Saturday, May 24, 2008

A leader in crisis

“Are you with me?” demanded a clearly worried, purple-faced Party Leader who in November 2007 in his final address at the BNP Conference in Blackpool was even back then clearly displaying signs of both megalomania and paranoia and when the first response from a thoroughly stunned audience was too feeble for Mr. Griffin’s liking he roared again “Are you with me?”. The second response was far more voluble and clearly to His Lordship’s satisfaction, immediately switching his barely concealed sneer of contempt to a broad beaming smile at the adulation heaped upon him by a Party faithful of 200 or so members; new and old alike, confused whether they should humour him or silently head for the exit.

Any one who has ever ventured out into the beautiful wild landscapes of these islands with a group of friends and associates, perhaps as Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, in the military or just an informal weekend hill walking group will appreciate the value of placing trust in the person with the map. The lead man (or woman) with the OS map and these days the GPS device can get the group safely over the streams, avoid the danger spots, along the dry and leeward paths to the goal which may be a trig point on a mountain top, a camping site, a refueling station or a cosy country pub. The person who claims and then demonstrates his or her abilities to get the group to the goal is respected and valued, even if not personally liked by everyone in his or her group. Screw up, lead the group into a dangerous gully or a midge infested bog and then blame the weather, the map itself or someone else in the group for his own failings is the quickest way to lose any respect and earn contempt instead.

A leader of a political party which seeks to bring about revolutionary changes to the way our country is governed, the way our society is conducted and which seeks the absolute security for the indigenous peoples in our island homeland is bound to attract condemnation, belittlement and derision. It goes with the job.

Such condemnation, belittlement and derision is expected from that Party’s natural political opposition but when serious doubts about the Leader’s competence arise within the membership and attracts opprobrium from a rapidly growing number of that individual’s former colleagues and associates the ability of the man with the map is in question. Is the group still on course to get to its original destination? Has bad weather created such an obstacle to the wayfaring that the group had better seek shelter and sit out the rough patch? Has the man with map decided to change the destination without telling the group who are suffering hail from above and boggy ground from below, being ravaged by biting insects and risking the occasional rock fall as they follow the man with the map? Perhaps the man who started out with the map has lost his way and has blamed God, the weather, the makers of the map and a score of people in the group rather than admit the mistake to himself and to the group?

Respect earned never demanded

A good leader who wishes to remain in office will do everything possible to earn and maintain the respect of his close team of advisers and lieutenants, will do everything possible to earn and maintain respect from the wider mass membership who ultimately pay his wages through their annual subscriptions and furthermore will do everything to earn the albeit begrudging respect of rational political opponents, free thinking media commentators and the wider electorate who are unsurprisingly deeply cynical about any party politician, thanks to the stench of the greed, corruption and sleaze emanating from the inhabitants of the Palace of Westminster.

One thing a mature, long-sighted leader will never do and that is demand respect and loyalty. Only someone so paranoid, so superficial and insecure would demand that which is always earned and never freely given.

The Leader of the British National Party is now so lacking in confidence about the loyalty of those around him, so mistrusting of the officials and officers he has either appointed directly or indirectly that he is asking branch and regional organisers to test the loyalty of the Party’s own activists by getting each one to sign what is effectively an oath of allegiance to the Party’s current regime.

In the past 24 hrs the Party’s Head of Administration has sent out scores of “activist declaration” forms to regional organisers in a bid to test the allegiance of officials and foot soldiers. In echoes of Matthew Hopkins infamous 17th century witch trials anyone failing to sign the form will be assumed to be guilty, a trouble maker and a rebel and will be marked for demotion, suspension and expulsion. Anyone signing it and later regretting it will be marked for demotion, suspension and expulsion.

It is a further attempt to flush out all dissent within the Party, to tighten the grip on those who have given up thinking for themselves and will blindly follow over moor and mountain, through swamp and fen regardless of the ultimate destination, if indeed there is one.

Contempt for freedom and democracy

The BNP once claimed to stand for freedom, security, identity and democracy; the four fundamental pillars of nationalism. This absurd test of allegiance demonstrates clearly what the current Leader thinks of freedom for everyone other than himself. His recent and as yet unsuccessful attempts to derail a leadership challenge mounted by Councillor Colin Auty demonstrates clearly what the current Leader thinks about democracy in the organisation he is leading.

The activist’s declaration form strangely includes “I will do nothing to embarrass the Party”. It is unclear whether this will be retrospectively applied as it has not prevented The Great One from:

  • Overturning the lawful and valid disciplinary action against Mark Collett and Dave Hannam who brought the Party into disrepute after picking up two under age schoolgirls in Blackpool in November 2006.

  • Tolerating the existence of a handful of “bad backers” in various positions – spongers claiming benefits from the State while being paid cash in hand and getting expenses reimbursed by the Party Treasury.

  • Tolerating a totally incompetent Treasury Department which still manages to enrage scores of fundholders of local groups up and down the country; a department which cannot get its submissions to the Electoral Commission (EC) on time thereby incurring fines paid by members’ dues.
  • Bragging about the huge amount of money donated to the Party earlier this year but claiming just ONE permissible donation in its submissions to the EC for the first quarter of the year.

  • Actively promoting a supposed “Director” of its “Legal Department” who has made nationalism a derisory term by way of his endless hate-filled self-promoting rants combined with his supposed prophetic genius that the Second Coming is due to happen in 2012 and makes so many grammatical errors that he would never last one single day in a proper office job let alone a functioning law firm.

  • Joining the same globalisation highway as our political enemies which makes a virtue out of saving money by off-shoring goods and services as is evidenced by the latest wheeze of sending BNP officials to training courses in Valencia, Spain because “it’s cheaper than conducting a similar exercise in the UK”.

In reality from a legal point of view the declaration is not worth the paper it is written on and we have heard that so far not a single one of these forms has been completed and returned to the Supreme Leader’s HQ in Deeside. Perhaps the days following the Bank Holiday weekend will see the full scale of the disillusionment with the current regime in which case we can expect many more ludicrous edicts and acts associated with paranoia and megalomania.

How much more nonsense will the decent, long suffering members tolerate?

The wording of the

I, …………………………………………………………………………………….

wish to support and help in the election of British National Party candidates in the local authority area of


  • • I agree to abide by the British National Party’s Constitution and any amendments made to it under the provisions of the Constitution.

  • • I agree to accept the authority of the relevant local, regional and national officials of the Party.

  • • I totally repudiate and oppose the suggestion that British National Party members should stand as Independent Nationalist candidates and I condemn the use of lies and rumour-mongering to foster such an anti-BNP agenda.

  • • I agree that all Nationalists of good standing should join the British National Party and stand as British National Party candidates.

  • • I will do all that I can to ensure that any successful candidates will keep the Party whip and will not cross the floor to sit as a councillor for another Party nor as an Independent councillor.

  • • I guarantee that I will not associate politically with any proscribed organization or individual.

  • I will cease to associate politically with any organization or individual that is subsequently proscribed (in accordance with Annex 1 (5) of the Constitution).

  • • I will support the Party in its endeavours to lawfully secure its assets and property that may be held by other third parties.

  • • I will do all that I can to ensure that any successful candidate will loyally serve their full term unless unforeseen circumstances make it impossible for them to continue.

  • • I will do nothing to embarrass the Party.

  • • I can confirm that I am a current fully paid up member of the Party.



Friday, May 23, 2008

The problem BNP Constitution on sale now!

The contentious British National Party constitution is now available for sale again, though sadly not via official Party channels as it used to be, but from the Family Defence Appeal.

Follow this link to see how you can order your copy and discover for yourself why there needs to be constitutional change within the British National Party to make it more democratic, and the leadership more accountable to the membership.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We are your voice!

The following piece was originally a post comment sent to this blog by a long term Party supporter called Marcia.

It’s an excellent short narrative, and so in order to give it full justice we have instead posted it as an article.

It clearly spells out the frustrations and serious concerns about the future of our Party if it remains as it is today, little more than a plaything to serve the personal ambitions of one man.

The membership are now finally waking to the reality of the situation, and an increasing number are finding the courage to break the chains that have been thrown around the membership and speak out. We encourage others like Marcia to come forward and use their voice.
Only with the implementing of a democratic and accountable leader will the people of our Party be afforded the freedom they deserve.

Ordinary Folk

I am just an ordinary person. I am someone’s daughter, wife, mother, sister, colleague and friend. I am not an academic but I am well educated and love to read. I was brought up in a loving, supportive family with a strong sense of justice and independence. I have never taken my good fortune in that regard for granted.

I listened in on hours of political debate between my Dad and Uncle, who had completely different viewpoints. I absorbed it and then made my own conclusions, although I was never that politically inclined, I didn't need to be but I never wasted my precious vote. Back then I had political party policy choices and politicians that were not consumed by image, spin and greed. It was never perfect but I had choices and a vote that counted.

There have been times in my life when I have felt such a strong sense of injustice and community spirit that I have made a stand and have been quite surprised at my commitment.

In recent times though, I have seen a severe decline in our Nation’s core values and beliefs. There is a ‘sameness’ between our main political parties and I think that has contributed to the decline. We seem to have become compliant, accepting political corruption and deceit, our laws are abused, capitalism and corporate greed are condoned and political correctness has stifled our freedom to speak out. Politics is now a career choice for self enhancement and benefit.

I have never wanted to live anywhere else but this magnificent Country. I enjoyed the freedom I had to make what I wanted of my life. I learnt about our heritage, our artists, inventors and engineers and loved the different regional accents, the British sense of humour and the sense of belonging. Mostly, I was appreciative of those past generations who had given so much to retain the status quo.

Now I worry about my children and future grand-children’s future. They should have the right I had to be able to afford to live and work, contribute and thrive in their own country where they feel they belong.

We needed a political party that had a truly democratic structure and constitution and that held the same views and values as ordinary folk. I thought I had found it in the BNP. I wasn’t distracted by its critics and their politically correct attacks and misrepresentation, if any representation at all. I and the rest of my family attended meetings and dug deep to financially support and we subscribed to Voice of Freedom and Identity BUT IT WASN’T TO BE and I am bitterly disappointed..

The Party needs a Leader who surrounds themselves with intelligent, moral and passionate people. They need commonsense and be one of those they represent so they have had the same experiences. They must have courage, compassion, determination, be prepared to listen and learn. Above all else they must put others before themselves.

Leaders are only as good as those advisors and supporters around them.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The purging has commenced

Cllr. Roger Robertson, the former South-East Regional Organiser, has been told that he faces a disciplinary tribunal this summer as the BNP looks to expel yet another hard working and well respected nationalist. Cllr. Robertson is the campaign manager for Cllr. Colin Auty and this seems to have led to yet another shocking decision being taken by the BNP leadership.

Despite yet another instance emerging of the party being nothing more than a dictatorship, the campaign will go on regardless. Nowhere does it state that the campaign manager for an internal election has to be a member of the party. That said, Roger is very confident that a fair and balanced tribunal, if such a thing could exist at the present time, will find him not guilty of the ‘charges’ brought against him, and Roger will continue to be a member in good standing.

It seems that someone, somewhere is doing all they can to ensure the status quo within the BNP and to stifle any opposition. However, the fight to get an open, accountable, transparent and democratic BNP will go on. More news on this latest twist will follow once it becomes available.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The BNP Constitution – A Dictator’s Dream

This text below is taken straight from the BNP Constitution. It provides a startling insight into how much power the Chairman has in accordance with the Constitution, and helps explain how any person with that said power could easily be corrupted by it.

Anybody who would prefer either a democracy or a meritocracy over a dictatorship will be shocked at just how much power is given to the National Chairman.


1) Once elected, the National Chairman shall have full executive power over all the affairs of the party. This will include:-

(a) Power of appointment to all other executive offices in the party, with the exception of the Party Auditor, who shall be appointed by the Advisory Council as specified in Section 5 and who shall not be the same person as the National Treasurer. These include the Directors of Group Development & Regulation, Administration & Publicity, the National Press Officer and the National Treasurer as well as any other offices which may need to be created as the situation demands. Not all such appointments need necessarily be made by the elected National Chairman directly. They may also be made by subordinate officials. Nevertheless, all such appointments, direct and indirect, are made upon the authority of the elected National Chairman and may be over-ruled by him.

(b) Power to determine, and where necessary change, all organisational structures within the party and to determine all rules and procedures whereby such structures are governed.

(c) Power to determine all routine executive, administrative, policy and tactical decisions made by the party.

(d) Power to determine, and where necessary change, all policies relating to the political objectives of the party whilst remaining within the framework set out in Section 1 of this Constitution.

2) While the elected National Chairman may at his discretion delegate decision making powers to individual colleagues or to assemblies of his colleagues where he feels that such decisions may be better made, the elected National Chairman shall have ultimate and final authority upon any decision made.

The BNP has become, due to the hard work of all its activists (the current Chairman included) a major political party. However, even though the Party has grown in terms of popularity, the internal structure and mechanisms of the Party have stagnated, and even crumbled under the heavy weight. When the Party had a few hundred members, the current Constitution did the job, even though it was still a million miles away from being democratic. However, now the Party has thousands of members, and many more people of skill, talent, and experience, the Constitution is seriously outdated.

In fact, the current role of National Chairman is seriously outdated. Gone are the times when the Chairman could be here, there and everywhere. Gone are the times when he could head up all the main day to day operations, and also lead on policy and press relations. Quite simply, the situation at present is that because the current Chairman is trying to control everything, that the Party is suffocating and good people are being over looked for roles that the Chairman either tries to do himself, or fills with people whom he can easily control.

Section 3 of the Constitution basically says that the Chairman appoints everyone, has sole control over everything, can over-rule any decision, and is responsible for the entire running of the party, with ‘power to determine all routine executive, administrative, policy and tactical decisions made by the party’. This is simply absurd. While the position of National Chairman should be the most prestigious and indeed the most powerful, in no terms whatsoever should it give the Chairman sole control.

The Constitution needs changing so that the Party is split into three arms – an executive, a political, and a judicial arm. The Chairman should head the Political arm, an elected Party Manager should head the Executive arm, and an elected team of scrutinisers should oversee both previous arms and also head up the Judicial arm. This would bring about democracy, it would give people a chance to vote at different levels within the Party, and it would also take overall power away from the Party Chairman, even though he would still be a very powerful person. It would mean that rather than having the potential for one person with great talent running the show, there would be the potential for many more, with different people responsible for different things.


1) Any member of the party may become a candidate for the post of National Chairman of the party provided that person has served a term totalling 5 years' continuous membership of the party and is a party office holder as defined in Section 7 of this constitution. Should a member not be an office holder, then he may still become a candidate for the post if he first obtains 100 instead of the usual 10 signatures. No exception to these rules may be made unless it is with the consent of the currently serving National Chairman of the party,

2) Any such candidate must submit his nomination to the party's Head Office not earlier than 31st May, and not later than 30th June of any year. This nomination must be signed by the candidate and counter signed by a proposer and a seconder, both of whom must have served a term of membership of the party as specified in Sub-section 1 of this Section, and by 10 other members of the party who have served not less than 2 years' membership.

Thankfully, this part of the Constitution allows for a yearly Leadership Challenge. However, after speaking to those who were part of the 2007 Leadership Challenge, it seems that the National Chairman made a free and fair election nothing more than a pipe dream. A recent statement from the current BNP Elections Officer, who should be impartial to internal elections, stated that the BNP should not give the current challenger publicity, and that people should not sign his nomination forms. He also labelled the challenger a ‘joke candidate’. This is an absolute disgrace, and shows that the mentality of the leadership really needs to change.


1) The disciplinary code of the party is embodied in the Code of Conduct, which comprises Annex 1 of this Constitution.

2) Once the constitutionally defined internal disciplinary mechanisms of the party as outlined in this Section are exhausted in regard to the disciplinary procedures and proceedings, then the decision of the disciplinary tribunal is final and binding on the member concerned. As such, members (including those who have been disciplined or expelled) legally affirm and agree that they will not seek any external legal (or non legal) review of any disciplinary tribunal decision or its procedures. They also agree and affirm that they will accept the decision of any disciplinary tribunal as final and binding.

3) Members who have offended against the Code of Conduct or otherwise acted in a manner contrary to the interests of the party shall be liable to disciplinary sanction.

4) Ultimate authority to determine how the "interests of the party" as specified in the above Sub-section and in Section 2, Sub-section 5, may be defined rests with the elected National Chairman of the party or will any official or group of officials and/or members of the party authorised by him to art in that capacity.

We have recently seen a situation whereby committed nationalists, and in many cases, party workers, have been expelled from the BNP without having the chance to have a fair and impartial disciplinary hearing. They have not had any evidence brought against them. Their ‘crime’ was to criticise the Party Chairman. The latest round of expulsions were the most severe to date, yet they have been preceded by many others. This has led to a situation where there are as many talented nationalists outside of the BNP as there are in it. This is absurd, when we should all be fighting on the same side, and is a direct result of the current Chairman expelling people at will who he does not like or get along with. Anyone who he considers a threat usually gets expelled with a complete character assassination so that their name is blackened within nationalist circles.

Note part 4 of the above which states that the “interests of the party” are defined by the Chairman, or those authorised by him. It is easy to see how the “interests if the party” can easily become the “interest of the National Chairman”. There are simply no checks and balances to this power which has been so abused by the current Chairman. How can the expulsion of so many decent nationalists over the years, when all procedures have not even been started, never mind exhausted, be justified as “in the interests of the party”?


4) Any changes in Sections 1,4, 5 or 13 of this Constitution must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote of members attending a General Members' Meeting. Any member wishing to submit a resolution incorporating such change or changes for inclusion on the agenda of such a meeting must first obtain consent from the elected National Chairman for such inclusion, having in the first place submitted the resolution for consideration in accordance with Sub-section 6 of this Section.

This part of the Constitution outlines the fact that the Constitution can be altered by a vote at a General Members Meeting. This is incorrect, as general members are not necessarily voting members, and thus they can’t alter the Constitution. However, note again the fact that the National Chairman can either accept or refuse a resolution at whim – giving him sole power over everything once more. Even if a region was unanimous in its decision about a resolution, if the current Chairman did not want it to be discussed, it would not be discussed. End of story.


1) Consideration will regularly be given to changes in this Constitution for the purpose of improving the functional efficiency of the party. Final authority to determine such changes, however, will rest with the elected National Chairman - saving those Sections protected by Section 13, Sub-section 4.

2) Any changes made to this Constitution by a majority vote at a properly convened General Members' Meeting shall be effective from the time the vote is taken. Changes made by the elected National Chairman shall take effect following publication in a Members' bulletin. The revised Constitution in either case must then be published and made available within 30 days.

Here we again see the unrestrained power given to the current Chairman by the outdated Constitution. Worryingly, part 2 also states that the Chairman can make changes to the Constitution whenever he wants – all he must do is advertise the changes in the members’ bulletin within thirty days! Thus, while everyone else must submit a resolution to the Chairman, to see if he agrees that it can be discussed and voted on, the Chairman himself can alter the Constitution at ease, without the approval of anyone else.



(a) The National Chairman may proscribe individuals, organisations or publications which are so hostile to the party, or whose views and or behaviour are so likely to bring discredit upon the party, that members should have no contact with them.

(b) Such a hostile individual, publications or group is thenceforth regarded as a rotten apple and proscription is the means by which they are prevented from contaminating others. Not only are the proscribed barred from attending party functions and activities, but party members are barred from attending events organised by them and barred from sharing platforms with them, distributing or advertising literature and electronic media produced by or in support of them, and promoting events at which they are known or - in the opinion of the party leadership - likely to be attending.

(c) Proscriptions shall come into effect on publication in the National members' bulletin and remain in force until further notice. A full list appears on the party's website.

And finally, just in case anyone feels hard done by due to the decision taken “in the interests of the Party” as decided solely by the National Chairman, the National Chairman can prevent anyone from even contacting those expelled by proscribing them. This, of course, is again completely at the discretion of; you guessed it, the National Chairman. Possibly the reason that the Party website does not carry a list of all those expelled is because there would not be a web page big enough to show it!

In conclusion, I am sure that even the most ardent supporters of the current National Chairman must agree that this Constitution makes a complete mockery of natural justice, and needs seriously updating. How can complete power rest solely with one man? How can we convince the public that the BNP is a serious democratic political party when we have a Constitution that essentially allows for a complete dictatorship?

The current leadership challenger, Cllr Colin Auty, would revamp the current Constitution so that the Party would be much more democratic with a democratically elected Chairman, Party Manager, and Scrutiny Panel, and a separation of powers between them. There would also be a much fairer process in regard to discipline and tribunals so that people could not be expelled at will without any evidence being put against them.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sign now for change

As a card carrying member of the British National Party you can make the difference. As we have reported elsewhere on this blog the BNP needs a change at the very top. Under the current Leader, Nick Griffin, the Party has stagnated and become a laughing stock. It has failed to make the headway we all rightly expect, especially in this extremely fertile political environment. Add to this the internal management troubles, the disastrous public own goals by a handful of discredited senior officials and the lack of transparency in financial accounting matters it is clear that the Party faces a crisis. However it is a crisis which can be overcome; it can be accomplished by electing a new Leader without the negative baggage which Griffin burdens the Party.

The nomination form for Councillor Colin Auty can be downloaded here.
Please sign and return to the address on the form by 31st May 2008.

Help save the BNP from destruction, make a difference, help get Colin Auty elected as leader and let's take our country back.

Under the wording of the BNP constitution, signatories to the nomination must hold membership of the BNP for two consecutive years, i.e. must have BOTH 2007 and 2008 membership cards.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cllr Auty interviewed by the Press.

This article appeared yesterday in the Dewsbury Press. This revealing interview shows that Colin Auty as a highly articulate, passionate political figure who really cares about the people in his ward and his town. It also demonstrates that he has the respect of some political opponents of the BNP because he is a man of his word, who gets things done and has learned lessons from the gritty reality of being involved in local politics.

Those detractors of Cllr. Auty who state he cannot "cut the mustard" on handling the media would do well to rethink their unjustified claims. Colin is a man who can take the BNP forward to new heights of political success, a man who doesnt have the baggage which has saddled the BNP and prevented it from capitalising on the enormous potential that exists in the current political environment.

Colin Auty's interview:

Painter and decorator and part-time BNP councillor Colin Auty shocked his party last week when announcing he would challenge Nick Griffin for the leadership. It's caused a rift in the local and national BNP, but does it signify high ambition from the candidate or frustration at a fading political movement? DANNY LOCKWOOD spoke to him.

On the Friday lunchtime, two years ago, when the returning officer for Kirklees Council announced Colin Auty as the duly elected BNP councillor for Dewsbury East in the main hall of the town's Sports Centre, there were various reactions.

Nick Cass and his hard core of BNP activists danced in jubilation: here was proof positive that their extremist party was inexorably on the rise. Or so they thought.

Eric Firth, the deposed long-serving Labour man, stood stunned, as grey as his beard. Colin Auty looked up at me, standing among the journalists on the sports hall balcony, with a bemused look on his face and shrugged his shoulders as though to say 'crikey, what next?'

Crikey indeed. The only leaflets Colin had distributed during his election 'campaign' had belonged to his Labour rival Firth. He'd found them so hilariously and (he thought) hypocritically targeted at working class parts of Chickenley, that he took Eric's leaflets and shoved them through letter boxes in the posher Bennett Lane area.

Three days after his election, Colin, dressed in his painter and decorator's overalls, stopped for a chat in Dewsbury town centre.

I told him I'd never painted him as a BNP type. He described how he'd got fed up of being the bloke at the end of the bar, moaning and complaining and doing nothing about it. How he was sickened at what was happening to the town of his birth, with his perceived 'British' way of life being diluted by the day, washed away down the Calder.

He spoke of a new breed of ordinary people flocking to the BNP flag. How even then, he found some of the party's hardliners 'distasteful'. (That probably wasn't quite the word he used in hindsight.)

Two years on lots of things have changed. Colin among them, though that's not an observation he might recognise. At the age of 57 he has found a new articulation; there's a confidence born of public speaking, though as a sometime musician he's always been comfortable on a stage. But there's also been a closer forming of his political convictions - and that's unfortunate for the British National Party, depending on how you care (or otherwise) for their fortunes.

Dewsbury was the "jewel in the BNP crown" as their adored/reviled leader Nick Griffin described it after the 2005 General Election, and the district was again the centrepiece of their march on Kirklees Council in 2006 when they polled almost 20,000 votes and boasted three councillors. But 2008 paints a very different totem.

The election results of just two weeks ago defined a political party in as much of a local decline as Labour was nationally.

Their group leader, David Exley, lost his Heckmondwicke seat to the clinically mobilised Labour vote. In Auty's own Dewsbury East ward any shenanigans involving the Tories fielding an Asian candidate failed to either dent Paul Kane's dominant position or rally voters to the BNP flag.

Their performance in Dewsbury South, where Thornhill has always been a stronghold without quite yielding a seat, summed up the BNP's declining fortunes. Their vote dropped by a third, as the Tories wiped the floor with all comers.

It was a result generally mirrored across Kirklees, and perhaps unsurprising given that the local party is in turmoil.

High profile boss Nick Cass has barely been seen since the execrable 'BNP Wives' documentary aired on national television - a massive embarrassment to the party, with Cass and his pretty wife Suzy front and centre.

There is a schism generally between the new generation of moderates and, not to put too fine a description on it, the 'Paki haters'. It translates onto the national BNP stage with Colin Auty fronting up the moderate BNP membership's assault on the hardliners, challenging Nick Griffin for the party leadership.

Is he serious? A two-year councillor, a BNP member for only five years? Best known for writing an insulting ditty about Saville Town and performing it outside MP Shahid Malik's office in Daisy Hill?

Colin is pragmatic about his challenge:

"I don't think I will be allowed to win. I won't be allowed to address party meetings. I've had one cancel already and I was only going along with my guitar to sing a song.

His challenge has certainly ruffled feathers across the BNP. Their national election officer, Eddie Butler, has said members should refuse to sign Auty's nomination, describing his challenge as "pitiful and moronic", him as a "joke candidate" and saying that if a leadership challenge must be staged it should be "quickly, quietly and with no publicity".

So much for good old British democracy, but then again democracy has very little to do with the British National Party's traditional way of doing things. And that is why Colin Auty has chosen a bloody collision course and may or may not have a future in the party by the end of the summer.

The BNP leader, Nick Griffin, has an advisory panel but can override them. He has a virtual dictatorship - which the BNP's many critics will nod sagely at. Ring any 1930-ish bells?

"I will not follow a dictatorship," said Cllr Auty. "I don't want to see the party accountable to one man. I want to see the one man answerable to the party."

At a meeting in Leeds a few months ago, Griffin called BNP councillor Chris Beverley "vermin". Beverley, like Auty, is one of the new breed of BNP members calling for a more reasoned approach to politics.

"I find that abhorrent," Auty continues. "Just because the man is a moderate who wants to promote change? He is called vermin by his own party leader?

"I'm a councillor. I've stood in the firing line. I know what it's like to have the spears chucked at me. Nick Griffin comes out of his fort in mid-Wales to preach to the faithful every now and again.

"People see the media dwelling on the negatives, and it all surrounds people like Nick Griffin and Mark Collett.

"My voters say to me 'it's the image'. Nick Griffin is causing the stagnation of the party, with his holocaust denial, saying Islam is a wicked religion. It stops people voting for people like me and David Exley."

It would be interesting to hear Griffin's view of Colin Auty enjoying hospitality in the homes of Muslim politicians. To hear Colin describing how he gives respect to Labour councillor Shabir Pandor, the Lib Dems' Karam Hussain, the Tories Mohammed Mahroof and Khizar Iqbal - and they him.

"They are all due my respect. Everyone is worth respect. I never hurt and I never hate. I sail through life and I try to have a pleasant attitude to things."

It's ironic that the most hate and bile he has endured has been from white politicians. At the election count a fortnight ago a senior Labour figure threatened to punch his lights out - and got a real surprise when his bluff was called. There's not much fear flowing in Auty's veins. But then again like so many of his generation, he grew up in the school of hard knocks. Bullying, and attempts at it, receive short shrift.

The Kirklees Council learning curve has been steep.

"I remember my first time at a planning meeting. It was like the first day at a new school. I was sat on the bus on my own."

But it wasn't all cold shoulder. One councillor came up and offered him a sweet.

"Some individuals have managed to separate the badge from the person. They see that I'm a moderate kind of guy. They don't see me as a Nick Griffin type. I don't live in a fort, and only come out surrounded by bodyguards wearing shades."

After two years the experience of being a councillor has witnessed changes to the way he sees both politics and his party - though not his town, or his own beliefs.

"I've never been afraid of losing votes or even my council badge over what I say. This just gave me a chance to give a voice to the average people I meet on the street. But I don't have to hold onto the 'voice', because I really don't have any personal ambition at all.

"It seems to have created a vacuum for me though, in so much as although people are listening and agreeing and saying 'that's right Colin' and 'we agree with you Colin', they aren't necessarily behind me. It doesn't show itself in the vote. And I end up feeling a lone voice.

"Some people vote for me, but others cannot because of the image of the BNP. I'm trying to sell a new car with a scratched bonnet.

"My attitude has changed towards the BNP. It's changed locally as well because you get a better insight when you are involved within the council. You see issues differently on the inside.

"It's about power - the council. It's certainly not about people. Whether it's the parties or the individual politicians whatever they believe is right and just, they would relinquish it for a vote. That's probably my naivete, but I could not tell someone something wrong or go against what I believe, just to further my own ends. There aren't enough people out there telling it like it is.

"I got into politics to do something, achieve something. To see issues addressed, issues debated honestly, and then a positive outcome. That's not the reality, I'm afraid."

He enjoys to healthy debate of the closed room, trying to get things done for the district.

"But it's not the same in public. In a non-public arena we will get more people willing to talk. Once in public they feel the (BNP) badge comes to the fore and they are tainted if they at all acquaint themselves with me."

He speaks bitterly of credit for his work being claimed by political rivals, of seeing his contributions to local stories edited out of the Dewsbury Reporter, of local projects being schemed to suit political ends. But beyond that he gets great satisfaction out of simply being an effective ward councillor. "I like helping people, and you get to help lots of people in this job. Isn't that what it's about? It should be."

For now Colin Auty's political future is defined starkly by the next two months, when the BNP will be expected to stage manage the cursory dismissal of his leadership challenge. He knows that, but hopes his effort might begin a process of democratic change within the party. He is guarded about what the outcome will mean to him personally.

Certainly the way feral elements of the local BNP have turned on him have left a mark that won't be soon forgotten. Steve Cass, father of Nick, a regular Press letter writer and very much a Griffin acolyte, has been violently insulting of Colin Auty's leadership challenge.

But the core beliefs of the bloke no longer just moaning at the end of the bar endure still.

"Our children's children have to have a country that they can call their own. If you're from Hungary or Pakistan you can go back to your roots and they are there, your culture and heritage and traditions. But we are eradicating our own heritage, our own children's heritage, to accomodate all these people. It is sheer madness and there isn't another nation on earth would do it.

"Wherever they come to this country from, they still have their history and roots. And we won't have any in 20 or 30 years. That's a good enough reason in itself for me to stand as a politician, all by itself. To fight for our children's right to have a country still theirs.

"It's not because you don't like the colour of someone's skin or their religion. It's because they have their culture guaranteed and we have a country of white politicians trying to give away ours."

And after the Griffin challenge?

"I'll face that when I come to it. I'm stuck between the left-wing elements of the established parties and the right wing of the BNP, but I'm straight down the middle. And I think that's where the people are."

The Press

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our political orchard

A large amount of observations have been made recently regarding the lack of freedom within the British National Party. It is a subject of discussion that has grown rapidly over the last year; somewhat ironically ever since the Party Chairman, Nick Griffin and Mark Collett walked free from Leeds Crown Court for the second time to cheers of ‘Freedom, freedom!’ From the doting crowd outside.

So what is 'freedom' exactly?
Well according to the Oxford Dictionary it breaks down as follows –

noun 1 the power or right to act, speak, or think freely. 2 the state of being free. 3 (freedom from) exemption or immunity from. 4 unrestricted use of something: the dog had the freedom of the house. 5 a special privilege or right of access, especially that of full citizenship of a particular city given to a public figure as an honour.

For many hundreds of years our people have spilt their blood on the soil so we today can enjoy relative freedom of expression and movement. I say relative, because as we know, we now live in a surveillance society, with the Establishment now seeking to hold every single persons DNA on file from birth, with all of us having to carry identification cards on our person at all times. It is a very worrying development as I am sure everyone, regardless of political inclination, religion or race would agree with.

We already know who we are

Once again, I know I speak for the majority when I say that I know that I do not need to have my face on a TV monitor somewhere, as I already know who I am.

I do not need my DNA held on file, as I know where it has come from.

I do not need to carry an ID card, as I know I already belong to the ground I walk on in this country of ours.

These infringements on our birthrights are not only a terrible insult to our fallen that paid the ultimate sacrifice to uphold our freedom, they serve as a warning that we cannot as a people continue to squander our freedom with such dispassion as we are currently.

Nothing is for free, freedom itself is no different. Every word, every thought and every step has been paid for by the blood of some young solder in some far-flung long forgotten dusty battlefield.

Consumerism without consequence?

Although it will be an intense struggle, with a population brimful, commercialised and brainwashed into mass-consumers; hope can still be found. That hope I predict will only show itself as viable once the lie of mass-consumerism without consequence, has been blown apart.

Recession, our saviour?

The impending financial recession that we now all face, could in fact be our saving-grace. When a population that can no longer afford to drown itself every Friday night, eat what it wants when it wants, or drive expensive cars, or look forward to jetting off south to get baked twice a year; people will start to ask questions.

It will take a considerable amount of factors to shake people into finally realising that for a great many years they have been lied to and fed opiates to remain asleep. Football, booze, television and cheap, easy and abundant gratification. None of these lead to happiness or fulfilment in the long term, but regardless, the less people have to spend on them, the less the opium will function because people will perceive that they will no longer have ready access to the things that satisfied them before. At this point, people will believe that their ‘freedom’ has been taken away. Once the blinkers have been removed an increasing number of people will come to realise what freedom actually means as they gain perspective. As we have stated on previous articles, this void, this ‘political orchard’ will then be fully ripe for democratic autonomy.

Unfit for purpose

However, there are serious conclusive facts that the British National Party currently is not, and will not allow freedom of speech or democracy within it under the present leadership. Therefore any opportunity to fight for our rightful place in this void that our failing political masters have created with their catastrophic leadership, will also fail. It will fail because we would have simply become a mirror image of what we seek to replace.

Many shocking revelations continue to expand these worries, unconstitional expulsions, slanderous accusations and blind ignorance from the very top of the Party leadership are ruining our opportunity to grasp this one chance we will have.

Read and digest

We will now ask our readers to study the following circular which has been sent out by the Party’s current national elections officer at the behest of the Party chairman.

We ask you to consider whether you believe that these are the words and actions of a leadership that truly embraces freedom and democracy, or whether a major change is needed if we are to survive and prosper as a Party.

The email below has been copied and pasted in its entirety and unaltered in anyway.

From: Edward. Butler.To: xxx

Monday, May 12, 2008 6:13 PMSubject:

Statement on the so-called Leadership challenge

Anyone in the Party who has more than five years continuous membership has the Right to stand for the leadership of the Party. The only limit to the exercising of this Right is that in the case of officers ten nomination signatures of members of two years standing must be obtained and for non officers a hundred signatures are required. This is to ensure that frivolous candidates do not stand.

As I said this is a Right that members have. And it is an important Right – it is a declaration of our Parties openness and commitment to democracy. However with Rights come responsibilities and duties. A Right without a duty is an abomination in any society. It is a recipe for chaos. Indeed in our modern society it is the incessant claiming of Rights by groups that shown no sense of duty or responsibility that is one of the key components of the undermining of the civic order of our country.

So in the instance of standing for leadership of the Party, the Party as a whole should expect anyone who has the temerity to wish to stand for leadership only to uphold their Right to do so after that person had carefully weighed their duty to the cause and the Party and their fellow members. We as members should expect that a candidate would only put themselves forward if they were of sufficient stature and ability to potentially be able to lead the Party if they were to win. Otherwise why would someone wish to challenge for the leadership? It is a duty of other members not to sign the nomination papers of any potential candidate unless they seriously think that that person is a viable and serious leadership contender. That is the whole point of the requirement for signatories.
A leadership challenge is not an excuse to air grievances. It is not there for disgruntled people to act out their personal bitterness about things – no matter how ‘justified’ they may think their grievances are. It is an abuse of the process to misuse it in that way. It is an abuse of their Constitutional Right.

And that is precisely what we are seeing this year. We are seeing a candidate pushed forward by people who themselves admit, has absolutely no chance of winning, and admit would never be up to the job of chairman anyway and they admit that the sole reason they are doing iti s to air their own personal grievances. In other words their sole aim is to raise issues which have already been fully aired and which could be raised at a variety of different forums such as the Summer School (where there is always a session for all participants where they can bring up matters they are unhappy about) or the Annual Conference.

What is the likely outcome of this leadership challenge? The challengers (there may in fact be two!) will be comprehensively defeated. The leadership challenge process as it currently stands in the Constitution will be brought into disrepute. There will be pressure, perhaps unstoppable pressure, to change the rules so that leadership challenges can only take place every four years.

I would not normally comment on a leadership election. It should normally be up to the membership to make their own minds up without non-participants trying to influence the process.

But the backers of this ridiculous bid should reconsider their aimless tactic. People should refuse to sign the nomination papers. It is a distraction and a waste of time and effort and it will end up almost certainly with the constitution changed in a way that destroys the important Right of the possibility of a yearly election. Standing a no-hoper is stupid, mindless and fatally undermines our Constitution. It is a pitiful and moronic – a bankrupt tactic by people who can only be described as having gone giddy to the extent that they are now without the imagination to think how they can raise issues in alegitimate way.

This election, if it goes ahead, should be carried out in the most rapid manner possible with zero publicity allowed for the joke candidate (who may in lother circumstances be described as a decent and 'nice' bloke etc) and the least disruption to our continued efforts. That is the best way to minimise the harmful effects.

Eddy ButlerNational Elections Officer

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

We must remind ourselves, as with everything in this world, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction; a consequence -

Someone pays for freedom; somewhere else a person will live it.
Someone takes freedom for granted; somewhere else a person will live in chains.

As a member of the British National Party, you will still have freedom of choice in this years leadership election.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

A time for focus - how can our Party become greater?

A great deal has already been written and spoken about this years Leadership Challenge, and the overall effects it will have or could have on the British National Party.

There have been a great many indicators to suggest that the swell of members and supporters that back this challenge, are growing daily.
One such indicator which stands out amongst many, is the reaction from the current chairman and a few close officials around him that believe that their positions may come under threat from the potential of an open and more accountable chairmanship.

Accountability needed

With a new and wholesome leadership put in place, accountability will become the pivot from which all positive changes will be made to the British National Party.
Full, fair and ethical accountability cannot and will not be found anywhere were corruption has been allowed to cultivate freely.

We only need to study the Establishment of Lib-Lab-Con, anywhere from the council chambers across the country to the House of Parliament and the European Parliament, in order to realise that large-scale deception and lies, are always followed by destruction in one form or another. Under such a yoke, as we all know, it is those of us without a voice and sway that always pay heavily for the privileges and treachery of the greedy and the sycophantic that know exactly in whose pocket the buttered-bread can be found.

Do we as nationalists allow ourselves to be convinced, that it is only the fault of those that seek to destroy the British National Party such as Marxists, the mass-media and the Labour Party etc, that we have not made any major political breakthroughs into Parliament or Europe?

How easy is it to pin blame elsewhere instead of looking at ourselves in the mirror for a full and honest explanation?

If we remain as political amateurs, our cause is lost

We all know in our heart of hearts, that any party that is impotent and ill-equipped, will simply not be able to seize an opportunity should such a prospect for a major election breakthrough present itself in the future.

As a Party we currently have no cabinet whatsoever; we have no waiting shadow ministers or department heads able to accurately observe and articulate comment on current affairs that fall within their sphere of expertise.

There is no accountability within the various branches and groups that often operate outside of Party policy, sometimes ending in terrible embarrassment for us.
Quite unbelievably, there is the total lack of any criteria whatsoever for candidates that wish to stand in elections that represent the Party in the eyes of the British electorate.

Our shining lights

Many times our prospective candidates and actual elected councillors have let us all down terribly, and on investigation it has transpired that they had little idea at all about what we as Party represent and didn’t even have the most rudimentary knowledge of the Party manifesto! The fault of such incompetence lay squarely on the shoulders of the Party organisation, or lack of, which leads to these Party own-goals. Inexperienced Party activists, that act only with the best of intentions cannot be held responsible.

The loose, almost anarchical state of general disorganisation within the Party election machinery, creates for itself stumbling blocks. After all, how can we expect the British people to trust in something that fails to prove itself truly different from the negative media image of our Party as being inept and disorganised? When we hand it on a plate to the media, they are hardly likely to turn them down. This is far more than just the argument of us ridding the Party of DM boots and shaven heads. This has now been achieved and it must be said, aided largely by Mr Griffin.
We need to expand this thinking now into real politics and earning respect within the eyes of the British people and consolidate our best and most viable vote areas. It can be done; we already have had some outstanding shining lights. Councillors such as Colin, Rod Law, Sadie Graham (suspended), Chris Beverley, Len Starr, Sharon Wilkinson, have all worked ceaselessly hard under the most hostile of circumstances for the benefit of their electorate and the Party as a whole. Such people deserve far better.

The rule of one man

The situation is thus, the Party is ruled by one man. He is a man that effectively makes every important decision by himself in every area, from finance, to staff recruitment and the appointing of people into positions of responsibility. From national media interviews and national events through to disciplinary ‘procedures’ and fund-raising; he has the final say on absolutely everything.

Advisory Council – toothless and powerless

Some members and supporters are under the impression that the Party’s Advisory Council is in place to ensure that authority within the Party is shared among the various department heads and regions; however this not the case. When the Advisory Council actually does meet, which is rather sporadically, the meeting itself is not an open discussion about how to take the party forward.

Accurate meeting minutes are not taken, actions are never accounted for or followed up, and all financial matters are refused discussion outright.

The AC should be transformed into a sitting body, an 'Executive’ that runs the affairs of the Party. Full reports should be put forward to this new Executive and no person that sits on it should be a paid member of Party staff. This new model would be an extremely essential cog in the Party machinery. Our new Executive should be made up of elected representatives from the different regions, elected by the members of those regions. All department heads, financial department, the Party Manager and the Party Chairman would all be accountable to this regionally elected Executive body.
The present AC is simply nothing except a toothless and powerless paper-tiger.

Elections first – leadership challenges second

There is currently an array of tactics being used, both inside and outside of nationalist circles, to try and disparage this year’s democratic leadership challenge. This attempt to slander and smear Mr Auty’s challenge is ranging from misinformation to outright lies.

One such lie is that this year’s leadership challenge has been arranged by hostile elements, intent in scuppering our Party’s chances in the 2009 European elections, as well as attempting to stop Richard Barnbrook successfully winning his seat on the GLA along the way.

Such nonsense can easily be countered when we consider that Colin and his team purposefully ensured two important factors where adhered to prior to lunching the challenge.

Firstly, that any challenge for leadership must only take place after the 2008 elections, as energy from the Party membership must not be diverted away onto any domestic issues that could potentially waste recourses and harm campaigns.

Secondly, Colin and his supporters have time and time again promoted and supported all our Party candidates in their various elections around the country, including Richard’s in the London campaign.

These are not the actions of ‘splitters’ or people seeking to sabotage or ‘derail’ the Party. They are simply the actions of Party members and supporters that seek to save the Party from the hands of a person that does not deserve to treat it as a personal play-thing. Colin’s supporters feature largely among the thousands of activists that distributed hundreds of thousands of pieces of Party literature this year and canvassed many homes. These are the people that are able, and should be allowed to choose a leader who actually listens to them with an open mind, instead of that leader abusing his position, by acts such as re-writing the Party’s constitution to fit himself and cater for his impulses.

All of us are corruptible!

Every single human being on the planet has the potential to become corrupted in some way or another. It is built into our genetic make-up and we cannot escape the fact regardless to how pure and ingenuous we regard our intentions and beliefs.

Democracies are put in place in order to remove the risks of one person abusing a position of power for his or her own ends. This works even if a leaders original motives were sound at the outset. Of course democracy itself is largely a charade in most ‘free’ countries today and it is often abused and harassed until it becomes every bit as corrupt as despotism itself. There are endless examples of this happening throughout history right up to this very day. There is no great revelation in this, but when one seeks a path through such a mire with hope of something better and decent for their families and themselves, the vehicle we choose must be greater than the sum of its parts if it is to succeed.

Within our Party, freedom of expression, choice and initiatives must be fully investigated, challenged, exercised and nurtured by the membership if we are to truly offer the other side of the coin to the British people.

The temptation of corruption will always remain, however it must be disabled entirely from ever being able to be exercised by any leader of a truly democratic Party.
A new Party structure must run all the way from the newest Party member with their first membership card; to the Party leader themselves with no exceptions and with full answerability.

No one person within our Party should ever again be able to stifle the voice of the member stood next to him, regardless to how important to the Party that person believes themselves to be.

The Party chairman must never again be allowed to gag people – [for telling the truth].

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Positive, not negative.

This is an urgent message regarding this internet blog.

This blog is here to introduce leadership challenger Councillor Colin Auty. It is here to explain what Cllr Auty intends to do if he wins, and why it is that people should vote for Cllr Auty.

Despite it being obvious that there is a lot of anti-Nick Griffin sentiment out there in the British National Party at present, this blog will not be used to personally attack either Nick Griffin or anyone else within the current BNP Leadership. There are many forums and websites that people can go to in order to express their feelings, if the feelings are overtly negative. However, we are hoping for a fair and balanced election, and we thus expect all leadership challengers to be decent with one another and not to resort to name-calling and mud-slinging. To this end, we are only going to focus on positive things, and we will only publish comments that are either positive or offer constructive criticism.

We will not tolerate bad language being used, and we want to use facts not rumours. Only comments that are accompanied by a full name will be allowed – there will be no more anonymous posts. Thanks to all who have submitted positive posts so far, though if they are anonymous then please re-post them in your name as all current anonymous posts will be pulled by 5pm today.

Colin is seeking to be a voice of reconciliation, a voice of unity at a time when the BNP is splintered, and a voice of progression while the BNP is stagnating.

I hope everyone will appreciate this stance.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A year on from last year's leadership challenge, lessons learnt, and why we must support Colin Auty

Last year, much to his dismay, Mr Nick Griffin’s grip on the chairmanship of the British National Party was openly challenged.

It was challenged by an honourable and sound nationalist, Chris Jackson. Chris achieved 9% of the total vote cast, which was less than half of the BNP membership that were all eligible to vote; we can say this was a poor turnout for an internal/domestic election. The election itself, needless to say, was orchestrated and arranged entirely by Mr Griffin. Even less surprisingly were the rules and methods used and dictated by him throughout, that would have brought shame on a banana-republic.

Chris Jackson – Denied and silenced

Chris was denied his constitutional right to a fair and just election. If he had been granted the three months of campaign time which a great many members believed to be a reasonable period, he would have travelled to the various groups and branches around the UK articulating his policies and answering questions that the membership had the right to ask, as one of their prospective choices. Quite unbelievably, the Party constitution had been redrafted by Mr Griffin so the chairman alone has the divine right to decide the date of any leadership challenge election date; Chris was given just three weeks.

Chris was also denied any access to the Party website, publications, and he and his election team were described as ‘vermin’. That same insult was then used to describe all the Party members that had signed Chris’s nomination paperwork enabling him to stand as challenger. Their ‘crime’ was simply seeking to uphold the right for any member that met the criteria, to challenge and exercise his or her voice of freedom.

True Party freedom now desperately needed

Under the circumstances the 337 votes that Chris polled, although tiny on paper, was in reality very impressive; especially as the vast majority of the Party membership had been denied the opportunity to even know that Chris existed let alone actually get to meet and speak to him! Not only was Chris denied his right as a member of the British National Party, so was every other member. This is a shocking revelation when we, as a Party seek the return of full freedom of speech and expression in Great Britain, as one of our number one policies and priorities. Our primary Party publication is even named as such in order to press home and continually remind our members and supporters of its crucial importance. These acts of hypocrisy must never be allowed to take place within our Party. We owe it to ourselves and the endless thousands of soldiers and civilians that have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the name of British freedom over a great many years.

Lessons Learnt

The lessons on how last years challenge was corrupted, have not been wasted. Cllr Auty and his campaign team have paid careful attention, and this year’s campaign will promise to be a considerably more unprejudiced affair for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Cllr Auty, for those that do not know, is the primary musician and song writer for the Party and Great White Records. Colin’s music has directly generated a large amount of funds through the sale of his exceedingly popular and well written ‘Truth Hurts’ CD. He also featured predominantly on the ‘West Wind’ CD, and has played at many fundraising events and national Party festivals such as the Red, White & Blue.

Secondly, Colin is well respected within the Party membership, he is experienced in genuine political affairs as he is a hard working and conscientious district councillor. Put simply, Colin brings to this leadership challenge a wealth of experience that the current leader simply has never had or likely to have, and many Party members will come to realise this during the campaign that will now follow.

Thirdly, the support and campaign team behind Colin will ensure that he is supported where and when he needs it; his activist team will not sit back and allow an unfair and unjust challenge. Colin is an excellent candidate that is standing and representing a growing swell of current Party members, activists and officials, as well as many ex-members that have been unconstitutionally expelled. Such people include high profile and well respected ex-members that Mr Griffin found fit to ‘purge’ from the Party as he perceived them a possible threat. All these people share the same deep suspicions and fears as to the path the Party will take unless major reforms and changes are made, and a new formalised and professional structure put in place.

Fertile ground just waiting for us

It must also be considered that gauging from the performance and percentage of the BNP vote in these latest set of elections, that include some worthy victories, the potential to make major breakthroughs across the country is simply not being exploited as it should. The electorate are very angry with the Establishment and crying out to be given the right encouragement and motivation to vote for us, yet time and time again the opportunity goes begging and we do not convert this energy into clever and astute active politics which will ultimately lead to large-scale election wins.

The Labour Party have been absolutely trounced in this years elections, they lost a staggering 9 councils and 298 councillors; and bloody good riddance to them as well. However, the Tories made huge gains in many places; so the Establishment bubble has in reality simply been pressed and forced across to a different part of that very same Establishment!
A great many of these gains could have easily been ours had we campaigned to make ourselves a truly viable alternative in the eyes of the British people. We should not underestimate the potential we have as a national political alternative, but we will only be able to exploit it if we have in place a reputable leadership, clean and free from corruption.

Griffin scores own goals – our Party suffers

I am in no way taking anything away from the hard fought victories that the Party activists achieved this year, on the contrary, a great many members and activists worked extremely hard as they always do come rain or shine; they all deserve a huge amount of respect from every one of us. However, we have to face up to the reality of the situation, and that situation is that we will never in a hundred years make any significant dent whatsoever in the Establishment of Lib-Lab-Con by only making a few local gains here and there once a year. If there is one luxury we do not have, it is time.

No amount of positive thinking and blind optimism will rid this country of the Establishment traitors nestled comfortably in positions of power as MP’s and MEP’s! The uncomfortable truth is that these 2008 elections for us as a national Party could frankly be best described as somewhere between fair and lacklustre. They were simply not good enough.

Own goal example number 1

Mr Griffin and the Party Press Officer, described the Party’s recent internal failings and large scale unconstitutional ‘purges’ to the national media as ‘ridding the Party of Nazi cranks’ or ‘Expelling left-wing extremists’!

Own goal example number 2

Griffin’s appointed Party legal advisor or ‘legal beagle’ has for many years been openly displaying serious signs of psychologically disturbed behaviour, clumsily combined with the vilest language used to attack various people and Party members. Such attacks and conduct are increasingly turning the Party into a laughing stock across the entire internet, much to the delight of a great many of our political enemies that use such buffoonery in their leaflets to attack us at election time.

These two chosen examples were taken from a long and growing list. They serve us with a mere glimpse into the disarray that Mr Griffin has sown as part of a plan to maintain power.

Our GLA win

As I stood watching and listening to the sickening bile that the London mayoral campaign winner Boris Johnson poured forth while describing the wonderful IRA/Islamic terrorist supporter Ken Livingstone, it really brought home to me just what a huge task we have in front of us. Incidentally, the only single candidate that did not clap and applaud Livingstone as Johnson described his wonderful ‘achievements’ over the last eight years, was our man and newly elected GLA member, Richard Barnbrook. His GLA seat win was for me the highlight of this years elections and I wish him the very best of British luck. Yet again however, had it not been for the proportional representation system of the GLA, Richard would have never even got close with the 5.3% vote that he attained.

We must be different!

Our candidates can truly be different and a world apart from the Establishment crooks and can achieve so much more, only if they are afforded the potential to win with professional direction, shrewd and incisive organisation and continuing modernisation from the very top of the Party. While operating under the current Chairman, as has been proven in the past, this is simply impossible.

We as a Party have hit a glass ceiling in the last four years, and the political baggage, criminal record, corruption, outdated politicking and shock-tactic headline gimmickry that is favoured by the current leadership, will hold us in the margins of British politics for evermore as our country slowly sinks.

It is time for all of us now to ask ourselves honestly how we as members of the British National Party should vote in this year’s Leadership Challenge. If we truly seek to build and secure a positive viable future for the ones we love, there can be only one answer.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Leadership Challenge 2008

We are all aware that under Nick Griffin the British National Party has made some positive inroads into local politics. However, many Party officials and members have realised that the time has come for a fresh and democratic structure.

Change is needed to take the British National Party forward onto serious electoral success. A structure that will give priority to making sure that the BNP is financially solvent, politically astute, credible and electable, truly represents family values in everything that it does and maintains democratic management of the Party in a fair and transparent manner.

Councillor Colin Auty will be standing this coming summer as the leadership contender representing reform and change of the BNP. Colin was elected as a District Councillor onto Kirklees Council back in May 2006 and has proved to be an extremely hard working BNP Councillor.

Colin is married with two daughters and believes that the time is right for important changes to be made within the British National Party for it to become a serious challenger in elections and for the future of this country.

Colin has gained a great deal of experience into the inner workings of a local council, especially as he currently sits on various committees including Planning and Health.

Many of you will know Colin through his involvement in Great White Records and his latest album ‘Truth Hurts’ has sold more copies than any other artist from GWR. Colin is a very well respected and popular councillor, activist and artist within the BNP. He regularly tours the country speaking at meetings and singing to help groups raise vital funds.

Constitutional Change & Internal Reforms

The BNP at present has a great deal of potential which is simply not utilised to its full extent and this is largely because the current leadership runs the party in a very dictatorial manner. These are just some of the reforms that should be implemented:

* The Party Chairman should deal with the political affairs of the Party, but a separately appointed Party Manager should manage the internal affairs.

* Scrutiny Panel of regionally elected officials to scrutinise the inner workings of the Party, who everyone is accountable to.

* The establishment of an Executive, Judiciary and Political Wing of the Party.

* A Shadow Cabinet to set up specialist policy departments.

* A Working Party to be set up to scrutinise and re-draft the BNP Constitution which at present gives sole power and control to the Party Chairman.

* Total financial overhaul of the Party, reallocating the power of the National Treasurer to a professional chartered accountant.

* All office holders should be made fully accountable.

* Far more support for all of our Councillors.

* A review of all those expelled due to lack of a fair and proper disciplinary procedure being in place.

* A concerted effort to target the seriously damaging negative image that surrounds the BNP.