Sunday, July 27, 2008

Vanguard Promotions

After following the link to and reading about the shocking revelation concerning the BNP bank statements, I have added some valuable information of the shady world that is the BNP leadership.

Vanguard Promotions:

Mark Collett is self-employed. This should not really be the case as he does all or at least the great majority of his work for the BNP. He should be a salaried employee of the BNP, yet if this was the case then the BNP would have to pay National Insurance on his behalf and would have other tax liabilities. It is much easier for both parties if he is classed as self-employed. He works as a Sole Trader. The BNP is seemingly dodging National Insurance contributions.

Most self-employed people have a trading name, not necessarily a company, yet a trading name – one which they use when doing business. Sometimes it is just their own name i.e. Mark Collett, sometimes it is a made up name, such as Vanguard Promotions. Some people form a limited company, which is different from a Sole Trader. Limited companies have to have audited accounts (filed at Companies House) have to have Articles of Association, a Company Register etc. whereas a Sole Trader can do their own accounts and they remain private.

When looking at the accounts of a limited company (whether public or private) you will see what the company has paid for wages, goods, services, and what it has earned in revenue, how many assets it owns etc. You simply can’t go to a Sole Trader and find out how much they paid for certain services or primary goods, or how much they received for doing a particular job, without them telling you – yet they have no obligation to tell you.

Mark Collett is a Sole Trader. He generates all, or at least the great majority of, his income from the BNP (either Head Office or local units). When you see your unit bank statement (if you ever get to see it and it ever be correct) and it says Vanguard Promotions then this is money paid directly to Mark Collett, as a Sole Trader, using the trading name of Vanguard Promotions.

Bank Statements

Now, the BNP, as can be seen from the bank statements both of Head Office and the local units, pays out an absolute fortune to Vanguard Promotions during each year. This figure runs into tens of thousands, if not over a hundred thousand once all the local units have been accounted for. This does not mean to say that Collett gets paid over £100,000 a year and has this figure as a net profit, yet it does say that once Collett has paid his own bills for leaflets etc. he is left with £100,000 (for example) minus his own costs. As he is a Sole Trader, nobody, anywhere, can get to see what he pays out in costs, thus nobody anywhere, can get to see what he makes for himself each year. Also, Mark Collett claims expenses back from the Party via Form 11s (which exist to pay back officials for out of pocket expenses such as fuel and stationary). So not only is he ‘Self-Employed’ and getting paid a fortune for producing Identity Magazine and local and national leaflets – he also claims back expenses, saving himself a fortune yet costing the BNP a fortune all the same! These are the expenses he incurs in producing the things for which the BNP shells out a fortune – you just can’t make this up.

How much does he make?

Mark Collett might make £14,000 per year as a net profit, and essentially be paid what the ‘rebels’ were paid before they were sacked and expelled, or he may earn what Nick Griffin gets paid, which is alleged to be around £27,000 AFTER tax and national insurance – I am hopeful of getting more on this soon, for the time being I can only say alleged. He may earn £40,000 per year or he may earn £80,000 per year. The truth is that nobody knows. He is classed as Self-Employed so the BNP do not check his cheques, his printer receipts etc. – they have no authority to do so. He just sends in an invoice and gets paid – great work if you can get it (or maybe not if you have a nationalist conscience and would never dream of ripping off fellow hard-working nationalists).

There are many varied guesses as to just how much Collett actually makes from the BNP each year. Without being able to prove either way, I would use the following barometer: the lifestyle he leads. Most nationalists, and most of those who work in nationalism (or at least those that used to) earn very little each month, live in either rented houses or basic owned houses, drive old bangers or basic cars, go on few holidays, don’t eat out much etc. etc.

Mark Collett lives in a posh area of Leeds. His address (from the 2008 local elections) is:
10A Kingswear Crescent, Crossgates, Leeds, LS15 8PB.

I presume that he rents this address; at least it has not yet shown up as ‘bought & sold’ on the website – yet by following the link

you can see that number 10 recently sold for big bucks – namely £210,000. The rent on his place, number 10A, for a single guy, must be huge – absolutely huge.

Mark Collett drives a lovely BMW. Mark Collett visits Lap Dancing clubs (paying to watch our own once-proud women exploited in some seedy sex show) in Leeds with his friends from the Treasury Department. Mark Collett can often be found eating in swanky restaurants. Need I go on?


To sum up then, the BNP’s own bank statements for both Head Office and local units show Mark Collett getting paid an absolute fortune via his trading name Vanguard Promotions.
Mark Collett will have costs to pay for getting leaflets printed, or banners done etc. or getting ID printed. However, Mark Collett uses Form 11s to get some expenses claimed back from the BNP!
Mark Collett, via Vanguard Promotions, makes as a net profit, the sum of the total amount his gets paid from the BNP (and any other sources) minus his own expenses.
Mark Collett could be earning a fortune from the BNP – nobody can know for sure as nobody can see his accounts.
Mark Collett lives at a posh address, drives a posh car, and lives an extravagant lifestyle.

And people wonder why certain other people got sick of the rotten and shameful goings on at the top of the BNP and wanted to do something about it! These people tried to do it in-house, yet the Chairman rebuked them. They tried again and again yet to no avail. Then things turned public, largely due to horrendous errors of judgement by the current BNP Leadership, and an all-encompassing mess unfolded. However, things are still rotten and corrupt and so the fight goes on. One day the BNP will be rid of money grabbing charlatans, devious backstabbers and incompetent morons. Once the membership rise up and kick the snouts of the leadership well and truly out of the trough then the sun will once again shine brightly for British Nationalism.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

This must be seen to be believed!

We urge all BNP Party members and activists that have ever been in any doubt as to the validity of the information that we have been bringing you in the past three months that has been highlighting the corruption within Griffin’s leadership ,to visit this blog -

The above Blog is reporting indisputable evidence that Griffin and his hand picked clique have been hard at work - fleecing the hard-pressed Party membership and supporters of their donations!

Bear in mind also, that Griffin takes home 25k as a Party wage, a wage that in fact he never needs to touch due to his day to day living expenses being taken care of out of various Party pots, with extra income from other ‘Party related’ quarters; more information to follow.

It is well known that Mark Collett through his ‘Vanguard Promotion Publications’ has also been raking in Party money to help fund his lifestyle, new pad and BMW. Study the quantity of funds that he has been drawing from the BNP and like us, I’m sure you will be utterly sickened.

The Challenge for Leadership team do not indorse all the views and beliefs from the wide range of nationalist blogs and websites across the web.
We do however firmly believe in freedom of speech and expression and the right for all individuals to form their own opinions.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Councillor Sadie Graham speaks

One day the world will know that Nick Griffin is a liar and a coward.
Strong words you could say, but then again I should know as it was him who challenged my integrity and hard work as a nationalist by calling me a ‘Searchlight mole’, ‘Nazi agitator’ and despite knowing 100% that this is rubbish, still continues to do so.

The latest smear that I have heard is the inconceivably inaccurate rumour amongst some key Party officials, that our unconstitutional expulsion was part of some bizarre plan devised by Kenny Smith and myself, to give us an excuse to drop out of politics! This has to be beyond doubt one of the most stupid things that I have heard ever; allow me to explain why.

Firstly, if I wanted to get out of politics, surely I would have just stopped working as hard as I was so that I was eventually sacked. The very fact that I worked hard, enjoyed my job, worked at it 24-7, always returned phone calls and emails was probably and ironically, one of the main contributing factors for me being slung out of the Party by Griffin. If I had been useless, egotistical, lazy, cheating and had concentrated my efforts on snivelling myself as far up Griffin’s backside as I could then my position would have been far more sustainable. Let’s be honest, as an elected female councillor with no criminal convictions and who lived and breathed nationalism, my succession within the Party was never going to be a historic one under Griffin. And neither did I want it to be, I had no designs on becoming Party leader, but I sure know now that I would do a better job of it than he has done.

Secondly, if I wanted out of politics then why did I not quit my positions as Borough and Parish Councillor? I love being a councillor and not only that, I am a pretty good one too. Yes I am now an Independent, I maintain my nationalist political views but no party politics affect the job that I do for the constituents of my village.
I have also just been successful in securing £32,000 worth of funding from Broxtowe Council. I applied for this funding under a scheme called ‘Neighbourhood Pride’. This money is being spent on improving aspects of our village and the work is currently underway. This was the most money the village has ever been awarded and certainly more than any Borough Councillor has achieved here before me. In fact the funding I won was added to by a further £16,000 from the County Council towards one of the schemes we are proceeding with. I have also just secured some more funding for the Youth Club of Brinsley and I am involved in many local groups that range from youth, to environmental programs. Does this sound like someone who wanted to be out of politics?

Thirdly, I have not walked away from politics despite what Griffin threatened me to do. Griffin knows that I worked very hard for the Party and improved a great number of areas within it, so why then would he want us out of nationalist politics altogether? The answer is simply because he considers us a threat to him because we were not easily manipulated and ‘bought’ as others close to him are within his personal clique with shallow promises of positions and status within the Party.

In these past seven months I have been amazed, amused, angered and left in disbelief at the way Griffin has handled this whole affair. If he hasn’t been lying about us then he has been skirting the issue or refusing to discuss it. Has the ‘Mighty Chairman’ told you he still has my computer and all the data on it? No, I haven’t had it returned, despite me returning every remaining Party item I had in my possession. Several of the items that he returned to me that were ‘mistakenly’ taken from my home in that illegal entry by BNP Security were also returned to me not in working order. Quite petty really but then nothing would surprise me now when dealing with this man – and I use that term quite loosely.

Plainly folks, the BNP will not make any serious inroads whilst he remains at the helm, it saddens me deeply but this is the reality and every day more and more people are realising this. It was a real shame that Colin’s campaign didn’t take flight, but it was always going to be virtually impossible when you have a Chairman that uses expulsion and proscription as a way of keeping himself in power. As if little version of Robert Mugabe, Griffin would have us topped if he thought he could get away with it. Colin was a brave man to stand and good on him for doing so, I just hope that more people find the courage to sign the nomination papers next time Griffin is challenged; and yes there will be a next time!

So where do we go from here?

This is the question that so many members and ex-members are now asking themselves; especially now that Griffin is planning to secure his seat officially as dictator. He will present a most 'reasonably' sounding, but heavily disguised argument to the voting members at an EGM at the RWB to give himself a mandate to be Party Chairman until the day he decides that he has either secured himself a very well paid position in Europe, or decides he wants to retire to his Welsh idyll with his family and a couple of pigs.

I am not going to make a plea to those of you that are intending to go to the EGM to have your say as it really won’t make an ounce of difference. Collett and Co. will pull the same old trick by pretending to be against the motion because ‘it shouldn’t be needed’ as Griffin is the best man for the job, blah, blah blah… it will be the same rhetoric as rolled out at the Blackpool conference. If you were there then you will know exactly what I am talking about.

The Party is without doubt in turmoil and decline. The votes are decreasing and the rate of councillors is not moving forward at the rate it should be. Too many councillors don’t get re-elected into their seats, so something is seriously going wrong.
The problem is the leadership or lack of it, there is no party structure, no shadow cabinet, regional, national organisation and accountability are extremely poor, basically the Party is not moving and growing as it should be now. It should be every true nationalist’s role, both within and outside of the Party, to do all that they can to remove Griffin from the position as Chairman. This is the only way to secure the Party’s future, so that a pro-democratic and anti-corrupt structure can be formed in his place.

I cannot tell you how to do this, but believe me you will not be on your own. I truly believe that there has never been a political leader in this country so hated by his own people.

Councillor Sadie Graham

Monday, July 21, 2008

Luke Smith - Rest in Peace

It brings us at Challenge for Leadership sadness to read of the death of ex-BNP councillor Luke Smith, who was found dead at 4pm Sunday 20th July in Burnley; he was 27 yrs old.

Luke was expelled from the BNP five years ago for violence; that violence sadly continued.
His passing at such a young age serves us with a miserable refection as to the state of our society and its slow degeneration in so many towns and cities where young people do not know how to find, or where to go for help; they have been effectively abandoned by the State.

Luke’s life, as we understand, was wrecked with drugs abuse; that life came to an end after he had finally suffered the torture of depression. That pain will surely continue now as his family and friends come to terms with this complete tragedy.

We at Challenge for Leadership are thinking of, and praying for Luke’s family and friends and hope that one day our society can learn from such terrible wastes of life.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

RWB 2008, RIP Party Freedom?

It brings us great sadness to announce that the very fabric of our democratic and freedom loving Party could be formally torn in two and discarded at this years Red, White & Blue Festival.

Over the past few months, we have received information from a number of deeply concerned Party officials, that back in 2007 during Chris Jackson’s election campaign for Party Leader, that Mr Griffin was planning to change the constitution of the BNP immediately afterwards to make it impossible for further challenges to be made against him.

The temerity to challenge

Griffin was advised however, not to make such drastic amendments to our constitution because such a radical and open abuse of his position would undoubtedly lose him considerable support from the average Party member. No doubt that after such a conclusive victory over Mr Jackson, Griffin convinced himself that no other Party member would ever again have the temerity to dare stand against His Holiness and so lost interest. Alas, Mr Griffin, this was not to be the case.

I personally witnessed during the Jackson challenge, Griffin’s behaviour becoming aggressive, erratic and at times, entirely paranoid. This however was only a taste of what was to follow as we have seen with unethical decrees, bullying and expulsions used as weapons by him to silence his internal critics; this situation is not likely to become any easier for the long suffering membership.

Freedom, Security, Identity, Democracy

Even with the realisation that Cllr Colin Auty’s 2008 challenge was unable to take flight, and even with his hand-picked faction of flatterers to pander to his devices, he has decided to now effectively destroy our Freedom of speech within the Party, remove the Security we had of knowing we were a viable alternative, destroy the Identity of our constitution, and insult Democracy itself, that same democracy that we are supposed to be fighting for.

Extraordinary General Meeting

It has been announced that at this year's RWB that Griffin has called an Extraordinary General Meeting with the aim of officially changing the Constitution of the Party, quote “With provision for the calling of an election at other times only by a sensible number of officials and councillors”

The ambiguity within this statement effectively boils down to the fact that if passed, would mean that the right of an individual Party member to stand as prospective Party leader is removed unless a ‘sensible number’ of officials and councillors approve. The question is, who decides on that number, and who decides who is or isn’t a Party Official? That’s right, none other than Mr Griffin himself!

This constitution change will be little more than an act using carefully placed smoke and mirrors to hide the truth from the membership. The remaining EGM agenda will simply be used to give it some other substance and to draw attention away from this hugely important issue as subtlety as possible and not to allow too much time to ask too many questions.

The riddle of the phantom tickets
......and with it another own goal

Driven more by sheer bemusement than anything else, I would like to pass comment on the quote made by Griffin’s appointed organiser of the RWB, printed in the Derbyshire Evening Telegraph, that the Party had already sold “4,000 advanced tickets to the RWB weekend”.

I’m sure we need not remind the event organiser that in fact the Party has sold none whatsoever, because no advance tickets are actually being sold this year! (Unless this has changed at the time of writing and the entire population of Welshpool have suddenly stumped up the money and bought a ticket each).

It would appear that either a little too much of the pre-festival spirit is flowing in the set-up gazebo as per norm, or the level of fear that the popularity of the leadership has waned to such a degree that there is a very real chance that many people are no longer willing to support it, and panic is starting to set in.

Manipulating the media to convey a positive image with such a free and convenient opportunity to convince more of the membership to attend, is a shrewd political move and is to be encouraged. However, blatant idiotic lies such as this are just inexcusable and will simply make the Party look foolish and amateurish when those very same media people arrive back at the gate on the RWB weekend to take photos of the ‘four thousand plus’ attendees on site and write an article about it!

Be aware and prepare

Every voting member that does attend Griffin’s EGM at the RWB weekend must make careful consideration on how they are going to vote on Griffin’s motion.

I predict that during the reasoning and deliberation of Griffin’s Leadership Challenge Constitution amendment, a great deal of pressure will be brought to bear on the attendees by Griffin’s inner faction who will take centre-stage one at a time and use coercion and subtle threats of expulsion to achieve the result their master so desires.
There will be talk of ‘Red infiltrators’ and ‘Searchlight moles’ posing as challengers that want to waste BNP money and cause division. There will be talk of ‘UAF/Marxist/Nazi elements’ crawling out of the woodwork to mount snap leadership challenges and any number of other bizarre Griffinism’s, phantoms and excuses. There may even be another Blackpool Conference red-faced "Are you with me!?" rant just to help pound home the message.

No amount of persuasion should be enough to pressurise our members that have retained their backbones, into accepting the surrender of our Party’s freedom and right to object in free and open debate.

What shall we do? Where can we go from here?

We are currently in a period of slow negative decline as a Party, but this does not have to be the case for much longer.

The political environment for nationalism in the UK has probably never been so positive and so many now prepared to accept the BNP. Our Party and our environment however, simply do not reflect one another; something is very wrong.

In a time of war, if the officer commanding fails time and time again to take the initiative, take the battle to the enemy, whilst haemorrhaging respect across the army; he is very speedily replaced. Why should our Cause and battle be any different?

Why should we be made to except tiny political gains or defeats time and time again and still that same self serving general remain rooted in command?

Our leadership can blame the ‘State’, it can blame ‘Reds’ or it can even blame ‘Hard-line Neo-Nazi’s, etc’ for their failure to convert this energy into widespread national election victories; but at the end of the day their failures are still their's.

Invest with electability

We must have a leadership built around our people’s qualities and skills, not their personal egos. It must be invested with electability not dragged down by political baggage, and above all else, in everything we do we must be seen as a professional, shrewd and a viable alternative to the Establishment. We must be self-critical when necessary and not rest on the laurels of a single man being elected onto the GLA, however pleasing and positive that may be to us.

Unless we can reorganise our Party with this in mind, we will not unlock our potential, but instead remain prisoners.
Be strong, stand by your convictions, at the next opportunity with that conviction in mind, vote to have Griffin and his coterie removed so we can rebuild our product, the British National Party, stronger and better than anything we have known before.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our BNP – we will not abandon you! The campaign continues…….

How times have changed, can anyone remember back to the early Red, White & Blue festivals in Wales?
The atmosphere was there, a sense of purpose and solidarity; it rained like hell but it didn’t matter because inside everyone was warm and fighting for the same cause and it felt fantastic.

I have attended every single RWB, and I always worked hard like many people for sometimes days leading up to the ‘big weekend’ itself as well as throughout it; it had to be one of the hardest week's work I would encounter during the year.
However, this year myself, along with a great many other ex-members and current members, will not be attending for various reasons.

Home truths

Several Party members have been in contact with the Challenge for Leadership team, and have expressed some very worrying home truths about the situation within the Party.
It has become abundantly clear that the Party is now in very serious financial trouble. The tone of desperation in the letters sent personally by Griffin to all and sundry indicate this with clarity. These ‘begging letters’ as they are referred to by Party members, have supposedly
been designed by some high-flying marketing genius to get into people's minds and help relieve them of their cash.

Sorry, we are not that stupid Mr Griffin

However, these letters appear to have been wasted on the membership of our Party, that have to actually toil for their daily bread and are not as stupid as were first hoped, so it seems. One member contacted us and said, quote} "These bloody letters are an embarrassment, I’ll not pay another penny so he can go and waste it or lose another blimp"

It’s fascinating that although myself, along with many other people have been unconstitutionally thrown out of the Party without even the courtesy of a tribunal, and are not permitted to go near a Party function or meeting on the orders of Griffin, we all still regularly receive these ever desperate begging letters! An interesting situation indeed I’m sure everyone would agree.

To greater coincidence?

As mentioned before in a pervious article, the removal of John Walker as National Treasurer has almost certainly been a precautionary move by Griffin to enable himself, if he needs to, jump from the good ship BNP with his pockets full, should her current list on the political ocean become unrecoverable.

With the state of the Party coffers as they are, there is simply no other plausible explanation; the timing and coincidence are simply too great.

Again mentioned previously, why else has his lordship placed himself as the number one candidate in the region with the best chances of winning a seat in next year's European Elections, (without the region’s consent), if he is adamant that he should remain as Party Ruler-absolute? Is he honestly expecting us to believe that he is going to work as an extremely well paid member of the European Parliament, which is a full-time position, AND remain as Party Chairman here in the UK?
Does he believe that no other person in the whole of the BNP possesses the same charming wit and proactive people skills’ to be able to hold down the job of chairman? Maybe he believes this to such an extent that he would sabotage any attempt at a lawful and constitutional leadership challenge with methods that would make Robert Mugabe sit up and take note?

RWB 2008 - cash on the door

This year's RWB appears to be a 'cash on the door' affair. No tickets are being sold beforehand which is quite remarkable as this was always a very helpful way for local branches and groups to pull some money into their accounts, as well as a great way to commit new members to attend and help wash away the media stigma– this is the very marrow of a successful and healthy branch or group.

We need to ask ourselves this, is the fact that cash disappears without a trace very easily that makes this such an attractive change to the RWB set-up? Or is it the blithering incompetence of the Treasury Department that has time and time again fouled up so many branch accounts after the RWB and taken months to clear up the mess, or perhaps there are other reasons we do not know of yet?

Predictions and lies

This year's Summer School took place in Wales, not a million miles away from Griffin’s back yard, the same site for the early RWBs. It was truly a blow to lose our previous excellent site in Nottinghamshire that the Party frequented for the first two Summer Schools, where shower facilities and flushing toilets made for a very comfortable weekend. This year, needless to say was not the success that had been witnessed previously. Griffin’s and Simon Darby’s spin on the event was as easy to see through as were the imaginary crowds of members that were supposed to have attended it.

Two hundred people were quoted to have been there throughout the weekend, up fifty on last year. We can confirm that this is not only an exaggeration, it is an out and out lie. We have it on very good authority that no more than ninety people attended; the photographs of the weekend speak for themselves, and anyone having trouble sleeping are encouraged to visit Simon Darby’s blog and have a look and read for themselves to verify this.

No shame

How can we as a Party have been reduced to our leader telling us lies simply to bolster up his own failing popularity? As a nationalist, does he not desire to see our country and people benefit from his actions and does not this desire override the selfishness and greed that all human beings are capable of surrendering themselves to?

A person in a lesser position would not have to worry too much as life has a way of creating it's own equilibrium; but for a person that potentially holds the future of British nationalism in his hands, such weakness and greed are simply unforgivable.

We do, we learn

We at Challenge for Leadership have learned a great deal in the last few months, and I can say we have been quite taken aback with what we have discovered taking place right under our noses for many years and not even realised. We have exposed and examined some of what we have found within the articles on this blog, and indeed encourage those that have not read them all thoroughly to find the time to do so if they can.

There is still some way to go before we can rid ourselves of a leader that has become little more than a millstone around the neck of modern British Nationalism. There remain many people that are still bought by the lie that the Party has no one better to replace what we currently have. These people need to ask themselves this; were can the origins of such blatant propaganda be found? We all know the answer to this question I think. We have the talent and the experience within the membership and now we must find it and use it.

King Colin, we salute you!

Councillor Colin Auty stood this year as candidate for the leadership challenge, and we along with a great many other people believe wholeheartedly, that he did a fantastic job. He did not withdraw his challenge although put under great pressure to do so; he did not show any weakness of any kind throughout what was a tough and very testing time for him and his family and he did us all proud.

The combination of threats from Griffin’s attack dogs and the fear that members would have their membership terminated, ultimately led to us failing to achieve the quota of one hundred signatures required to stand. Not to mention of course, that a great many people simply did not renew their membership from last year due the ‘purges debacle’ in December of last year of which many would have signed for Colin to stand.

If we had received a signature for every member that had either called us or emailed us with messages of support during the build up to this years campaign, we would have had a thousand!

Interestingly though, as a serving councillor Colin should have been regarded as an ‘Official of the Party’ therefore only needing ten. How can a man that holds a position in public office as a councillor voted in by tax-paying people not be recognised by the leadership as a political Party Official? This is one detail along with a great many others that a new leader that truly believes in freedom and democracy will set right. However, this is in the future, meanwhile we will ensure that this situation does not reoccur.

Round two - the 2009 campaign starts right here, right now!

The campaign will commence with the breaking down of barriers. Party members should never feel under pressure or threatened into silence by the very people that are supposed to be upholding freedom and democracy from within our organisation.

We will be encouraging the membership to express their worries and fears and come out in support of our 2009 campaign – our challenger is yet to be announced and will be kept quiet until it is necessary for him or her to proceed through the correct channels. Suffice to say that any disclosure at this very early stage would almost certainly see our prospective challenger ‘purged’ from the Party through one excuse or another.

Over the next few months we will continue to strive towards saving our Party, because it is worth everything to us - future and hope for our families, and future and hope for our country and we absolutely will NOT abandon it just at the time when it needs us the most.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The views of Cllr. Roger Robertson

Below is an email that Cllr. Roger Robertson sent to a well-wisher who had contacted Roger about his recent expulsion from the British National Party. It is posted here, in full, at the request of Roger himself. Please note that these are the views of Roger and not necessarily the views of Cllr Colin Auty or other members of his campaign team.

Dear Richard,
Thank you for your kind words.
To be honest I feel elated that a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders in the form of BNP membership.
It confers no benefit but, due to Griffin and co, only opprobrium from ones peers for being a member of such an organisation! In reality, it should bring pride that one is prepared to make a stand for the culture and well being of our great nation and its people whilst being mindful that we have a duty of care to those less fortunate than ourselves.
I despair of the fact that this is a Christian country yet our Church leaders are blind to the creeping Islamification, not only of Britain, but of the whole of Europe. Do they not know their history? Have they not heard of Charles Martell or Jan Sobieski? Do they not realise that they are weakening the very foundation stones of our civilisation by acquiescing to a medieval misogynistic cult?

In our recent history, since re-admitting Jews, we have tolerated other Religions and allowed them to go about their business quietly and unhindered. In return they do not proselytise.
This is not true of Islam whose 1.6 million adherents in this country appear to deem it their right to object to anything which disturbs their sensibilities and to which our spineless masters answer in the most obsequious terms, without even considering the long term implications of their appeasement.
Take for instance the latest absurdity being considered, that police sniffer dogs should wear booties when entering Muslim premises!

To return to your letter, it was inevitable that I was going to be "purged" and I deliberately attended the "tribunal" to obtain a final closure from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.
It saddened me that there were several good people there, (apart from the duplicitous Andy McBride who was scathing of Griffin and constantly extolled Sadie's virtues until it came to decision time), and who really thought that they were acting in the best interest of the party but in reality were, and are, being duped.

This brings me on to Colin's challenge.
I do think, with hindsight, that perhaps we should have been more aggressive from the outset. By the time I had received information from around the country that the vast majority of those who we were relying on to sign Colin's Nomination Form had not renewed their membership it was too late to retrieve the situation.

What is even more frustrating is that I am sitting on damning evidence which would probably have won the day had I made it public; indeed, it would have put a different complexion on the "tribunal" had I divulged the contents of the dossier in my possession.
However, I chose not to do so as my mole, who is very senior within the Party, is still active and to have done so would have unmasked the person.

Moving forward, we must consider our options. Jim, Ivan and Neil have already set the ball rolling in their neck of the woods and Ivan informs me that they are in contact with others across the North. I am in discussion with others as to the way forward, indeed, I had two phone calls from supporters yesterday evening whilst I was at a meeting. One from the South Coast and one from the South Midlands. It is my sincere belief that we can move forward very rapidly without the albatross of Griffin and his sycophants around our necks as there are already pledges of financial support on the table.

Over the next few days I propose to write a narrative of my reasons for supporting Colin and why I arrived at such a decision which, hopefully, will go up on the blog.
In the meantime we will keep in close contact and I will fully appraise everyone of the developments.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Colin's Campaign Manager Expelled

News comes in that Cllr. Roger Robertson, who acted as Colin Auty's Campaign Manager, has been expelled from the BNP following his appearance at an internal Party disciplinary meeting yesterday.

Cllr. Robertson will be filing a fuller report in due course, but it is clear that the Leadership is ready to purge anyone who is unwilling to demonstrate sufficient personal loyalty to Griffin himself, reinforcing the increasingly widespread view that the BNP is not a democratic political party but the personal plaything of Griffin.