helped to cover it up.

I believe if we dont get rid of Griffin and his poodle .
The nationalist dream is over folks.

Beaten by greed and spineless Nationalists who were scared to stand up to griffin.

The way Nick Griffin is destoying the bnp and paedo boy with his young girl grooming antics are going to go down in Nationalist history.

Do you want to be known as the one that took the fight to Griffin or the spineless one to scared to speak out.
Good luck on sunday

Anonymous said...

You don't have to have two years membership to vote - you just have to be a paid up member!


Anonymous said...

now ex. SE said...
"I'll not be attending the RWB or the EGM as my membership is a month short of the required two years to vote."

Now ex. SE, all paid-up members can attend and vote at the EGM, not just so-called 'voting members'.

GoldMember and Donor said...

I am a 72 year old pensioner, known to many in my area and beyond and they can vouch for me that I have given over £30,000 to the BNP since its early days but I have not given a penny since that Channel 4 documentary showing a pathetical, juvenile Mark Collett making a mokery of the cause of nationalism. This wet behind the ears lout tried to claim he was going to be some kind of hero to be remembered for generations. He also said he liked to break people even his girlfriends. His own words brought shame on the BNP and the greater Cause and he should have been given the push years ago. I once asked Nick Griffin why he had not removed this idiot and he replied, "no one else can do the job". I was very upset by this reply as I am sure there must be many people able to create designs and layout leaflets. Well I wont give another penny until both Collett and Griffin are replaced. I just hope I live to see that day.

Moneychanger said...

"What happened to the Boadicea bus that was publicised so much a couple of years ago? It seemed to fade into obscurity."

Fade into obscurity....yep just like the donations from the vulnerable.

Charms, potions, pardons...everything can be bought from Saint Nickolard, even your souls.

Anonymous said...

I remember when I first set the Aberdeen group up within a week I had received phonecalls from S Graham and Ian Dawson, as well as info packed e-mails. Now the local organisers in Scotland get no help, they get no information sent, and they are left totally in the dark as what is the best way to run a local group.

This is a total lie, please remove rants like this that do your cause no good what so ever, we havent local organisers they are now regional organisers and organisers in Scotland recieve all the help they need that is FACT, better organised meetings, FREE leaflets, emails every week, I could go on but of course you wont post this as it doesnt suit your aims, but lets be clear Aberdeen Patriot(sic) is a liar.

A Scottish organiser

Richard Chadfield said...

Anonymous Moneychanger said...

"What happened to the Boadicea bus that was publicised so much a couple of years ago? It seemed to fade into obscurity."
Who knows? Perhaps the BNP never really owned it. Perhaps it was leased/rented for a while and perhaps it has now returned to it's owners. It's where-abouts is all a mystery to the rank and file BNP members. But it is not forgotten and the appeals for money to support it are not forgotten. Perhaps BNP members should ask the South West Regional Organiser about the matter.But now BNP members have another mould breaking venture to sink their money into. A 'truth truck'. What questions will be asked by remaining members two years hence about the where-abouts of the 'truth truck'? Probilly the same as those now being asked about Boadicea.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

I attended the RWB last year and with the assistance of my wife, had a stall to promote North Kirklees BNP. Now we have a new organiser, I sincerley hope that this years stall will be bigger and better than last year.

I shall not be attending as I am unsure whether our membership has been cancelled due to our continued support for Colin Auty.

I still have a marquee and banner available should North Kirklees wish to be represented at this years RWB family festival!

Simon Towers

Lockheed TriStar said...

Richard Chadfield said...

Anonymous Moneychanger said...

"What happened to the Boadicea bus that was publicised so much a couple of years ago? It seemed to fade into obscurity."

Richard Chadfield - the question about the Boadicea bus was in my posting. I had been curious about the bus for a while now, I remember reading about it in VOF and I think there was a section about it on the old BNP website and the BNP forum. I remember thinking it seemed a good idea at the time and then it disappeared.

(And is there any way of making the names display correctly in the comments list? My name is spelled with a capital L, capital T and capital S).

Anonymous said...

Is Gr££in more important than the country?
Is mark sex groomer collet more important than the country?
Should The BNP be seen as more than just a private enterprise to make money out of gulible nationalists?
In 20 years time your children and grand children will be asking.
What was you doing when Gr££in and collet were destroying the BNP?
Be brave don't be spineless.
See you on sunday.

Anonymous said...

We all need to make a peaceful stand this Sunday.
Maybe good idea if people brought cams .This may stop descent Nationalist being thrown out heavy handedly.
Remember alot of the security will see Gri££in as their employer and will not want to lose their wages.

Aberdeen-Patriot said...

What we are forgetting is that there would be no Griffin like purge if we manage to replace him by the reformers, for they seek to make the BNP a true electable party that will be well run. We appreciate everyone that’s willing to join the party, and any arguments etc will be dealt with properly, and every avenue taken to reach amicable agreements. People getting kicked out of the party is something that we don’t want to see, no matter what the difference of opinion is.
Difference of opinions are settled by democratic means, unlike what we have at the moment where no difference of opinion is allowed by Griffin and those that held these different opinions are purged, from the party.

So ant security at the RWB need not fear for there jobs or positions, unless like Collet they bring the party in disrepute and damage our credibility with voters.

We need every member working for the cause, we value every member, and we respect the right of every member to have different ideas and opinions,

All we ask is that they act lawfully and shine a positive light on the BNP.

Look at the fear that Griffin has encapsulated the BNP in, no one is free to speak their minds for if they do they are out and classed as scum, this is not the way it should be.

Like the other posters all I can ask is that you think about your children and their future.

Griffin will kill the BNP, he has to go.

Richard Chadfield said...

Are proxy votes allowed at the EGM. That is can someone stand up and say they have authority to vote on someone else's behalf. If so what is the probability that Mr Griffin will, if the need arises, stand up with a fistful of proxy votes? How will members know if such proxy votes are genuine?
Richard Chadfield

Lynne said...

Richard - You and everyone else there are MEMBERS of the BNP. As members you decide what is and what isn't permitted. You have always had that power. If something is not permissable you state that 'on mass'now. Others have brought him to his knees at great personal sacrifice. It's down to the BNP now and that's you.

Tory boy Gr££in. said...

Looking farward to Sunday.What we must do is control our anger and let the rest of the brain washed bnp see what he is really like.
Are we going to wear voice of change badges? Maybe good idea.
Wearing badges or something could show solidarity.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen story teller said....for they seek to make the BNP a true electable party that will be well run. We appreciate everyone that’s willing to join the party, and any arguments etc will be dealt with properly, and every avenue taken to reach amicable agreements.

Oh right, that's why your now defunct blog attacked BNP officials with personal abuse backed by lies,
you never listen to both sides and have only ever been interested in disrupting the BNP, now why is that I wonder.

And why no mention that there will be a leadership challenge before the four year rule comes in? Or are you worried you wont get the support again?


If bnp officials sex groom 14yr old children then they need to be exposed.Dont they Mark Collet?
If bnp officials are making a mockery of nationalism they need to be exposed dont they Mr Gr££in.
Look at the history and background of the reformers.The reformers are more professional etc.

Do you really believe a party with young nazi and proud idiot collet can be taken serious.
If you do then god help us all.
My friend the bnp needs to be more than just a guru and his devotees.

This should not just be a social club where nationalists help Gri££in to become richer.

Dont be spineless said...

Having Collet lol as a official lol is disrupting the party lol.
Maybe the reformers are sick of the chosen few in the bnp ripping off hard earning nationalists.

current member said...

Gri££in's vision of wholesome family values -
Michaela Mackenzie had an affair with Gri££in (talk about desperation) then Jackie Gri££in went off and slept with two (equally desperate) blokes to punish him! This is a fact.

Anonymous said...

To be honest I would'nt be surprised about griffins affair.But to me it is unimportant.The main thing is saving this country.What ever that means these days.

Anti-gag said...

The nasty little sordid accusations made by 'current member' should not be allowed on this blog. I also note that he or she doesn't offer any evidence, and hasn't got the decency to put their real name to the post.

Griffin may well be prepared to stoop to this level, we should not be!

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

But who is most desperate? Then I guess sometime after the RWB and Christmas Michaela Mackenzie, who is detested by many, including many on the AC will be for the chop then! Bless!!

Gri££ins not my guru said...

The accusation regarding michaela mackensieis is unhelful.Theres no evidence and we know where rumours lead.
Lets stick to the facts.

Fact 1 Mark collet did try and groom 14 yr old girl.

Fact 2 Gri££in is a con man.

I would not be surprised if this was a griffinite trying to tarnish Michaela mackensie.And what better way than to get the reformers to do the dirty work.

Ex-Burnley BNP said...

If you want to be taken seriously you will stop allowing through these scurrilous postings which are rumour and gossip and without evidence. I suspect that many of these are from the left-wing opposition making things look bad for the CFL team. Smarten up your act, as I have said to others, the facts which are all there in the public domain such as the BNP Accounts speak for themselves, keep it real and keep it truthful, the truth will bring down Griffin not silly spiteful rumours about affairs and petty squabbles.

Anonymous said...

McBride, you are a prat.

Anonymous said...

I was once a good friend of Michaelas and I know this to be true. She was single but of course Nick Griffin was married. The affair didn't last very long but when Jackie found out she of course put a stop to it all. She did go off in spite and slept with at least one other person. This is not rumour but fact, Griffin will never admit it because it shatters the whole family values myth, but it did happen. However despite this it shouldnt have been put up on this blog as it is not really relevant.

Anonymous said...

Michaela Mackenzie is in her mid to late 50s and joined the BNP less than 10 years ago - does anyone know anything of her previous history?

Anonymous said...

Branches should stop buying VOF and Identity, these are cash cows for Gri££in.

They should also donate money for local activities as it is needed - have no cash reserves and remit no money to head office.

Griffin has to "feed the monkey" - (I don't mean Colett!) don't let him do it with our cash!

Anonymous said...

From the nwn blogsite:

The Ballad of Co££e££ £he Wa££e£

Co££e££ £he Wa££e£ (£he $choo£gir£ $educer)
Wa$ p£ea$ing £he £adie$ - (Whi£e't Bo$$ wa$ away)

Tha£'$ Gri££in £he Gri££ter (£he $ni££in' $hir£ £i£ter!)
£icking Wi££ie$ (& $cro£um$) down $ou£h (co$ He'$ £ay)

£he bo$$e$ Wi£e ($ackie) $aid "Mar£ £ick my Crac£ie
I£ you £ick i£ We££, one day, you wi££ $ee"

"One day you'££ be £eader, you £ucky B£eeder
When we Gri££in$ re£ire - £o Croa£ia on $ea."

Bu£ Co££e££ £he Wa££e£. go£ £i££le £un £rom i£
Hi$ £avori£e gu$$e££ wa$ young, £ean an£ £igh£

$o when he wa$ done wi£h $ackie (£he mum)
He poked $enny (her daugh£er) a££ nigh£

Bu£ $ecre£$ e$cape, $oon £he £he bo$$ wa$ in£ormed
Hi$ £ury wa$ $cary £o $ee o

He'd ignored £he £act$, a£though he'd b££n warned
£ong ago £hat yoong Mark wa$ a paedo

£hi$ year$ red whi£e and b£ue, $hou£d be £air
i£ £he $un £rom £he c£oud$ i£ come$ ou£.

Bu£ £ake ex£ra care, i£ you £ake chi£dren £here
You $hould Know - £HERE$ A PAEDO ABOUT!