Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Could this become an addition to the Oxford Dictionary in the future?




n. the principles of 'Hedonistic-nationalism' associated with Nicholas John Griffin, characterized esp. by the extreme suppression of any internal dissident political or ideological views especially those that uphold family values or moral obligation to nationalist ethics.

2. a person who exploits his or her influence by abusing the meaning of something, or an organisation, for the betterment of themselves.

3. a person exercising absolute power, esp. a ruler who has absolute, unrestricted control within a sect or cult.

Grif-fin-ist adj. & n., Grif-fin-ize’v.


Anti-gag said...

Spot on.

Chris Hill

mike - eastern region said...

A fitting tribute indeed. I hope that this is how he will one day be remembered. Bloody

Anonymous said...

Can 'Griffinism, by any chance, be used in reference to sexual organs or the rectal area? This term could also be subdevided by size, gender, age, skin texture or folical covering.

Just a passing thought.

St George said...

Anonymous said...
Can 'Griffinism, by any chance, be used in reference to sexual organs or the rectal area? This term could also be subdevided by size, gender, age, skin texture or folical covering.

Just a passing thought.


What a great idea, especially the rectal bit when you consider what comes out of Gri££ins mouth,hot air of an oudious nature and a whole load of c**p.

Anonymous said...

Latest on the big names who have been purged from the BNP forum. It seems Arthur Kemp is a shadowy but influencial controler on the BNP forum and he decides who stays or goes and has had a big say behind this purge.

It seems the North East of England is taking heavy casualties right left and centre with regard to bannings.
Former North East regional organiser and Civil Liberty web Editor Kevin Scott has been given a lifetime ban for criticising the new BNP website.

County Durham organiser Trevor Agnew was also handed a lifetime ban for comments too wide of the acceptable perimiter.

Candidate and former North East elections officer John McCaffery has also been banned as has a current By election candidate Paul Ross for reasons unknown.

Stoke candidate Craig Pond has also gone the distance.

Rumour has it that Kev Scott was described on a secret moderators forum as trouble that needed getting rid of.
This and other bitching was contantly fed back to him by a moderator who was friendly with Kev Scott.

burneyman said...

Cyclops still is hoping to leave the party to peedo boy apparently after the euro elections.

I shudder to think what Collettism can mean!

Someone call Childline!

Anonymous said...

For STATE Griffin it's all set up, a nice little earner as an MEP and, with Collett as leader, the destruction of the BNP. Why can't those backing Griffin see it. All that hard work over the years wasted, my heart bleeds.

Anonymous said...

Collettism should mean when someone annoys you enough you feel like giving them a smack in the mouth, but that feeling already exists.

Terry's All Gold said...

Richard Edmonds has won a golden ticket to the Chocolate Factory as Nicholas Griffin holds open the gates and leers at the lucky dissident, opening his greedy arms with fake joy.

Edmonds will enter the Chocolate Factory with his eyes beaming with childlike excitement, believing he will become the most satisified sweet lover in Chocolateland.

Once the dazed dreamer is safely inside the advisory council, the gates will be locked, and the owner of the factory will open up the incredible chocolate machine's tubes on the first opportunity, allowing the critic to smell the raw power.

When little fat boy Edmonds can resist the power of Cyclops confectionary no more, he will jump into a pool of fake prestige and be sucked through the large luminous tube to his death.

How many other engorged chocolate fans will "win" a prized Griffinite golden ticket just so they can pig-out on power and meet their ultimate demise?

One might say, Gri££in with the help of 5arby is taking the whole of the membership as Willy Wonkers.

wolves lad said...

Everybody who refuses to join in the charade and help the Cyclops win his dream vacation in Brussels will be called unpatriotic traitors, reds, trolls, and everything else trash under the sun.

Watch this space!

Anonymous said...

The BNP's like George Orwell's 1984.

It makes me physically sick what's been allowed to happen.

Someone pass me a bucket!

Anonymous said...

Fascist run forum doesn't practice what it preaches.

BNP Members Forum Terms and Conditions

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Anonymous said...

Why have Richard Chadfield and Bev Jones gone over to the Tory Party? They did not last long in the BNP.

Charlie Barrow BNP

Anonymous said...

The VOC group has missed an opportunity to organise a BNP replacement party, which could have ensured the thwarting of Griffin’s little scheme for personal self enrichment. A BNP replacement party set up by September could have ensured a substantial number of BNP members would have joined the replacement party, rather than renewing their BNP membership.

This would have made the Euro elections particularly difficult for a rump BNP. As it is, Griffin is still odds against getting elected as an MEP. However Griffin winning or losing in June, the situation will remain the same. British Nationalism being nowhere.

The whole situation is a leadership problem. The BNP has effectively no leadership. The Tory party has effectively no leadership. The Labour Party has effectively no leadership. The VOC group has effectively no leadership. And so on. It could be described as a human conditions problem. We seem obsessed with only allowing ourselves to be represented by half witted parasites. Keine Ruhe.

disgusted guy said...

Peado Boy will be already making critical plans about how he will siphon bnp money into brothels and strip clubs once he's in the hot seat, brothels which use foreign prostetutes.

Anonymous said...

Who pays for NG's trips abroad? he should start thinking about the membership who give their money to fight for Britain! Instead of going abroad with Tim Waite and 5 Birmingham bnp members, this is awful and the bnp management should put a stop to this. Why has J Walker sacked the BNP???????????????

Anonymous said...

no updtaes her for ages- what is going on with regards to the campaign to get rid of one eye?

Anonymous said...

Why has Nick Griffin Sacked the ex Treasurer John Walker. He has left the bnp.????????????

Anonymous said...

Latest News Griffin expells John Walker

tonydj said...

Reply to Charlie Barrow BNP

Richard and Bev have not gone over to the Tory Party.

Where on earth did you hear that?